Kids’ Computers Through The Ages

June 27th, 2011 by Benj Edwards

Kids' Computers Through The Ages at

Today at, you’ll find my new retrospective of kids’ computers through history. It covers a selection of toy/educational/kid computers from the dawn of computing to the present via the cyber-magic of the web slideshow medium. I hope you enjoy it.

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  1. PS3D Says:

    Whoa, the Tiger Learning Computer looks pretty cool…

  2. Braybett Says:

    That kid’s mom looks she’s secretly plotting against him. A fake smile and a cool new toy so that he doesn’t suspect the POISON IN HIS DINNER

  3. Eagles409 Says:

    Does anyone remember the Hot Wheels and Barbie Computers? I believe it was a 200MHz computer with a Hot Wheels or Barbie case. If I remember correctly the computer was pretty well out of date when it arrived, but the case for the Hot Wheels version was pretty cool. I remember wanting just the case and the keyboard so that I could upgrade the insides. Here is a picture:

  4. Benj Edwards Says:

    Eagles409, I remember them — we did a Retro Scan of the Week of those Barbie & Hot Wheels Computers last year:

    I didn’t include them in the slideshow because I was focusing mainly on educational computers that weren’t’ full-fledged PCs.

  5. P Carter Says:

    Gahh…I had that RadioShack “computer”. I wish i had took a photo of that thing. My parents gave it to me in 1987 for Christmas and I played with it until I burned out a few of the bulbs.

    The last thing I made with it was a calculator, but I could only get it to do up 10 (ie 4+6) because I ran out of wires =)

  6. arlandi Says:

    wish they still make these toy-computers with BASIC or any programming language built in and capability to store those software.
    imagine all the homebrew softwares that will follow next.

  7. Scott Says:

    The article has moved to a new location here:

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