[ Retro Scan of the Week ] Kickle Cubicle Blows In

December 21st, 2009 by Benj Edwards

Kickle Cubicle NES Ad - 1990“No more Mr. Ice Guy.”

It looks like Kickle Cubicle visited much of the Eastern U.S. coast over the weekend with a nasty snowstorm; hope you guys are digging out all right. Here in NC, some of us lucked out with a light dusting and a lot of rain.

Kickle Cubicle itself is a fun, Lolo-esque NES puzzler with a silly name that hints at both kicking and modular office partitions (thankfully, cubicles do not actually appear in the game). If you run across it, I highly recommend picking it up.

Merry Christmas from VC&G!

[ From Video Games and Computer Entertainment, December 1990 ]

Discussion Topic of the Week: It’s Santa time once again. If you could magically (and freely) have any one item for your classic computer or video game collection, what would it be?

11 Responses to “[ Retro Scan of the Week ] Kickle Cubicle Blows In”

  1. Matt Says:

    Santa, please bring me the Crystal Screen Balloon Fight Nintendo Game & Watch: http://www.intheattic.co.uk/balloon_fight.htm . I really don’t have the grand for one right now 🙂

  2. EdNixxon Says:

    one thing? hmmmmm… i sure do miss my IIc!

  3. Xyzzy, The Avatar Says:

    Only one? Hmmm… I think I’d have to go for an FM Towns computer… That platform had the nicest Ultima ports, complete with hilariously awful voice-acting by Origin employees for Ultima 6.

  4. Rockin' Kat Says:

    A working RGB video connection between my Sega Genesis and my 25″ Sony trinitron PVM. After trying and failing fantasticly to get something working with the RGB input on my Sony 25XBR TV set I just can’t seem to get into the right state of mind needed to build the cables I need for my new Sony PVM. It should work, the input connector isn’t as weird, but somehow I can’t seem to stop expecting it to be another failure.

    I hate making cables.

    Other than that I really can’t think of anything. My game/computer room is pretty well loaded as it is… Maybe a nice rental store promo poster for Sonic 3 or 1.

  5. Geoff V. Says:

    I wish I could relive the first time I played Super Mario Bros. 3.

  6. Zoyous Says:

    I’d like an original coin-op sit-down Space Harrier in perfect working order, please!

  7. SirPaul Says:

    That’s a tough one… Either an Apple Lisa, a working Apple III, or an Amiga 500 with a ton of extras (decent sized hard drive, memory/CPU expansion, Kickstart switcher, and the like).

  8. snowkatt Says:

    just one ?
    a commodore pc 20 model III

  9. Gil Megidish Says:

    Ha! Always loved this ad in old Game Pro magazines. I think it’s time to actually play it!

  10. Mattel Aquarius Says:

    The Master Expansion Unit for the Mattel Aquarius.

  11. Cody Says:

    That’s a memory from the past… the way old video game boxes (SMS/NES) had those blue grid lines in the background, and the way the cover art rarely looked anything like the actual game itself.

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