[ Retro Scan of the Week ] TRS-80 Dino Wars

October 1st, 2012 by Benj Edwards

TRS-80 Color Computer Dinowars Manual Cover - 1980Dino Wars cast a long shadow in the world of manual covers.

[ From Dinowars manual Cat. No. 26-3057, September 1980, cover ]

Discussion Topic of the Week: Off the top of your head, name the first video game you can think of that involves dinosaurs.

10 Responses to “[ Retro Scan of the Week ] TRS-80 Dino Wars”

  1. Multimedia Mike Says:

    Dynowarz: Destruction of Spondylus– A dreadful NES game. They were robot dinosaurs on another planet, but still.

  2. Darren Says:

    Dino Eggs for the Apple II, a game I still very much enjoy.

  3. Some Random Guy Says:

    Primal Rage: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Primal_Rage

  4. Jaybee Says:

    Seconding DynoWarz. Which makes me kind of sad that it was my first shot.

  5. Matt Says:

    Cadillacs and Dinosaurs. Of course! 🙂

  6. Kouban Says:

    I had Dino Wars on my TRS-80 when I was a kid! I Never exactly figured out how to play it, but making the dino roar was pretty cool, so I enjoyed it for that.

  7. Phineas Says:

    3D Dinosaur Adventure for MS-DOS / Win 3.1

  8. Donn Says:

    Rampage! Uh, if Lizzie counts as a dinosaur.

  9. Harry McCracken Says:

    Boy, I haven’t thought about Dino Wars in decades, but it was a fantastic game for its era.

  10. Milo Says:

    Zoids Saga for GBA. Also robot dinosaurs on alien planet, different IP to first commenter. :p Great RPG with crossover of characters from every series of the show, plus others. Had a great time with it even though I imported it from Japan and could read almost no text in the whole game.

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