The Mac Pedestal Encounter

May 12th, 2010 by Benj Edwards

Mac Pedestal photo by Mike Melanson
Long-time VC&G reader Mike Melanson recently emailed me this photo of an interesting encounter he had with a stack of retired Apple Macintoshes. He writes:

Upon visiting my alma mater last week (University of Colorado @ Boulder), I snapped this picture of a stack of vintage PowerMacs topped with an old iMac that was rotating through some generic campus announcements.

Not a bad use for five Power Macs, I’d say. I could imagine an interesting table with Power Macs for its legs — or a bookshelf supported only by Mac Pluses at the ends. Any other ideas?

Have you seen any vintage computers in the wild recently?
If so, snap a photo and send it in.

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  1. BDD Says:

    I saw somewhere (Flickr maybe?) where someone took a round glass top and set it on three different colored G3 iMacs. Pretty cool idea!

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