Hacksterpiece Theatre: Return to Zebes with Super Metroid Redesign

September 5th, 2006 by Benj Edwards

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When I first played Super Metroid in April 1994, it was the most incredible gaming experience I’d ever had up to that point. Period. The atmosphere created by its top-notch graphics, music, and gameplay was palpable, enveloping me deeply into an incredible world of sci-fi fantasy and exploration.

Super Metroid LogoThere was only one problem with this otherwise excellent game: once you had finished it — exploring every nook, finding every secret, and collecting every power-up along the way — you had squeezed nearly every ounce of replay value out of the game. For years I wished so badly for a new Super Metroid, even if it were the exact same engine with a completely new world to explore. Well, my friends…in 2006, that wish was granted. Fans of this seminal work can explore the planet Zebes all over again in a new hack by Drewseph and crew called, quite simply, Super Metroid Redesign.

Like Deja-Vu All Over Again

Super Metroid Redesign

Super Metroid Redesign is exactly as its title says: a complete redesign of Super Metroid. It has a completely new world map, some new items, physics changes, and a few other new features. These features are probably best explained in the “readme” file that comes with the hack, so I’ll quote that below:

Physics Changes:
Something that always bothered me has been the horribly slow falling speed in this game. Every time I jumped I felt like I was wasting time waiting to land on the ground. My reason for changing it is backed up by a Pirate data in Metroid Prime that states Zebes total mass nearly equivalent to Tallon VI. I also Favored changing the physics because in every SM hack I’ve played I get bored rather quickly because I already know everything there is. I know where I can wall jump, that I can bomb jump places, that I can easily get around this place by doing another thing. I have also modified bomb jumping to return to the fast falling speeds of M1 and Metroid Prime. Many tricks you knew in the original will need to be relearned which brings back that “unfamiliar” feeling of gameplay. THATS why I changed the physics.

New Items:
There are 2 new major upgrades that Samus will need to complete her adventure. One of them is required, the other a simple weapons addition to enhance your fire power. Hi-Jump boots now come packaged with Spring-Ball.

Wall jumping has become a bigger part in this hack. IF a wall is rocky and has a gripping surface then Samus will be able to wall jump off of it. However if the wall is a smooth pipe, or an algae covered seawall, then Samus won’t be able to get ANY grip to jump from. A new technique that was Alien to SM has finally been added to the game as well, and you’ll need to use it carefully if you wish to get all 100% items.

Super Metroid RedesignStirrings from the retrogaming community say that this hack possesses a quality that is quite common among game hacks: extreme difficulty. In fact, I’ve read much criticism on a few forums that SM: Redesign relies too much on the difficult “wall jumping” technique to pass certain areas of the Super Metroid Redesigngame, while others say it is not much of a problem. I’ll let the reader make his own decisions on that point. I myself have not played through the game very far because it is, indeed, very hard. Still, this is the first significant Super Metroid hack out there (that I know of), so it is worth passing along.

Let Me Play it Already!

Super Metroid RedesignI typically include a fully playable version of the hacked game in my HT columns, but in this case, the hack is so recent that I’d rather not annoy its creator by doing that. Also, Drewseph seems to regularly make updates to the patch, so you should probably look at the official page for the latest version. Nonetheless, I am mirroring version 2.1 (final) of the patch on VC&G for posterity: you can download the Super Metroid Redesign v2.1 Header or Headerless patch. You’ll have to find and patch the game file yourself using the Lunar IPS (file mirror) tool. If you need help patching, post a comment or a message on the VC&G forum.

[ Update: 09/18/2007 – Here’s a complete world map of Super Metroid Redesign. Special thanks to Brian Clark for sending it to me, and to Kapow for making it. ]

[ Update: 02/03/2012 – I updated the patches from v1.7 to v2.1, which Drewseph says will be the final version of the Super Metroid Redesign patch. I also updated the mirrored Lunar IPS tool from v1.00 to v1.02]

Have you found or made any cool, funny, or weird retro game hacks that you’d like to share? Send ’em along!

