Retro Scan of the Week: Tons of Nintendo 64 Gear

September 25th, 2006 by Benj Edwards
Nintendo 64 Gear

As some of you probably already know, the tenth anniversary of the Nintendo 64’s release in the United States is this Friday, September 29th. So in celebration of that event, I’ve dug up and scanned up a cool 12″x17″ fold-out catalog poster for “N Gear” that originally came with the Nintendo 64 console in 1996. If you loved the Authentic Sega Gear, then you’re going to love this. Be warned that the full resolution size for both scans is much larger than usual since the poster is rather big (I wanted you to be able to read the item descriptions).

Nintendo 64 Gear

There’s so much to digest on this poster that I’ll leave the commentary up to you, aside from one thing: denim shirts and caps must have been way more popular in the mid-1990s than I ever realized at the time. Oh, and also that I want the B. Orchid poster. As you know, nothing says “N64” quite like absurdly perky polygonal breasts. And Killer Instinct.

So did anybody out there actually order any of this stuff? What are your favorite / least favorite items on the poster?

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10 Responses to “Retro Scan of the Week: Tons of Nintendo 64 Gear”

  1. extrarice Says:

    I had the System House, but used it for my SNES rather than the N64. It was fairly decent. A little big, but kept some of the dust away.

    It’s like Rare was modeling antigravity equipment when they designed B.Orchid. The sooner gaming/gamers as a whole gets beyond the ZOMG BRESTESES!! phase and grows up, the better.

  2. Press The Buttons Says:

    The World Of Nintendo: Second Strike

    During the era of the Nintendo Entertainment System you couldn’t swing a Master Sword without hitting some kind of non-game Nintendo gear: t-shirts, trash cans, fruit snacks… Mario and his many friends were everywhere. As the company’s original you…

  3. Lacey Says:

    i very distinctly remember that super mario 64 game guide. and the cartridge shelf, which i think ended up holding 8-tracks somewhere in the garage. and people at game stores wearing all manner of the pins and shirts and other assorted swag.

    however, B. Orchid scares the fire out of me. always has. she is a freaky looking woman with antigravity breasts. it’s like they didn’t even care to pay attention to her face.

  4. MattG Says:

    “however, B. Orchid scares the fire out of me. always has. she is a freaky looking woman with antigravity breasts. it’s like they didn’t even care to pay attention to her face. ”

    Wait, hold on. B. Orchid has a face? Whoa, you’re right!

  5. Toad64 Says:

    Ohhh, man I remember that poster of Orchid! Doesn’t look like I actually got anything from that catalog that came with the N64, though. I miss the days of Nintendo-themed everything.

  6. mrkltmn Says:

    I had the controller pack, but i used it for my gameboys… I never knew what it was really for i just found it in my closet one day.

  7. MegaKitsune Says:

    My faves are the SM64 soundtrack (which you can get from, the screensaver (FLOPPY DISK REPRESENT!) and the Orchid poster (HOT, HOT, HUMAN CHICK WHO TURNS INTO ANIMALS, YES!).

    I hate the clothes though.

  8. zelda mad kid Says:

    i want it but is there any zelda stuff?

  9. Neth Says:

    I actually had the denim hat. In fact… it’s probably still buried in a box somewhere. I stuck a bunch of Nintendo related pins in it (that I also bought from Nintendo Power.) It was the most awesome combination of discomfort and ugly.

  10. chris Says:

    I actually got the killer Instinct wrist watch from the Killer Gear catalog. Since then, I’ve never seen another picture of the catalog or the watch itself. Now I’m wondering if I was the only one to order it…

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