[ Retro Scan of the Week ] Game Genie Update Flyer

Monday, May 7th, 2012

Game Genie Code Update Pull-off flier flyer - circa 1993HERE THEY ARE! Your HOT Game Genie CODES for MORTAL KOMBAT!

I picked up this 5-inch by 2-inch Game Genie flyer/note at a local store (probably Toys’R’Us or K-Mart) in the early 1990s. Back then, Galoob printed up pads of these miniature flyers that would then be attached to retailer shelves near new games for sale. The pads looked much like office note blocks; a hard dry layer of glue covered the top side of the stack, allowing people to pull the flyers off one at a time.

I presume that Galoob distributed these flyers to stores as marketing tools. Since newly released games did not appear in Game Genie code books printed years before (such was the case with Mortal Kombat, seen here), these flyers provided an opportunity to both prove that the Game Genie was still relevant and to also to suggest the benefits of owning a Game Genie (“wow, infinite lives!”) to people buying the game.

While I owned a Game Genie when I acquired this historical morsel, I’m pretty sure I didn’t own Mortal Kombat at the time. I grabbed the flyer because I saved anything and everything video game related that I could get my hands on, which is why I still have it today.

[ Game Genie Code Update Flyer, circa 1993 ]

Discussion Topic of the Week: Do you remember seeing flyers like this in stores? Tell us about your experience.