The Evolution of Removable Storage

February 8th, 2010 by Benj Edwards

The Evolution of Removable Storage on PC World

PC World recently published my latest slideshow, The Evolution of Removable Storage, which examines removable computer storage media of the last 60 years. You’ll find plenty of fascinating pictures and lots of written history as well. It’s less like a slideshow and more like an illustrated article in spirit. I hope you enjoy it.

Technologizer also posted one of my latest pieces yesterday: 15 Consumer Electronics Design Mistakes. It’s not perfectly VC&G-related, but it is part of a series with two previous Technologizer articles of mine: 15 Classic Game Console Design Mistakes and 15 Classic PC Design Mistakes.

3 Responses to “The Evolution of Removable Storage”

  1. arlandi Says:

    hmm… if i remember correctly, i saw a paper tape. maybe even a few of them long long time ago in my grandfather’s work studio. he had a friend who was into gadget. and he borrowed, i’m guessing here, a sinclair computer with a 14 inch black and white tv. and that’s how i got into becoming a computer dude/nerd/geek/whatever… 😀

  2. Alexander Says:

    The other day, my Java professor at my university brought in an 8 inch floppy to class. He also had a 5.25 inch, but I have stacks of those for my retro computers, so that was nothing new. He had them for his intro to computer science course… good times. I happen to have a 5.25″ floppy drive on my latest scratch-built gaming desktop.

  3. Moondog Says:

    I was lucky to have a floppy drive for my C-64. My neighbor had the Datasette (or whatever they called the cassette drive) and it took forever to load and save programs. It had a mechanical counter for keeping track of where each program was stored on the tape.

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