RedWolf’s Homebrew Game Genie Code Gallery: Super Mario Bros. 3

November 21st, 2005 by Benj Edwards

The Game Genie is without a doubt the coolest peripheral I’ve ever owned for the NES. When I was bored with regular old NES games, I could essentially “reprogram” them with the device and make them more interesting. Tired of being told by game designers that I had to play the games their way, I delighted in manipulating game mechanics. After all, I thought, I bought the game, and I should be able to play it however I want (“Game Genie: empowering the gamer since 1991”). Before long, the codes included in the official Game Genie booklet got boring, so my brother and I made up our own. This resulted in some particularly reality-bending codes, the best of which I have included here. Some of these codes might have been discovered by other fellow Game Genie enthusiasts since then, but I assure you, these are straight from my circa-1994 spiral-bound, home made Game Genie Book.

This second entry on GG codes deals only with the US version of Super Mario Bros. 3 (the first entry is here). Unfortunately, I didn’t have as many SMB3 codes in my book as I thought I did. Still, these are definitely neat. Try them out yourself and have fun. Also, feel free to share your own codes in the comments section.


Tired of getting hit and losing the rare Swimming Purple Raccoon Mario power up? Well tire no more, since this code makes it permanent!

Permanent Mario Shoe, as I like to call it. Exactly like Kuribo’s shoe, but different. You’re black and white, invincible, always small, and hopping around, but your shoe looks like a green Mario split in half. Awesome.

Permanent regular Mario. No, not invincible — just small. All the time. It’s tough being a short, stumpy man.

Introducing…Black and White Mario! This is like having permanent Kuribo’s shoe powers, but you always stay small, you don’t hop around, you look like Mario, and you’re intangible and invincible. You can stomp piranha plants too.

20 Responses to “RedWolf’s Homebrew Game Genie Code Gallery: Super Mario Bros. 3

  1. a Says:

    If that black and white Mario’s what I think it is, keep in mind that you can’t enter any pipes while using it.

  2. Super Yoshi Says:

    Yes. It is. I hate Metal Mario. 🙁

  3. Mrmeowmix Says:

    Dude you are amazing! What I tried is I took your code ANKXGLIE and changed the A to a P. This had a weird effect. It made me invincible and it let me keep whatever power up I had on me at the time I turned on the code. So get the powerup you want to keep before you turn on the code. Post more of SMB3 Codes if you can thanks!

  4. Goomball Says:

    Here are some graphic codes for SMB3:
    IIIOKK-Black Glitchy World and Map
    NNNOKK-Same as above but slight changes
    ZZZOKK-Same description as above
    IANOXG-Everything has diferent strips of colors (for instence, outside it’s green and in warp pipe secret rooms the coins are cool colors. that will do with bricks inside the pipes to.)

  5. luigi Says:

    awsome! please do another entrie! try OEPZXZ, its like SOSSSO for the original, but you get a 1UP for power-ups to.

  6. Benj Edwards Says:


    I’ll work on another GG code gallery soon. Got any suggestions for games to cover or certain codes to profile?

  7. Sami Says:

    i m 13 wit no more codes no game genie book cause gram lost it ur a life saver ;p

  8. Jemch Says:

    Hello, I don’t know where you say you write the codes, I have SNES and Super Mario All Stars, But I haven’t seen where to insert such codes. I would appreciate any help.

  9. Benj Edwards Says:

    Jemch, to use the codes, you need a Game Genie device. Look here for more info:

  10. Sami Says:

    Hey i typed the gram messege thanks to your codes i beat SMB3 in an hour and a half u rock are there any codes for infinite p wings or a code like that

  11. Bill Hickman Says:

    I do allot of emulation & the one site (will not use their name to protect their rep) I use to get my old Game Genie & Game Shark codes for platforms like the Nintendo Game boy & Color Game boy, Sega Game Gear & Genises no longer post these codes. There is no official site for the Game Genie & Game Shark no longer posts retro systems codes. Please do you know any sites that have large collections of the old console/hand held Game Genie/Game Shark codes? It would be greatly appreciated. Thank you, Bill A. Hickman III

