Vintage Apple Computer Web Servers

January 15th, 2008 by Benj Edwards

Apple Macintosh Mac SE Web ServerThere exist, in various pockets of the World Wide Web, dark corners in which vintage machines are tucked, quietly whirring away as they make occasional contact with the outside world. This loose confederation of devices constitutes a New Old Web, composed of computers previously considered useless or obsolete.

Serving HTTP from vintage computers is nothing new — it’s been link fodder since the dawn of the public Internet — but I’d like to highlight a wonderful website that maintains a directory of vintage Apple computers functioning as working web servers.

Old Apple Web Server Directory ButtonIt’s called The Old Apple Web Server Directory, and within it lie dusty nuggets of classic webitude like Grant Hutchinson’s Hot Newton Server Action (running on an Apple Newton PDA), Todd VerBeek’s Mac SE Web Server (via a SCSI Ethernet adapter), and, of course, the classic Mac Plus Web Server, which serves up pages straight from a 3 1/2″ floppy disk.

Apple Macintosh Mac IIci Web ServerThere’s plenty more where that came from in the Directory, including a Lisa 2 web server (in Mac mode, sadly), and more high-end affairs like a IIci running Apache on NetBSD and a Mac LC 475 tucked into a desk drawer. Feel free to explore the Directory’s collection of links and find your own favorites (the 68030 section is especially interesting).

The Web World Beyond Apple

Commodore LogoIt’s hard to find practitioners of vintage web serving more enthusiastic than the Mac faithful. But in this wooly Web of ours, you’ll also run across web servers chugging away on other makes and models of machines, like Commodores, Ataris, and beyond. Whether you’re a Mac fan or not, please share some of your favorite web server links with us.

4 Responses to “Vintage Apple Computer Web Servers”

  1. Gunno Says:

    That’s great, Benj. You should set up a vintage webserver yourself and host a stripped-down version of VC&G on it!

  2. Jordan Says:

    Web site run from a Commodore 64:

  3. Mac Says:

    What happened to the old apple web server site?

  4. idisjunction Says:

    @Mac – As often happens, the link was broken through a change on the target website. The page is now at

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