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Want to advertise on Vintage Computing and Gaming? Excellent!

Advertising on VC&G is a noble endeavor. You will be helping us in our quest to preserve and present video game and computer history.

We operate this site as a labor of love, but all this bandwidth and storage space still costs money. We are offering minimal advertising to help offset server costs.


We have currently have two 125 x 125 pixel slots available on the sidebar.

What You Get

If you choose to advertise with us, your 125×125 ad will be seen in the sidebar on every page on the site. You can link the ad to any site you wish, barring certain exceptions spelled out in the guidelines below.

VC&G currently receives over three million (3,000,000) page views a year. That’s pretty good.

There’s no click tracking — nothing fancy. You just pay and your ad stays up for a year.

What You Pay

The price: $250 (US Dollars) for one year’s worth of 125×125 placement on the sidebar.

We only sell ads in one-year increments, not month-to-month.

Payments are made via PayPal.

Advertising Guidelines

  • Images must be 125 x 125 pixels and in JPG, PNG, or GIF format
  • No animated or blinking images
  • No ads for gambling, porn, alcohol, tobacco, or weapons
  • No ads for illegal game-related stuff
  • We reserve the right to reject your ad if it’s butt-ugly
  • Oldest ads stay at the top — an incentive to renew next year

Email Benj if Interested

If you’re still interested, email Benj Edwards and tell him about it. He’ll have your ad up in no time.