  12. Zop Says:

    For Zelda 1, I found a code to make link use his sword quicker: AAYYYY

  13. Mario Says:

    AOSUZI-Pull Ice Blocks Out Of Thin Air
    USAUSA-Red, White, Blue, and Gray colors, backed up with multiple enemies.
    SLXPLOVS-Infinite Lives for Mario and Luigi(will look like four, but when you lose one, it goes down 0 🙂
    SXEZSKOX-Alternate to above
    TEUXKGAA-Start Game as Hammer Bro. Mario
    IEUXKGAA-Start Game as Tanooki Mario
    GEUXKGAA-Start Game as Frog Mario
    NXKXGLIE-Start and Stay as Raccoon Mario
    OEPZXZ-Every visible point on screen is now worth a 1-up
    KEGKEL-Large holes appear in the ground of every level
    AOZULT-Try this code on every world. This code will make you go to START as a level 0, or lost level. There is a different one in each world.
    YLXPLOVS-Lives double when you die in an action panel or wandering hammer brother.
    KOSUZI-Like AOSUZI, you can pull blocks from scenery, only this time, they’re not ice blocks. They create holes in the ground, so be careful.
    KKKZSPIU-DEBUG!!!! Every world. Press Select While in an action panel to change through all mario powerups. When Pressing A or B, press select simultaneously for unlimit’d Goomba’s Shoe. TO CHOOSE WHAT WORLD YOU GO TO-On the start screen(Super Mario Bros 3, 1 Player, 2 Player) You will notice that there is a little red cursor on one of the bushes. Push down 7 times to go to world 8, 6 times for world 7, and so on. WAIT! That wasn’t the best part-Your inventory is filled with every single mario powerup in the book! Last to pages are bursting with P(PataPata)Wings.
    Finally-YEUXKGAA-Starts Mario out as a cloud. When you pass over a level, YOU TURN RED!!! It’s permanent. You can’t skip airships or Hammer Bros, though. When entering a level, Mario is a big gray blob that swims. If you get hurt, you return to Super Mario.

  14. charlie phan Says:

    kkkzspiu lets you get every item and press select and you can change forms

  15. gamer Says:

    i have some i made myself for smb3 here they are

    wmanhs map is wierd and levels are red n stuff

    alfdmh some places are modified map is moded too

    cajgfu map is weird

    lapder going in level looks cool

    ljdgfv title is wierd and map also when you first see it

    kasspe on the map the score and stuff is weird

    pufdsj mario shows when entering level

  16. Ryan Says:

    Does a “Start and Stay as Tanooki Mario” code just not exist!?! Why hasn’t anyone found that one yet?

  17. Izlude Says:

    On a quest to solve Mario 3 mysteries!!!

    Long ago, I got a hammer in my inventory by killing the hammer brother in world 1. (normally it’s a star, so it was either a secret or a glitch). Excited, I tried using the hammer on the boulder near the toad house and it created a new path to skip level 5 and 6. I’ve never been able to reproduce this hammer glitch/secret to this day…

    Now, just today, I tried the debug code to get a hammer in my inventory (through emulator/ROM) and tried to see if I could break that boulder again where the toad house is. It simply wouldn’t work. My guess is that I used the wrong version of Mario 3 (there are indeed two versions) and I can’t seem to find the other one.. (each has slight differences example, the boot is green in 1 ver, brown in another ver.)

    I did manage to solve 1 mystery thanks to some of the codes. You’re all aware that in world 1 level 3, there’s a whistle behind the exit (black area).

    In world 5 level 7, a similar situation is set up. There’s a white box that you can stand on and hold down to fall behind the scenery. If one could reach the end of the level, they could go behind the black area. I could never reach the exit before the effect wore off, until now. I used the speed code to rush me to the end. It turns out, there’s nothing behind the exit (black area) in this level…

    At this point, I’ll have to try to find that other version of Mario 3 to try the hammer near the toad house. If it works, it means I can move on to my 2nd quest… In world 2, you can use the hammer to open a path to the spit brothers and get a whistle. In that secret area, there are many boulders, I’ve always wondered if I had another hammer, if I’d be able to break any of them 😮 Well here goes nothing!

