VC&G Wrestling League: Brick vs. Woz! Who Will Win?

September 22nd, 2006 by Benj Edwards

VWL: Brick vs. WozAh…it’s Friday again; time to have some fun. In our inaugural match of the recently formed (some 5-10 minutes ago) VC&G Wrestling League (or VWL, if you will), we’re pitting two of personal computing’s most auspicious luminaries against each other in a no-holds-barred “battle of the grizzled.” Who will come out on top? Let’s take a look at our contenders:


In this corner, we have Dan Bricklin (“Brick”), co-inventor of the world’s first spreadsheet program for personal computers (VisiCalc), general all-round software nerd, and part-time lumberjack. Skinny, yet nimble and dexterous, Brick possesses the perfect counterpoints to Woz’s brute strength.

In the other corner, we have Steve Wozniak (“Woz”), co-founder of Apple Computer, prankster par excellence, and essentially the living embodiment of hardware hackerdom. He’s a pretty hefty fellow who could probably toss around a few cows if he really wanted to. But don’t confuse his bulk with being overweight — it’s all muscle, baby, and he’ll likely use it to pound Brick into previously unknown subterranean depths.

So it’s a classic battle between hardware and software gurus in our first fight! Best of all, both of these men are perennially known as being really nice guys, so how will that affect the match? Will they just shake hands and call it off, or will they ruthlessly nice each other into submission? Will Brick trick Woz with a stick to the ribs, or will Woz smack Brick with a Mac to grab the upper hand?

Who will win this epic battle? I have no idea, you tell us!

5 Responses to “VC&G Wrestling League: Brick vs. Woz! Who Will Win?”

  1. Robert Elgin Says:

    Hahaha, awesome.

    I dunno who’d win either, but I’m pullin’ for Brick in this one. Go Brick!

  2. MegaKitsune Says:

    Woz al lthe way, baby!

  3. adb Says:

    Woz. Bricklin’s VisiCalc would have been nothing without an Apple ][ to run it on.

  4. RedWolf Says:

    Ooh, good point, my friend. But would the Apple II have been as popular as a business computer without a killer app like VisiCalc?

  5. Jason Says:

    I’ll have to say Woz. I am a definite Mac fan, and I couldn’t care less if it had a spreadsheet app or not.

    To adb: VisiCalc probably would have been made for another platform if the Apple ][ was not there, but I’ll thank God that it is 🙂 .

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