RedWolf’s Homebrew Game Genie Code Gallery: Super Mario Bros.

November 17th, 2005 by Benj Edwards

The Game Genie is without a doubt the coolest peripheral I’ve ever owned for the NES. When I was bored with regular old NES games, I could essentially “reprogram” them with the device and make them more interesting. Tired of being told by game designers that I had to play the games their way, I delighted in manipulating game mechanics. After all, I thought, I bought the game, and I should be able to play it however I want (“Game Genie: empowering the gamer since 1991”). Before long, the codes included in the official Game Genie booklet got boring, so my brother and I made up our own. This resulted in some particularly reality-bending codes, the best of which I have included here. Some of these codes might have been discovered by other fellow Game Genie enthusiasts since then, but I assure you, these are straight from my circa-1994 spiral-bound, home made Game Genie Book. This first entry on GG codes deals only with Super Mario Bros. More specifically, the Super Mario Bros. and Duck Hunt cartridge was used to make these codes. Try them out yourself and have fun. Also, feel free to share your own codes in the comments section!


Totally whacks up the graphics, and the game freezes at the third pipe. Why use it? Just because you can (…it spells Luigi-o).

Permanent ice-skating Mario. This was always one of my favorites. Everything else seems fine.

You get an extra life with every stomp, on every type of enemy. Awesome!

Coin blocks are in weird positions, but inside every one is a mushroom / fire flower. You can only have one power-up on the screen at a time though.

This is hilarious: the regular floor is replaced with water. Mario falls down and dies not only on the first stage, but the title screen as well.

Ah, one of the classics. With this code you can be regular small Mario and still have the fire flower. You can’t break blocks though.

Coming Soon: Game Genie codes for Super Mario Bros. 3. There are some awesome ones for it in my personal code book, so stay tuned.

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  1. Brie Says:

    thanks!! fun codes. I don’t play to win, I play for fun and to explore. I love ‘secrets’ and the GG. Would love to see more!

  2. RedWolf Says:

    Brie, I’m really glad you enjoyed it. I always loved exploring and having fun with the game more than just competetiveness as well. Have you seen my second feature on GG codes? That one focuses on Super Mario Bros. 3. There are some really fun ones in there:

    Also, if you have any GG codes you’ve found, I hope you can share them with us.

  3. Marko Alonzo Says:

    This is Marko and I would like to share some of my great codes for
    Super Mario Bros with the game genie for the nes. I have a ton of them and about 90% of these codes are not anywhere to be found on the net.
    I created them. Here they are.

    ekeoil,ekeoyl,ekeotl,xkeoil,xkeoyl,xkeotl,yixovl, ptuovl,ltuovl,gvepag,lvepag,egxoxz,xgxoxz,iixoxz,yixoxz,gixoxz,pixoxx,
    uviaas,gazgyn,tazgyn,iazgyn,yazgyn,aazgyn,ysxoal,xsxoal, eguovl,xguovl,

    I have a lot more great codes for Super Mario Bros for the Nes, remember to try each code at a time so you can see the effects, some times you got to get to at least level 2-1 to see some of the codes but most start right on level 1-1. I have alot more codes for Super Mario Bros, anybody wanting more never before seen codes just email me.

  4. Marko Alonzo Says:

    This I Marko Alonzo my email is

    I’m Super Mario Bros codes are us, Haahh , Haahh

  5. Marko Alonzo Says:

    This is Marko again with even more great codes for Super Mario Bros for the Nes System and the Game Genie. By now most of you all are aware that you can hook up more than three or four game genies at a time to create some great effects for this game. Well for these following codes you will need at least two game genies connected to see the great effects ,alright guys and girls. Here they are.

