Video Games Are Fun

August 31st, 2008 by Marty Pickleman

A photo essay by Marty Pickleman, Grade 5

I like video games. They are fun.

Video Games Are Fun

Sometimes I carry my video games in a green box.

Video Games in a Box

I unfold them like this.

Video Games in a Box

My sister likes to scare me by hiding in the box and jumping out.

Video Games in a Box

If she beats me at Tetris, I fold her back up.

Video Games in a Box

If I win, she makes a bowl of chunky butter cubes.

Video Games in a Box

Sometimes my friends come over.
If there isn’t enough room, we become tiny.

Tiny Small Computer PC People

If there’s too much room, we get really old.

I Become Old

Some days, I play video games without cords.

Wireless Nintendo 64

Some days, I play them without looking at the TV.

Truck Video Game

Nitro VTech

And some days, I play them without being white.

Having Fun

Video games are fun.

Video Games are Fun

26 Responses to “Video Games Are Fun”

  1. neotigZ Says:

    Sometimes i play them naked…..

    (insert picture here)

  2. Kitsunexus Says:

    Hahaha. But lemme be the first to say the “playing without being white” thing is kinda offensive, and I’m white.

  3. Marty Pickleman Says:

    I love you Kitsune, even though you are white. I am sorry that I offended your race.

  4. Andrew Says:

    Hehehe 🙂

  5. Layne Says:

    Sometimes I play them too long:


  6. Chris Burk Says:

    Sometimes I pla- OH MY GOD, COOL BOARDERS!

  7. Draco Advigilat Says:

    Though I know some people may be offended by it, I personally couldn’t help but literally laugh out loud when I read the “some days, I play them without being white” one.

    (and if anyone is curious what race I am when I say that, my answer is “human”)

  8. Phill Says:

    hahaah, WELL DONE! I really laughed out loud on this one!

  9. Matskat Says:

    Did Benj find fome old dank reefer in his grannies cedar chest?

    This is the weirdest thing I ‘ve ever seen on this site.

    I lol’d and woke up my daughter!
    Now my wife is angry.

    “Sometimes I play … sleeping on the couch.”


  10. Benj Edwards Says:


    I’ll tell Marty that you liked it.

  11. Gus Says:

    I Want One.

  12. Bakla si Mark Ryan Ruiz Says:


  13. concerned about my mental health Says:

    Am I supposed to be hearing all of those voices? Am I supposed to be hearing anybody else’s voice except my own? How come you know what they are saying even though they are inside my mind? How come the voices sometimes know things I couldn’t possibly know? Why did they do this to me? Other people think that what is happening to me is entertaining. Did you do this to me as a life-ending practical joke?

    I do not know the answers to these questions and my sanity is slipping more each day, to the applause and jeers of the evil, generic demons who follow me daily.

  14. Selig Says:

    woa, whats with the expression on that old guy? O_o creepy

  15. Chris speaks the truth Says:


  16. caboo5e4 Says:

    what in the world are chunky butter cubes ????? and i play upside down

  17. caboo5e4 Says:

    also you guys should look at …

  18. Fig Says:

    Good stuff. And I don’t think referencing that people come in different colors is exactly offensive.

  19. Anon Says:

    Absolutely Brilliant!

  20. mc2w Says:

    Sometimes I play them while thinking about the game. Oh shit, I lost the game and so did you. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU

  21. wah Says:

    wah, wah, something on the internet offends me. wah wah

  22. Ferahtsu Says:

    Rather odd to see a Dreamcast copy of Hydro Thunder with only a Playstation in sight.

  23. anon Says:

    Some days, I accidentally the whole game.

  24. wts Says:

    what the shit is that kid playing a monster truck game with what appears to be a monster-truck-running-over-a-car controller?

    on a side note, why is typing ‘wozniak’ required to post a comment?

    BONUS: if anyone can tell me which PS game had a cheat code MACS R POO, you get a cookie 🙂

  25. isa Says:


  26. Caprirs302 Says:

    isa, I hope you are joking, right?

    Nerds and Geeks like us are far too intelligent to fall for Political Correctness. We will save that for the people with “Different I.Q.’s…”

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