Fashion Model Seeks Freelance ROM Hacker

May 22nd, 2008 by Benj Edwards

Cory Holtz - Legendary Wings

Before we go any further, I must clarify that I am not making this up.

I recently received an interesting message on Myspace from one Cory Holtz, a male actor and model. His question dealt with Legendary Wings. Specifically, he’s looking for someone to hack the game for him:

Hello Vintage,

I am so happy to see that hacking is at it’s best with you guy. I am looking to hire someone for a freelance gig to hack and edit one of my favorite childhood NES games “Legendary Wings”. It’s a vertical shooting game and should be fairly easy to program. I’m just a pro at the game and would love a more difficult version, more guns, and extra levels. Please let me know if you would be interested with this freelance gig.

Can’t wait to hear from you!
Cory Holtz

Not being a ROM hacker of any sort (although I do write about them), I asked him if I could post his message on VC&G. In a typical Holtzian manner, he replied:

Yes Please put the notice up! It would be greatly appreciated.
Thanks for the help. Cant wait to play with you!

So there you have it. If anyone out there is up for it, feel free to post a comment below or send me an email. Cory will probably be checking the comments, but if you email me, I’ll pass on the message.

Update: 02/11/2009 — Cory just emailed me today and said that he found someone to hack Legendary Wings for him. He told me that he’d send me the result, so we’ll see what happens.

8 Responses to “Fashion Model Seeks Freelance ROM Hacker”

  1. Dave Says:

    Legendary Wings was an awesome game (the two player co-op ruled). Cory, if you’re out there, you should find the ROM for the arcade version (might be more difficult than the NES version).

  2. Kitsunexus Says:

    Well, I looked and couldn’t find a ROM hack. You could try using the Game Genie code PEEALYLA to give you one life, and jack the emulator’s speed up to maximum, I’d imagine that would be pretty difficult.

    Or you could buy Ikaruga. That will NOT disappoint you.

  3. Kitsunexus Says:

    Wow, you can make some awesome sounds by dumping the memory into the memory! XD, I wonder what will happen if I dump RAM into PPU! XD

  4. Kitsunexus Says:

    Cory I;m going to try and learn 6502 assembly so i can help you out.

  5. GOD Says:

    I can make a hack of that game easily,but it won’t be free.I have no interest in that game,so I wouldn’t waste my time on it.Email me at,and we can make an agreement.No $.No Deal!

  6. Kris Says:

    I’ve always wondered about freelance hackers. I’ve always wanted to see a version of North and South for the NES hacked to a WWII setting. I can imagine it’d be a lot of work. What would someone want for something like that? Are there people who usually rent out their services?

  7. Adam Says:

    The guy who remade donkey kong aka D2K and added the new levels and cut scenes spent 4 years working on it. He disassembled the original DK code and figured it out with his knowledge of Z80 asm.

    This does not seem like something that would be easy to do. I hope you find what you are looking for man.

  8. Alex Says:

    Lol black guys make everything look cooler i was actually trying to save up for some modding software whats the best software to mod these kind of games and plus ive actually made a portable nes but its like a giant gameboy pretty much maby i could learn to do some more im more of an amatuer my self

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