RedWolf’s Classic Video Game Ads Column on GameSetWatch Premiers Today

March 9th, 2006 by Benj Edwards

Ad from GameSetWatchStarting today, I’ll be doing a weekly column called “Game Ads A-Go-Go” (the title was the GSW editor’s idea) over on the blog GameSetWatch that showcases good, bad, strange, funny, and interesting classic video game-related advertisements. My first column is on “Dumb Ads of the 90s” and is up now. Check it out!

Most of the ads featured in the column will be scanned from my massive early 1990s game magazine collection that I recently unearthed from deep-earth storage (my parents’ basement). The column itself is a partnership between GSW and VC&G, actually more of an extension of VC&G-style content exclusively on GSW. Why? I guess it’s because we love each other so much (read: “I’ve been bribed with a lifetime supply of chili hot dogs”). But never you mind, and don’t you worry — the fresh content from VC&G will continue to flow just as readily as before.

3 Responses to “RedWolf’s Classic Video Game Ads Column on GameSetWatch Premiers Today”

  1. boohiss Says:

    Cool. I read both blogs regularly, and I love em both.

  2. Jakanden Says:

    Awesome! Is there going to be an RSS feed just for that column or will you post here each time you post an article there?

  3. RedWolf Says:

    I guess I could do an entry here each week when I do my GSW column. Does anyone think that would be annoying, or would it be useful?

    By the way, thanks for the kind words, Boohiss. I’m glad you like the blog! It’s nice to know that somebody reads it. 🙂

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