“Platform Agnostics” on 1UP.com

June 28th, 2007 by Benj Edwards

Platform Agnostics on 1UP

I forgot to mention this earlier, but an article I wrote about the “most ported” games of all time is now up on 1UP.com. It’s called Platform Agnostics, and it takes a look at eight games that are prominent for their cross-platform status, i.e. appearing on many different computers or video game systems. (By the way — I’m not a big fan of the “whore” analogy that the 1UP editors used on the subtitle, but hey, that’s their call. I’ll admit that my title is a little dry.)

Anyway, take a look at it if you’re interested. It’s definitely on-topic for VC&G, as most of the games discussed are pretty old.

6 Responses to ““Platform Agnostics” on 1UP.com”

  1. hydr0x Says:

    You forgot the PSP port of Lemmings 😉

  2. Benj Edwards Says:

    Check the list again. “PSP” is in there.

  3. Geoff V. Says:

    Nice Article. I loved the subject matter and the idea for your title. You could have called the games polytheistic, but that may have pushed away readers.
    Other classics of this genre, frogger, missile defence, and of course Gauntlet (aka Dandy Dungeon).

  4. Zoyous Says:

    Seems like Dragon’s Lair fits in with this crowd, too.

  5. KitsuneDarkStalker Says:

    Great read man. 🙂

  6. Benj Edwards Says:

    Glad you liked it, guys. Thanks for the comments.

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