111 Responses to “Hacksterpiece Theatre: Return to Zebes with Super Metroid Redesign

  1. extrarice Says:

    Oooooo, I have to give this one a try. Super Metroid is by far my favorite in the series.

  2. gnome Says:

    Brill post!

  3. JadeAuto Says:

    Played the hack for a moment last night, must say… a nice challenge. Requires thought and conservation of everything you’ve got!

  4. Super Metroid Redesign, un retour sur Zebes … « Blogue de Babalou Says:

    […] Via VintageComputing […]

  5. gnome Says:

    Oh, and as soon as my scanner returns from its journey to the land of the dead, I’ll send you something… Cheers. Sorry for the delay mate…

  6. Koneko Says:

    Bueno espero que sea tan bueno komo lei


  7. Louis Says:

    where can i donwload this game?

  8. E Says:

    I got past the venus fly trap mini boss, got the wall jump boots, and now I’m totally lost! There needs to be a game FAQ site for hacks…

  9. curtis Says:

    i cannot figure out how to patch it using that ips thing i have no idea what to do i have been at this for 4 hours now can somone help me out please.

  10. flea Says:

    This hack is the best, but how did you do this!!! I’ve been dying to know how to create new functioning doors and new rooms with SMILE, but I just can’t figure it out. please make some sort of tutorial for SMILE or something like that please?

  11. Drewseph Says:

    I’m glad you like the game! I try my best. if you have questions about the hack visit my website and then my IRC channel (displayed on my web site)

    This game is extreamly difficult if you are not used to observing your surroundings and THINKING ^_^ goodluck!

  12. rotanok Says:

    yeah, i need help with how to play super metroid redesign. can you tell me everything about how to get super metrpid redesign because i really want to play it so badly.

  13. CaptainCrunk Says:

    E: The bombs are in crateria.

  14. CaptainCrunk Says:

    I have SNES9x that I play all of my SNES games on and the file opened and works fine for me no problems, seriously, if you are using ZSNES(whatever ver) you’re probably going to have problems. +The handy turbo button helps a lot on SNES9x

  15. WetJet Says:

    Great hack! All I have to say is, WALL JUMPING SUCKS! I start to get dizzy after too much wall jumping!

  16. nathan varley Says:

    were can i play super metroid

  17. Paul Hawks Says:

    hey Drewseph this pach you made is great. its a little too hard I think in some areas but other than that this is a great challenge and will keep me busy for a while. I loved super metroid ever sence I was a kid and I think that this one is even better than the orginal. Good job!

  18. maxi power Says:

    okay i must admit this hack,…. are pretty much a new game is great i downloaded it of some site which i could put the file straight on PSP hmm i saw a patch called super metroid easy and i was wondering how 2 put it on PSP ? if any pros are hearing this plz i hav a few questions

  19. I'm a turtle Says:

    whenever I try to open the zip file it says i need a password! help me please!

  20. Benj Edwards Says:

    Read the documents that come in the first zip file to get the password. The creator did that to ensure that people would read the documentation.

  21. matt Says:

    hay people i hav downloaded the files exactly and wondering how to un zip these? plus how do i get a hack on my snes

  22. daniel Says:

    I’m badly stuck on super metroid redesign and i must know a few lil things to get me out of my 1 month predecament i’ve just about 15 days ago i defeated kraid and now i’m stuck =( in red brinstar i cant get out pleeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaase heeeeeeeelp me do i need high jump boot cause i went into red brinstart without if i do then oops! annd how do i reach the varia suit to get to norfair. at first i thought i needed ice beam but its no where around. please answer my request as soon as possible i cant stand another moment stuck in that red hell of a brinstart its drivin me nut

  23. 4Nmissile Says:

    I got the hack and unzipped it like the read me says. I’ve got Snes9x and it plays the original game rom just fine. However, the patch won’t work with my Super Metroid (E).smc version and I can’t even find the rom file for the Super Metroid (JU).fig file with Lunar IPS. I don’t think Lunar IPS can read .fig files. I am having trouble finding a .smc file version of Super Metroid (JU). Can anyone help me find a japanese/US version that ends in .smc? I use Azureus to find all of my torrents and that is where I got all of my other roms.