    It rains goombas galore = zzzgyn + xoagly + oeigpo + ozpgyu
    It rains bullet bills galore = zzzgyn + ooagly + oeigpo + ozpgyu
    It rains red turtles galore= tazgyn + xoagly + oeigpo + ozpgyu
    It rains green turtles galore = apzgyy + xoagly + oeigpo + ozpgyu
    It rains black beatles galore = szzgyn + xoagly + oeigpo + ozpgyu
    Big block world = ptgpyg + yizpik + yyxpag
    koopa castle brick world = ztgpyg + yizpik + yyxpag
    bullet bill shooter world = gtgpyg + yizpik + yyxpag
    water bridge world = ltgpyg + yizpik + yyxpag
    regular brick world = iigpyg + yizpik + yyxpag
    cracked brick world = gigpyg + yizpik + yyxpag

    other codes, try these great codes one at a time to see the effects , they include hammer codes for enemies, mountain colors, and many others

    eyagep, syagep, oyagep , epxpsl, lsgesg, asgesg, akgesk, gkgesk, psvakg, gvvakg, pevakg, gsgesg, zsvakg

    Hope you all enjoy these great codes.
    I will post more codes soon.

    Anyone wanting to email me, do so for more codes at;

  6. RedWolf Says:

    Awesome, Marko! I can’t wait to try them out. Too bad I don’t have two NES Game Genies. I might be able to do them on FCEU.

    Thanks for the codes — feel free to post more any time.

  7. Marko Alonzo Says:

    Hi Marko again here. Well if you have already seen some of my great codes for Super Mario Bros. Nes with the Game Genie. For most of them you will need at least two game genies to make them work. I forgot to let everyone know that you need a jump code, code GPZUAG or code GAZUAG to advance in the last batch of codes I put up, that include the codes OEIGPO , for example it rains goomba’s galore
    code = zzzgyn + oeigpo + xoagly + ozpgyu. Code OEIGPO will cause pink platforms to help you across big pits to disappear , so like I said you need a jump code to get across to advance, particularly in stage 6-3 the black and white stage. So for the next ten galore codes or so you need that jump code too. Here they are.

    Green flying turtles galore, that fly back and worth = apzgyy + goagly + oeigpo
    spiny’s galore, lakitu’s pets = zpzgyy + goagly + oeigpo + ozpgyu
    flying fish galore = gpzgyy + goagly + oeigpo
    Big hot fire balls galore = gazgyn + goagly + oeigpo
    small rotating fireball chains galore = ipzgyn + goagly + oeigpo
    pirahana plant galore = iazgyn + goagly + oeigpo
    red winged turtles that fly galore = yazgyn + goagly + oeigpo
    king koopa’s fire breath galore = ipzgyy + goagly + oeigpo
    flying green turtles galore with some flying fish and fire too = kzpkin + goagly + oeigpo
    Hopping green turtles galore = tazgyn + goagly + oeigpo
    enemies are invincible, you can step on them many times until you get lives, and also you can shoot them with fireballs many times and they still Do Not die = yytiea

    Hope everyone understands everything I have posted up . I will post more great codes soon again for this game. Anyone wanting more great codes for this game, just email me, OK
    Alright guys and girls , til next time. Enjoy

  8. Super Yoshi Says:

    Awsome! Keep up the codes! I hope you find some that enable Bowser as a regular enemy.

    By the way, I have some codes myself!

    Mr. Game & Watch Replaces Mario = ZLAETV
    Big is Small and Small is Big = AZVOAE
    Pipes and Hill cut in half = AAEPAG
    Cloudy Floor = GSEPGG
    Go to Minus World = GULPIT

    And another thing. LUIGIO changes the positions of enimies. It doesn’t whack up graphics. The Game Genie must’ve been dirty.

  9. RedWolf Says:

    Thanks for the codes, Super Yoshi. I especially like the first one, where Mario is turned grey. It does kinda look like Mr. Game & Watch.

    For the LUIGIO code screenshot in this article, I used FCE Ultra with a Game Genie ROM. It’s possible that the code could have a different effect on a real copy of the game on a real NES, or it could have different effects on different versions of the same game. I haven’t actually tried LUIGIO on a real NES in many years, so I don’t remember what it does. Either way, I just like the fact that it includes Luigi’s name. 🙂

  10. Super Yoshi Says:

    Super Yoshi with more codes here!

    Grass EVEPAG
    Black is blue KIOETV
    Extra Time VGYOKK
    Mario has a flashback NEPELA
    Skip the title card VVEPAE
    Power-ups sit still ZXOLOG

    Some were made by me, others were from another site.

