[ Retro Scan of the Week ] The $129 Dollar Numeric Keypad

October 29th, 2007 by Benj Edwards
Kensington Macintosh ADB Numeric Keypad

Taking the top prize for most overpriced computer product ever is the “Kensington NoteBook KeyPad.” I actually happen to own one of these, although I picked it up for free at a hamfest. It’s quite honestly nothing special — just an external ADB keypad with a construction similar to any keyboard of the time.

I pose this question to you, dear readers: is any numeric keypad worth $129? Even in 1993? Certainly the Kensington KeyPad’s exorbitant price put it in parity with Apple’s hyperexpensive products in the early 1990s. But why would anyone buy a numeric keypad for the modern equivalent of $186? I suspect lack of competition in the numeric Mac keypad market had something to do with it.

[ From The Apple Catalog, Spring 1993 ]

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  1. WookieLuv Says:

    Apple STILL (and it’s 3rd parties) over charges for it’s products. I guess the
    next question is when did the numeric keypad get incorporated into modern
    (oxymoron) day keyboards?


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