  24. Martin Says:

    4nmissile you need super metroid (JU) [!]. go on google and type in insane roms. then goto insane roms clicks on roms near the topside section of the page. then click on SNES ROMS which will appear somewhere near the middle of the page. scroll down a bit to find category thats says other click on that then a scrollable white box will appear and hundred of roms will be listed (Dont worry there listed alphabetically). scroll down till you find super metroid (JU) [!] patch that rom with smr and all done…

    oh 1 more thing make sure u r using SNES9X NOT ZNES. znes does not work.

  25. Target Says:

    Where is a password? Please help i am crazy when it comes to metroids:-)

  26. 4Nmissile Says:

    Thanks to the editor of vintagecomputing and Martin for helping me out. I did actually find a playable as well as patchable .smc rom file through Azureus not too long after posting.

    To Target, if you are referring to the patch file for a password just click on the read me file in the patch folder. It says the password in there.

  27. Birchy Says:

    hey, i hve snes9x, and super metroid rom as a zip file, and i really would like the .srm file you can download off the domain, but i don’t get how it works =( can someone please help meeee ='( thanks.

  28. 4Nmissile Says:

    Birchy you gotta unzip the super metroid rom file first. Make sure it is Super Metroid (JU).smc though. Use the Lunar IPS utility to apply the Super Metroid Redesign patch to the rom file. Read the readme file first in the Super Metroid Redesign folder before patching. Then use Snes9x to load up the newly patched Super Metroid rom which should be the Redesigned version. You can tell the rom has been patched because the rom file size gets bigger after you patch it. I hope that helps.

  29. Jes_F Says:

    I’ve been playing for about 4 hours on snes9x v1.51. Great Hack! Thanks to all who made/helped made it! Having to do the wall jumps got infuriating (but I kept my cool :-)… It forces you to learn. It’s not (much of) a problem anymore. Now I just need to find out where to go.

    BTW: What’s the difference between the header and headerless versions? I tried to patch with one version (I forget which) and it wouldn’t work. Then I tried the other, it did work.

  30. josh Says:

    can someone tell me where the upgrades are and in order from the beggining to the game to the end?

  31. josh Says:

    let me fix that in order from the beggining of the game to the end?

  32. missingno961 Says:

    help me!!
    i only have a psp and don’t no how to get it!

  33. missingno961 Says:

    idk y dat space is there ^

  34. metroid ridley Says:

    password of super metroid redesign ??????

  35. metroid ridley Says:

    cual es la contraseña del super metroid redesign ???
    quien me la puede dar porfavor

  36. Pheonixx Says:

    dude, this looks supremly emense!!!!!………

    however, i don’t know the password……um….could you enlighten me?

  37. Pheonixx Says:

    oh and…er how do i patch it?

  38. Pheonixx Says:

    if you ever want to make another game please get in touch, iv got loads of ideas. ive been trying to do it by myself with S.M.I.L.E. but i’m no programer so if you ever feel like another project drop me a line

    P.S. i cant get the redesign to work, iv got the japanese version of metroid, iv got the patch and ive patched it(both header and headerless) but it wont play! i use zsnes for the emulator, do you know what im doing wrong?

  39. 4Nmissile Says:

    Pheonixx zsnes won’t work. It says so in the read me file with the patch. You gotta use Snes9x to get Redesign to work. The password is also in the read me file.

  40. 4Nmissile Says:

    I have another little tidbit for anyone interested in this game, but who is having trouble finding their way around. You can find a map of the entire planet layout if you go to google and type “Metroid Redesign map”. Click on images and it will be the 7th and 8th picture that comes up. It is very handy for finding your way. It’s not a walkthrough,it just shows you where things are and ways to get there.

  41. Ganymede Says:

    I’ve gotten both Zsnes and Snes9X and the patched game still won’t work. is there something wrong?

  42. Ganymede Says:

    Ok New problem there’s no way to wall jump it’s impossable

  43. 4Nmissile Says:

    I have found that ZSNES does work with Redesign if you use version 1.36. However, I can’t get the up and down to work no matter what buttons I assign them to. That and I can’t get the screen resolution changed when the program is running. I have been using Snes9x mainly. I have gotten pretty far, but it is definitely a hard game.

