[ Retro Scan of the Week ] Crystalis

May 4th, 2009 by Benj Edwards

Crystalis for NES Ad - 1990That kid is one heck of an evil overlord.

[ From Video Games and Computer Entertainment, November 1990 ]

Discussion topic of the week: In your opinion, what’s the best Zelda clone out there?

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  1. Dan Says:

    I really enjoyed the Neutopia games for the Turbografx-16. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neutopia

  2. JackSoar Says:


    Okay, that’s a bit of a snarky answer, but when playing it, it really reminded me of Ocarina of Time. Not nearly as good, but reminiscent.

  3. Alexandre V. Says:

    Wow Crystalis! That was such a game! I remember waking up early with my buddy knocking on my door at 5 am to play this game all day! That was a very great game! Although the controls were not that great…

  4. guppy Says:

    Battle of Olympus was one of the best Zelda clones that I ever played. It used the side-view from Zelda II for the entire game. Lots of secrets, good, challenging gameplay and leveling up.

    I also think of The Guardian Legend as sortof a Zelda/Gradius mashup, and that’s another favorite.

    Crystalis was one of the best NES games ever released.

  5. Multimedia Mike Says:

    I still qualify Crystalis as my favorite game of all time! Zelda clone nothing– Zelda was a Crystalis clone sent back through a time warp. ( 🙂 No disrespect to the original Zelda, though, my second all-time favorite game.)

  6. Sirpaul484 Says:

    Crystalis was one of my favorites, though nowadays I wish they kept the original Japanese title. I mean, which would you rather play? Crystalis, or God Slayer?

  7. Darkhalf Says:

    Alundra for PSX as the best Zelda clone.

  8. Layne Says:

    Completely off topic, but a good read: http://www.gamasutra.com/view/feature/4013/the_history_of_rogue_have__you_.php

  9. WarrenAA Says:

    is there any Zelda-like PC games out there?

  10. Daniel Branconnier Says:

    WarrenAA you can actually download a freeware remake of Zelda for the PC at

  11. Andy Says:

    Have to agree with Dan, the TG-16 game series Neutopia was great. I would go as far as to say that some of the games elements inspired some aspects of Zelda: A Link to the Past on the SNES

  12. brad Says:

    Final Fantasy Adventure (GB)

  13. MattelAquarius Says:

    “Quest for Thelda” on the COCO 3. http://nitros9.lcurtisboyle.com/questforthelda.html

  14. Zebu Says:

    There isn’t a better game than Crystalis. There isn’t a better storyline either, not even on new consoles. The music also kicks ace and is totally infectious. Someone in 3rd grade gave me this game for a bday present and said that the game sucked…obviously not a big rpg fan, as crystalis is the best rpg ever made. You get to paralyze ppl and walk around them, you can change into people and fool everyone(except the wisemen) and you can fly. zelda comes no where and i mean nowhere near to being a fraction as awesome as Crystalis. Actually, Zelda…sucks…in comparison to Crystalis. not even close. zelda is inferior graphically, musically, intellectually, gameplay wise, and I’m not even sure i remember what zelda was about…like why?…Crystalis forever baby. zelda gets raped by crystalis…zelda can eat it…hard.

  15. farva Says:

    Golden Axe Warrior on the Master System is pretty good. It’s clearly imitating the original Legend of Zelda, but it still has a charm of its own.

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