[ Retro Scan of the Week ] A Prayer for Computers

September 3rd, 2007 by Benj Edwards
A Prayer for Computers

For VC&G’s first dip into the deep, unsteady waters of religion, we have an interesting work of spiritual poetry, “A Man-Made Brain,” that I found in a Goodwill store yesterday. It’s from a book titled Lord, I Want to Tell You Something by Chris Jones (Augsburg Publishing House, 1973), a book of every-day prayers “for boys between the ages of 9 and 13.” I literally picked up the book and turned to this page, so perhaps the Lord wanted to tell me something (“Use This For A Retro Scan of the Week, My Son”). Who am I to argue with divine provenance?

My regards to Jones for his futuristic insight. And for blowing my mind.

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