    Keep practicing Ganymede, wall jumping gets easier. I had to learn with the keyboard. There are some cheats for this game too.

  44. WindWolf01 Says:

    man is anyone in maridia yet? i cant get to one of the guardians (i think its sector 2). theres these four barriers with blue tabs that you shoot, and i cant open the middle two, ive been trying to cross this small part of sand to get to them but its impossble because of the stupid waterfall. thanks for any help

  45. 4Nmissile Says:

    Here is a link to some Action Replay codes for Super Metroid. I have tested them and they do work with Redesign. If you want to experience the true sence of the game then I suggest you don’t use them or at least don’t save. They do make it kinda fun though. I am not responsible for the effects of the codes though or the game state if you use them. Here is the link http://www.gamefaqs.com/console/snes/file/588741/44179

  46. DeeperThought Says:

    Does anyone have a working link to a walkthrough for this? I need to get the bombs to proceed and I can’t find them.

    The wall jumping is extremely annoying. The timing has to be precise, and if you accidentally press the wrong direction on the controller (like if you press it diagonally) it won’t work. So if you are going to play this, make sure that your controller is precise and flawless (mine isn’t). I’m going to stick with it for a while longer.

  47. 4Nmissile Says:

    DeeperThought, I don’t know of any walkthroughs. There is a map that shows the location of all items, bosses, types of doors and what have you though. It shows where the bombs are. You have to go up to your ship and go to the left. The map can be found by going to Google and clicking on “images”. Then just search for “Metroid Redesign map”. The map for this game hack will be the 7th and 8th picture that comes up. It is very handy for finding your way. It’s not a walkthrough, it just shows you where things are and ways to get there.

  48. 4Nmissile Says:

    I have to apologize. The map on Google isn’t there anymore. I just tried searching for it and can’t find it no matter what I type in. I do have it saved on my computer though so if anybody wants it just send me an email and I will email it back to you. My email is gsx20@hotmail.com and put Super Metroid Redesign or something similar in the title of your email. I wish I could just host it somewhere.

  49. Benj Edwards Says:


    You can email the map to me and I’ll host it and link to it in the entry above. Use the email link in the upper right corner of the page.


  50. DeeperThought Says:

    I found a link to the map!


    This thread starts with some posts of a faq, then continues with people asking and answering questions:


    I understand there are also YouTube videos.

  51. Benj Edwards Says:

    I posted a link to the map (hosted on VC&G) above in an update to the article. It’s at the very bottom of the article text.

  52. 4Nmissile Says:

    Youtube is great for finding things on Redesign. Here is a link to a speed run video done by the creator Drewseph. It is an incredibly quick run even for someone who knows where to go and what to do.

    Also, google video has a few videos on Redesign. One guy made quite a few videos that show how to get nearly 100% and he starts out like the average player. Don’t just search for Super Metroid Redesign because they won’t come up. He labeled them all differently. Follow this link and when the video loads look on the righthand side at the other videos he made. There are around 30 or so that cover from the beginning to the end.


    Word of warning though if you watch them. He does get frustrated at times and uses some colorful language. So if you are sensitive to that then watch at your own risk. Other than that they are great for learning item locations and how to get through areas if you are an average player.

  53. JACK Says:

    i downloaded the patch, attached it to the rom using lunar ips and have tried playing it through two version of zsnes (1.36 and 1.5) and one of snesx9. IT either stops.freezes after the nintendo logo or freezes at the same point in the flashback/backstory thingy. Im desperate to play this so help is valued

  54. 4Nmissile Says:

    Jack, I use Snes9x version 1.51 and it works great. I have also used it on Znes version 1.51 and it works great on that too. Try those two versions and see if they work for you.

  55. Louis Says:

    I would really like someone to help me patch stuff! I want to play so many redid Metroid Games! but I can never get them working. My AIM SN is Louis2021. Somebody please help me! :'(

  56. Louis Says:

    I have done everything you have all said to do, I used the Headerless one & it said, This rom was patched successfully. When I played it the SNES logo came on and then it froze. Thats it I give up I don’t know what else to do.