  11. Goomball Says:

    On the normal version of SMB (whithout Duck Hunt) the code “Luigio” deletes all enimes and get halfway thru to see only 2 Koopas. During the end of the second (underground) level of World 1 the game deletes the top bar and freezes the game.”Pigpog” is also a very fun code to try (for instence, enemies are put in the wrong places, elevators are missing, and there’s a weired fire flower that acts like an enemy and moves like an elevator once you jump.) The Game Genie is weired but fun!
    More Game Genie stuff to come from Goomball!

  12. Goomball Says:

    “More Game Genie stuff to come from Goomball!”

  13. luigi Says:

    dude cool. will you show some more? try SOYYYA, it wacks up you and the enimies

  14. luigi Says:

    me again, about luigio code, i think it waks up the graphics only on super mario/duck hunt carts, not on regular ones

  15. mike Says:

    I need shingen the ruler codes. They must be home brewed, Shingen was never on game genie. thanks …

  16. Sheadog369 Says:

    go to
    Some awesome codes there!

  17. Debug Says:

    Most of these codes work. I like ’em. I’m using an emulator instead of an ACTUAL Nes, so a few may not be quite as effecient (did I spell that right?). Anyway, I have a code right here:

    OZENAA: You do the kangaroo hop! lol!

    More to come! 😉

  18. AntiShroud Says:

    I have a question…when I insert my game genie into the NES slot with the game attached all I get is a gray screen and the red light blinks. What am I doing wrong?

    I would appreciate any suggestions to fix this! Thanks!

  19. Benj Edwards Says:


    It’s likely that the contacts in either your NES, the Game Genie, or the game cartridge (or all three) are dirty. Cleaning the contact pins in the game genie and game cartridge is easy: dip cotton swabs in rubbing alcohol and rub them gently along the golden pins of the connector a few times until you see no more dirt on the swab. Wait for them to dry, and try the game again in your NES>

    If that doesn’t work, you can try to find a NES cleaning kit, which is a cartridge with a felt insert to clean the contacts inside the NES. Read more about the blinking issue here:

  20. RIGHTY187 Says:

    i have clothes pallate codes and many other variates of codes if you want some personal message me on youtube my channel is righty187 note: all the codes i have i made and have never found online so if you want some message me on youtube i cant give classified information to the public

  21. anonymous Says:

    I’ve found a code that really messes up the graphics in the game:
    this was made on a super mario bros ROM.

  22. jason Says:

    i keep finding game genie codes for every nes game except ghengis khan. if i could get you to make a code for infinite soldiers, infinite gold, infinite turns, infinite food, or even better and more helpful is to create one of those codes along with step by step how you got the code

  23. gamer Says:

    i have some i made myself for smb3 here they are

    wmanhs map is wierd and levels are red n stuff

    alfdmh some places are modified map is moded too

    cajgfu map is weird

    lapder going in level looks cool

    ljdgfv title is wierd and map also when you first see it

    kasspe on the map the score and stuff is weird

    pufdsj mario shows when entering level

  24. rage Says:

    RedWolf Says:
    December 10th, 2005 at 12:05 pm
    Brie, I’m really glad you enjoyed it. I always loved exploring and having fun with the game more than just competetiveness as well. Have you seen my second feature on GG codes? That one focuses on Super Mario Bros. 3. There are some really fun ones in there:

    Also, if you have any GG codes you’ve found, I hope you can share them with us.

    Red Wolf try the Jnes emulator it has a built in game genie option

  25. Marcus William Farley Says:

    Hey there my friend!,
    Here are some cool game genie codes that I hop you love for Super Mario Brothers (NES):

    Weird Levels:


    Also here is a cool code that let’s you go down every pipe in every level in Super Mario Brothers (NES). And also the same pipe that you come up you can go back down in to.:


    XXPPPO This makes Mario Invincible on all levels like when he get’s a star.

    Also I use to have some other game genie codes that made it where you go back track and also scroll the screen up wards and downwards In Super Mario Brothers (NES). Super Mario Land on the old Gameboy and on the Super Mario Brothers SUPER NNTENDO up to date version and also for The Lost levels. If you have any other game genie codes that let you do all of this could you please e – mail them to me at my e – mail address:

    Or you can mail them to me at my regular mailing address:

    Marcus Farley
    216 Rolling Hills Road
    Erwin, TN 37650

    Thanks! and let me know if you like these game genie codes that I sent to you.

    Sincerely A Real True Big Game Genie Fan!,
    Marcus Farley

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