[ Retro Scan of the Week ] Stunning IBM PC Paper Art

June 16th, 2008 by Benj Edwards

IBM PC Service Ad - Construction Paper Art - 1986Click on the image above to see the full advertisement.

I scanned this incredible piece of vintage computing artwork from a 1986 magazine advertisement for IBM PC service. It looks like it was rendered in layers of colored construction paper to achieve a 3D effect. The result is very unique, vibrant, and friendly. Does anyone know the artist responsible for this work?

By the way, here’s a high-resolution version of this piece in PNG format for those of you out there who might want to turn it into a desktop background. Heck, print it out and put it on your wall.

[ From Personal Computing, March 1986 ]

Discussion topic of the week: Have you ever paid someone to fix your computer for you?

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7 Responses to “[ Retro Scan of the Week ] Stunning IBM PC Paper Art”

  1. Jason Scott Says:

    There was a specific artist who was known for this at the time. Yes, it’s done using cutouts of paper, then photographed. TIME magazine and others used this artist’s work.

    http://www.flickr.com/groups/cutpaper/ is a collection of modern work.

    It may actually be Judith Moffatt.

  2. Rockin' Kat Says:

    I paid to have my Commodore64 repaired when it was having display issues due to overheating a few years ago… the very first column of text would slowly vanish untill the computer was merely EADY instead of READY…

    He made heat sinks out of sheet metal for all of the chips that were prone to overheating and it stopped the problem. Total Cost: $20.

    The website I have provided with this comment is not mine, it belongs to the person who repaired my C64. I don’t think he’s doing repairs anymore though.

  3. Kitsunexus Says:

    The dude in Kat’s link looks like Roger Ebert.

  4. Layne Says:

    I’ve never paid anyone to repair my computer, but I have had my computer repaired (warranty work).

    As for the art, I’ve helped my middle one create a diarama for a class project. I used the layered construction paper technique for the background and it turned out great. The impressive part about this image is the shadows. In order to accomplish that, you have to use “stands” to get the paper off the layers behind them. Not impossible, just a lot more work.


  5. XCALBR8 Says:

    I never have paid anyone to repair any of my PCs but I have gone through the painstaking process of a teardown/rebuild to isolate faulty equipment. It was much more rewarding for me to keep an old system kicking than to just take it into a shop or buy a knew one. I know going to college for computer info. systems would pay off in some way 🙂

  6. XCALBR8 Says:

    Wow. It’s amazing how many blatant typos you can make before your morning coffee kicks in 🙂

  7. jgoreham Says:

    Look at the character in the foreground’s “lady lawyer” suit! :O

    Have paid to have my computer repaired, it was money well spent and I’d do it again.

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