  57. Ben Says:

    What the password to the Archive?

  58. Ben Says:

    Woops nvm i read the Document lol

  59. Louis Says:

    Every time I copy the game and attach the hack to it, the message “Rom Patched successfully” comes up. I then open it & the snes logo comes on then it scrambles and freezes. Does anyone else have this problem, add me to AIM I’m new at this. Thank you

  60. 4Nmissile Says:

    Louis, are you using Znes or Snes9x and what version? I use 1.51 and they work fine. Also, what rom are you using? You have to use a japanese/american rom not the european one.

  61. kirbs Says:

    I’m having the same trouble as Louis. I have the Super Metroid (JU) [!] rom, patch it using Lunar IPS v1.0 using the headered redesign
    I then run Snes9x v1.43 (windows) and open the patched rom.
    The nintendo logo appears then fades away then nothing else happens

  62. dc Says:

    i have the same problem as jack and kirbs. using super metroid (JU) rom, using lunar ips v1.0 with attempts at both headered and unheadered redesign patches. using snes9x 1.51 and after nintendo log appears, freezes

  63. 4Nmissile Says:

    You have to use Snes9x version 1.51. That works perfect everytime I use it. Also, go to the links provided in this forum post. They are good for info, tips, and some walkthroughs.

  64. Corwin Says:

    so this game is pretty much amazing. i absolutely love it. i got stuck after getting the wave beam though. and zsnes 1.51 work perfectly for me. props to drewseph on making one amazing hack!

  65. Samus Jay Says:

    I would like to comment on the resdesign of super metroid. I once thought last year if someone could redesign Metroid 3, and I cant believe it actually happened. BIG THANKS to all users who took part in such a fantastic creation. I just began playing this video game, and I’ve just retrieved the wall jump boots. God this game brings back so much memories.

    To all users who are having trouble running the game, read the readme.txt file onboard the ZIP archives.

  66. Darkkamel Says:

    When using Snes9xv1.51 i open Metroid_Redesign_Headerd.zip and it says invalid zip archive what am i doing wrong. I cant find the ips through Snes9x anywhere plz help

  67. Dan Says:

    I’m having the same problem as everyone else.
    Though i know I do not have the JU version.
    Can anyone link me to it (or send it to me)?
    I hate when people ask for stuff like this but i’m out of ideas. I’ve scoured for a long time and i cannot find it anywhere. (excluding torrents, which i can’t use on this comp).


  68. Benj Edwards Says:


    Here’s a link to a pre-patched SMR game. Hope it works.

    As a note to everyone else, please do not link directly to the zip file above. I’ll probably take it down soon anyway.

  69. Dan Says:

    I found the JU file, and I’ve followed every instruction to the letter, and yet it still does not work. I am very frustrated and about to give up on this.
    I’m sure it’s a blast but there seems to be no way to get this working. Can someone please help?

  70. Dan Says:

    I posted my frustration rant before i even saw your very helpful post Benj.
    I am so utterly impressed that someone answered so quickly when i see that the most recent post was in January. You sir, are awesome. Even if this doesn’t work, thanks so much.

  71. Dan Says:


    I love you heterosexually. hahahaa.
    Thanks so much!

  72. Benj Edwards Says:

    No problem, Dan. I’m here to help.

  73. Jek Says:

    does anyone know somthing about the compatability of this rom/patch/hack with the Wii it would be nice to play smr with my classic controller not to mention my pc has a virus….

  74. Howye Says:

    Hey, for those who get the freeze after the NINTENDO logo, you have to use the UN – HEADERED version of the patch!

  75. Kahuna343 Says:

    this game was so hard…..AWESOME GAME

  76. imperfectmaster Says:

    hey i cant seem to install it right. i dont know how to work the ips tool

  77. JaySee Says:

    i cant install it right either, a=can someone give me a link to a rom that will work with this patch?