  18. Zeaiclies Says:

    There is a second hammer in world two, so you don’t need to save the hamer from world one. To turn a wandering hammer brother (the ones that walk about on the world map) into a white ship full of coins, collect a number of coins that is a multiple of 11. Make the tens digit in your score match the multiple of 11. Stop the timer at the end of the stage that you are playing in on an even number.

    One combination would be: 11 coins, 9,310 as your score, and the timer at 104. This only works in worlds 1, 3, 5, and 6. If you get enough coins in a certain course, you can get a White Mushroom House!

    A White Mushroom House in worlds 1,3,5,7 have P Wings
    A White Mushroom House in worlds 2,4,6 have Anchors

    Levels and required coins:

    1-4 (44 coins)
    2-2 (30 coins)
    3-8 (42? coins)
    4-2 (22 coins)
    5-5 (28 coins)
    6-7 (78 coins)
    7-2 (42? coins)

  19. Jesse H Says:

    Ryan: “Does a ‘Start and Stay as Tanooki Mario’ code just not exist!?! Why hasn’t anyone found that one yet?”

    I’ve scoured the net for this and discovered a few things. Someone, including myself, has managed to find a code that lets you start and stay as the complete raccoon suit but it does not let you become the statue. After extensive messing with the code I realized something, one single Game Genie code to give you the suit with the ability probably can’t happen. Every other suit reads a single set of data from the ROM for the “Start and stay” codes, but because the Tanooki suit changes form, the raccoon suit is one set of data and the statue is a second set. When you alter just one line of in-game code to read for Mario’s suit, it’s only going to be able to read a single line of related code. You change where the game looks for Tanooki Mario without also changing where the game looks to find the statue data, you’ll only ever get the Tanooki suit. In order to achieve the “S&S Tanooki Mario” affect there has to be at least two codes, if not more. That might mean it’s possible that the Game Genie people found a series of codes back in the day to achieve that affect but never published them because it would have taken more than the three codes the device gave you. With emulators today allowing you to change all the code you want, there’s no reason to stop looking: as such I’m still working on the problem. For now, here’s the partial code I have found:

    UOKXGLIE – “Start and Stay as Tanooki Mario w/o statue ability”

  20. Marcus Farley Says:

    Hey there my friend!,
    Here are some cool game genie codes that I still remember that I cam up with years and years ago not to long after the game genie came out in the stores.:

    AGAPPT: Lets Mario go down every pipe on every level. And the same pipe that you come up out of you can also go back down in to.

    XXPPPO: Makes Mario invicible on every level.

    TNLPOG: Strange World

    VNLPOG: Strange World

    ENLPOG: Strange World

    YNLPOG: Strange World

    GNLPOG: Strange World

    PNLPOG: Strange World

    STPPOK: Strange World

    Try mixing them all together by using 2 game genies and see if you come up with some sort of another strange world!I also somewhere if I still have the codes. I have some game genie codes that allows Mario to backtrack in Super Mario Brothers for the (NES). and also upwards tracking where the screen will move upwards and also a downwards code that makes the screen move downwards even in all the worlds and in the coin rooms and you can still move to the right in all worlds and in the coin rooms and go on past the parts of the coin rooms and on past Toad and the princess because the screen still keeps moving to the right where you can jump over the AX and run on past Toad and even the princess. Also on past the warp zones. There is also game genie codes that I have some where that do these same tricks on all of the other super Mario brothers games on all Nintendo systems even in Super Mario Land 1 and 2 on the Old Gameboy. And also on the lost levels. And also if you have any game genie codes like that or even any game genie codes for any strange and weird worlds for every super Mario brothers games on all Nintendo systems and for Super Mario Land 1 and 2 on the old Gameboy a nd even Super Mario World 1 and 2 could you please out of the goodness of your heart please e – mail them all to me at ether on of my e – mail addresses or even mail them all to my regular mailing address. Thanks my friend!:

    Marcus Farley

    216 Rolling Hills Road

    Erwin, TN 37650

    Thanks again my friend! I will be real happy in getting them from you or even hearing from you.

    Marcus Farley

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