[ Retro Scan of the Week ] Road Rash 64

July 19th, 2010 by Benj Edwards

Road Rash 64 N64 Nintendo 64 Ad - 1999Road + Baby = Road Baby

[ From Electronic Gaming Monthly, September 1999, p.41 ]

Discussion Topic of the Week: What’s the best four player game for the Nintendo 64? Feel free to list a few if you like.

13 Responses to “[ Retro Scan of the Week ] Road Rash 64”

  1. medarch Says:

    Mario Kart, easily.

  2. DPenn Says:

    Goldeneye. Assuming it’s 1997-99. Don’t go back and try to play that one now.

  3. Bob Says:

    Ah c’mon. Goldeneye is still a good game. Just cos it’s old, don’t mean it’s broke.

  4. Pete Says:

    Bomberman, then entire series… ohwait you said 4 player, and the Turbografx version did 5 =P

    But back to Road Rash… WHERE THE HECK IS MY ROAD RASH 2010?!?!? This was the best game ever. I played the hell out of my Genesis RR2 and I loved the one for 3D0 and the PC.

  5. Matt Says:

    Sorry to stray slightly from the topic, but I second the motion that Road Rash was the best game ever, at least on the 3DO. I loved the game, soundtrack, and goofy artwork. I even tried lifting the artwork from the PS CD cause I thought it was so good.

  6. Moondog Says:

    I recall my borther having that game. I think it (and the 64) are still packed away in my parent’s house. I think my nephews would get a kick out of playing it.

  7. jdiwnab Says:

    GoldenEye was just about the best party game at the time, followed by a close second of Mario Kart. I would follow that up with Super Smash Bros.

  8. Chrisbones Says:

    I have to agree with the masses. GoldenEye rocked! What was better than sniping your friends while they were busy trying to kill someone else! Wish I could play it right now… I know there are much better games out there these days, but that triggered controller with a rumble pack was perfect!

  9. Ant Says:


  10. Alexander Says:

    Mario Kart 64, or Super Smash Bros. I still see people playing SSB at college on their N64’s, when others are playing something lame on Xbox 360…

    I actually didn’t play goldeneye till I was 18. Nobody I knew had a copy!

  11. Tandymnan100 Says:

    1st: Goldeneye
    2nd: Battle Tanx: Global Assault
    3rd: Mario Kart

    I played the HECK out of all of these almost every day of the summer for years. Then the PS2 came along, and it was all fast-paced CoD junk -_-

  12. Harrison Says:

    Love most of the games mentioned here but ExciteBike 64 was the top four player racer, undoubtedly!

  13. Cody Says:

    I never played Road Rash 64, but I played the first few that were on the (I think) SMS and MegaDrive. That was awesome, I’d be up all night on weekends with my friends, we’d all have pooled our money to rent a console and the game for a while, and play it until we’d all passed out. Then it was a race to wake up 6am or earlier and start playing it first, right next to the passed out corpse of your friends!

    We’d end up with a bunch of letters scribbled on scraps and paper, and set to work trying to find patterns so we could tweak them and get extra money and bike options in the game. I seem to remember a green bike being the big monster, and us finally attaining it one night and finding it was hard to keep on the road because of over-sensitive steering.

    Road Rash is one of those games that will stay in my memory forever.

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