  78. Anthony T Says:

    Thank you Benj Edwards. I’ve always loved Super Metroid very much. And after learning of this redesign I had to play it but I couldn’t get it to work for the life of me. But after coming here and reading for a minute your posts had me playing it within 10 minutes. Thank you, I am loving this hack. LOVING it! One more thing to anybody who can answer, is there an item checklist anywhere? So I can know the maximum amount of missiles and bombs available. Thank you.

  79. V742 Says:

    Benjamin Edwards, you’ve saved me 20 years of trying to patch this Super Metroid game (potentially). Thanks SO much!!!

  80. LOLZ Says:

    For everyone who is saying that redesign won’t work on ZSNES, I’ve managed to get it to work and to play fine. Don’t exactly remember how, but I used the auto-patching on ZSNES. (In case it’s a factor, I used the JU version)

  81. LOLZ Says:

    oh, and with my other saying, the lunar IPS patcher never worked with ZSNES. so auto was used to work

  82. Aerik Says:

    Super Metroid Redesign DOES work, with ZSNES 1.51, with rom Super Metroid (JU) [!].smc , from a torrent pack “best of snes” from thepiratebay.org, unheadered version of patch, used Lunar IPS from romhacking.net.

    But I think I’ve encountered a glitch. There’s a chozo statue you have to really annoying shit to get. First you find two holes in the floor and find triggers to get using bomb, then you hook back around and find 2 more triggers to shoot, before you can get to the area the statue is in.

    The part where you have to get through a sand pit after going through a tunnel in a wall has me trapped. There’s 2 ledges overlooking a small sandfall, and quicksand beneath. Once you get below the ledge level, the rom behaves as if the ledges were connected, and I can’t get over this shit.

  83. Aerik Says:

    Nevermind, I got between the ledges by teetering on the ledge and using bombs. Still hard as shit. Awesome hack.

    Thanks for a link to the full map, btw, I needed it to find the last 3 chozo/torizo statues and Ridley.

    Tourian is hard as fuck. Full-sized metroids that you can’t shake if they get on you, confusing methods needed to get through automated doors. Ick.

    The room that had motherbrain in it didn’t change too much from the original, though.

    The escape was awesomely tough, as well.

  84. jrmyzero Says:

    well what I’m wondering is why the creators of this game didnt just make the rom playable with out a patch. like no patch process… it probably would of made things really simple. although i did download the file from Benj Edwards but what I’m not sure if this file needs anything or not.. I’m assuming that it doesnt.

  85. jrmyzero Says:

    oh and one more thing… what version of the game is the “patched” file that I downloaded.

  86. jrmyzero Says:

    O.k., I played the file you setup for download and it does work on the latests zsnes. but yeah still want to know what version it is. since i have no idea when the creator made his last update.

  87. sdf Says:

    O.k., I played the file you setup for download and it does work on the latests zsnes. but yeah still want to know what version it is. since i have no idea when the creator made his last update.

  88. Gav Says:

    i lol’d at the peoplewanting links to the map. its already on this page you idots XD

    awesome hack. very hard. 😀

  89. andrew Says:

    my computer is down can i download and play this right off my psp w/o a pc?

  90. V742 Says:

    The wall jumping was an absolute pole up the arse at first, but once you get it, it’s so easy you wonder why it so difficult. It took me 3 hours to get it….

    Hey, where do I go after getting the high jump boots?

  91. JRR Says:

    For anyone who might have trouble with patching: what I did was unzip the super metroid (JU).zip and copied the .smc file somewhere I could easily find. Then, with the IPS utility application downloaded from this page, I applied it to the .smc file by choosing the Metroid_Redesign ips patch from the Headerless file. I then downloaded snes9x v1.51, and it worked! Some of the SM files caused the game to freeze during the logo appearance, which I saw was the case for some people, so I had to download like 5 or 6 different super metroid (JU).zip files until I found one that actually worked (I searched ”super metroid JU” on google).

    This game is awesome!!!! I’ve wanted to make my own snes game for a long time. I’ve played for like 2 minutes and I’m pumped! Ultimate thanks to Drewseph and the others!!

  92. kanojyo Says:

    Benjamin Edwards, you’ve saved me 20 years of trying to patch this Super Metroid game (potentially). Thanks SO much!!!

