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Ask RedWolf: On Famicom, Winds, and Pyramids

Wednesday, July 18th, 2007

Ask RedWolf Logo[ “Ask RedWolf” is a regular column where Benj Edwards (aka RedWolf) answers readers’ questions about computers and video games. ]

Late last year, I started fielding questions for a new series called “Ask RedWolf”(“RedWolf” being my long-time online alias that I used to go by on this blog). Many months later, I’m finally getting around to releasing the first one.

This time around, I discuss a technical question on the Sharp Twin Famicom and give my best educated guesses on two requests for game identification, which our readers might be able to help with. And of course, you can always ask me questions yourself for the next column. On with the show.

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Ask RedWolf: Now Fielding Questions

Tuesday, December 12th, 2006

Ask RedWolf LogoSoon after I started Vintage Computing and Gaming, I began to receive many unsolicited questions related to old computers or video games via email. I definitely don’t mind being asked, and I always try my best to help whomever is asking the question. Sometimes people describe an old video game and ask me what the name is, sometimes people want to know more about a certain computer they once used but can’t quite remember the model. Sometimes people just want to know some ideas for good multiplayer Atari 800 games.

With all these questions coming in, I figure, “Why not make it public?” so that my answers can benefit others who might be looking for similar information. I might not always know the answer, but with a little research, I typically know enough to pull together a good response. The oracle of infinite wisdom, I am not — but I will do my best to help.

Today, I am officially opening the “Ask RedWolf” email box for questions. Any question related to vintage computers or retrogaming will do. Question topics might include video game or computer history, my thoughts on an issue or topic, collecting tips, info on hardware, software, games, hacks, mods, emulators, people, accessories, or anything else you can think of that’s related to vintage computing and gaming.

I will choose two or three questions each week to answer and feature in the “Ask RedWolf” column on VC&G. Keep in mind that I might not be able to privately respond to every email you send — depending on how popular this becomes — but I will try my best. Also, VC&G readers will be able to supplement my answers in the comments of each Ask RedWolf entry. Let the questions begin!

Please use the special email address in the link below to ask questions for the Ask RedWolf column only.

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