  93. Matty_elite@ Says:

    okey ppl for those who cant get it to work all i did was download the stuff about 5 minutes ago they were snes9x, the v2.1 header and the redesign_of_a_classic password which was in the read me txt also i download the JU version all from these sites

    then all i did was went on win32zip/rar And then drag the supermetriod headers.ips to my desk top then draged the JU.ips on the headers then they just went in to eachother thts how i patched it with nothing with lurnar file all anything then i just finaly draged the fle to my snesx9 an its played in a small window WOOHOOO an now i can play with it on my VISTA HOME BASIC 🙂 hope this helps 🙂

  94. Matty_elite@ Says:

    okey my caculations was wrong i still have the metriod logo coming up !!! sorry folks

  95. Matty_elite@ Says:

    # Benj Edwards Says:
    April 8th, 2008 at 3:47 pm


    Here’s a link to a pre-patched SMR game. Hope it works.

    As a note to everyone else, please do not link directly to the zip file above. I’ll probably take it down soon anyway.

    🙂 thanks mate this sorted my probblem OUT!!!

  96. Matty_elite@ Says:

    this is my last post 4 u ppl having probblems here is a file link to every i have for windows vista all packs

    its got the SNESx9 and everything all u need.
    just drag an drop the file over the Snesx9 icon an play, i added some pictures to show u what i did

    this worked for me cos of dans link thanks dan

  97. Matty_elite@ Says:

    add me to msn matty_elite@hotmail.co.uk an i can give u the file cos i can put t on here

  98. §nipe® Says:

    i unzipped the file, patched SUPER METROID headered to SuperMetroid(JU)[!] and tried headeredless but it still wont work. it says nintendo, then it doesnt work right after nintendo fades away. i have SNES9x ver 1.51. where can i find a super mertoid rom that plays super metroid redesignwhen u patch it. PPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPPLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL HELP

  99. dwarf74 Says:

    Difficulty is a very good thing….

    people always complain about a game being too short
    and this is the only real way to fix that problem…

  100. somejerk Says:

    Very idiotic IMO, to require people to type in a password to unzip, AND then download a special 3rd party utility (key logger, hack? why the need to for this?) in order to play. All the hassel just to make sure people read the documentation first??? The information in it, wasn’t that important.

    I almost passed up on playing this myself, but thankfully someone here posted a link to a ready to play SMR file.

    Otherwise I am enjoying this hack quite a bit! =-)

  101. anonomus Says:

    were can i get the super metroid rom to patch it to
    can anyone provide a mirror to it

  102. Bloodelf Rouge Says:


  103. jwr Says:


  104. helpme!!! Says:

    I`m stuck and drewseph`s speedrun is confusing. Right now I have::;;
    4 energy tanks and 1 reserve tank— speed booster—hi jump boots—Bomb—morph ball—Charge beam—Ice beam—Wave beam—varia suit–67 missles—6-9 super missles— 7 power bombs—x-ray scope—grapple beam. I have killed Torizo, Spore Spawn, Kraid, And Crocomire. I am at Samus` ship and heading to Lost Caverns. Should I go Back to norfair to get the screw attack or not. Did I miss Something that I was Suppossed to get? Am I not suppossed to go to Lost Caverns yet? Email me at Deadly1935@hotmail.com Someone please helpme!!!

  105. helpme!!! Says:

    Never mind, i beat the game.

  106. ruru Says:

    Friend has sent me a map which is also a complete 100% walkthrough!!

    I have tried the first half of it. So far no problem, in fact it seems pretty easy too.

    I have re-post this map to these urls:



    embedded image

  107. ed Says:

    can you send me the patched version of this because when i patch it. its crashing

  108. cleb Says:

    Game no longer works with Snes9x. But it now works with ZSNES! Weird. Sucks though because I only want to play it on Wii and now I can’t.

  109. matt Says:

    The password is: redesign_of_a_classic

  110. blackrose9693 Says:

    i cant get it to work on any of my versions of znes. i have 1.36, 1.51, and i dont know the last one i have. what do i do?

  111. Rodolfo Says:

    very hardest

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