VC&G’s Halloween Video Game Costume Ideas (2010)

October 27th, 2010 by Benj Edwards

VC&G's Video Game Last-Minute Costume Ideas 2010Halloween is only four days away, and if you haven’t chosen your costume already, you’re screwed. Luckily, VC&G is here to help (once again) with 13 fresh last-minute costume ideas.

Through this article, things you will see. Other places. The future…the past. Old friends long gone.* Regardless of the vintage, each of these costumes is guaranteed to get you candy or your money back. Did I mention this is the fifth entry of this longstanding VC&G tradition? Most excellent.**

* Modified Yoda quote.
** Unmodified Bill & Ted quote.

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David Jaffe

David Jaffe Costume

As lead designer of both the Twisted Metal and God of War game franchises, David Jaffe has quite a resume under his belt. You can’t see this in the photo, but his right hand is about to slap you.

David Jaffe Costume Recipe:

  • Short brown hair, sideburns
  • Comfortable slacker T-shirt
  • Indelible smirk

In-Character Behavior: Openly proclaim, “I’m not eating candy again, EVER.” Then immediately pull out a Snickers bar and chomp into it. When people complain, threaten to stop talking to them for a year.


Doom Cacodemon Costume

Doom’s enormous, ball-like floating Cacodemon commands respect through the intense symmetry of its massive, meaty redness. That, and the fireballs.

Cacodemon Costume Recipe:

  • 300 lbs. ground chuck
  • 117 lbs. pork (dyed blue)
  • Shark teeth (1 set)
  • Cow horns (8)
  • Squid eyeball
  • Sparklers (three dozen)

In-Character Behavior: Appear to float while actually riding on the roof of your buddy’s black 1989 Ford Taurus. Toss fireballs (sparklers) at passing trick-or-treaters while groaning ominously.

Video Chess Player

Atari 2600 Video Chess Player Costume

Chess is the world’s most boring game, so it only makes sense that the Video Chess Player — a man who must forever play Video Chess — is the most bored person on earth.

Video Chess Player Costume Recipe:

  • Metal-rimmed glasses
  • Full beard
  • Short-sleeved dress shirt
  • Checkerboard slacks
  • Optional: 1960s computer embedded in chest

In Character-Behavior: Slouch apathetically in front of a chess board, head propped on arm, while eliciting ample sighs and ho-hums to passers-by. If anyone challenges you to a game, accept, but confront the opponent with the ferocity and intelligence of a drunk pigeon.

California Games Bikini Girl

California Games Bikini Girl Costume

The mysterious headless lady responsible for your first erection lives on via this ’80s-flashback costume for women.

California Games Bikini Girl Costume Recipe:

  • Two-tone yellow/pink bikini
  • Yellow Frisbee
  • Roller skates
  • Paper bag over head
  • Optional: Enormous California Games logo medallion

In-Character Behavior: Roller-skate around and toss your Frisbee in a carefree 1980s fashion. Never let anyone see your face, no matter how curious they become. If massive quantities of alcohol have been consumed, proudly display your nipples.

Super Arthur

Arthur Super Ghouls 'N' Goblins Costume

Despite whatever injuries he may have sustained, “Super” Arthur fights on, undaunted, through thick and thin. After all, Super Ghouls and Ghosts is an insanely difficult game.

Super Arthur Costume Recipe:

  • Suit of full-body medieval knight’s armor (specially modified)
  • Red cape
  • Iron broadsword
  • Heater shield with arbitrary crest
  • Dislocated elbow

In-Character Behavior: Attack those wearing ghoul, ghost, or other undead costumes. If someone hits you back, pull a string that instantly drops your complete set of trick armor to the ground. Jump away naked.


Minecraft Costume - Minecraft Character Costume - Minecraftsman Costume

Minecraft’s pixelated protagonist is the very model of someone with obsessive-compulsive disorder. He cannot rest until he has converted all available raw resources into an immense fortress of no certain size or practical value.

Minecraftsman Costume Recipe:

  • Cardboard boxes (6: for limbs, torso, head)
  • Blue, green, and flesh-tone paint
  • Larger cardboard box (for crafting)

In-Character Behavior: Harvest sticks from consumed Halloween lollipops, then dig a hole and sit in it while you assemble the sticks into a makeshift pickaxe on your crafting box. With said pickaxe, carve perfect cubes of stone and dirt from the earth and use them to build a physically unlikely bridge over your neighbor’s house.

Wall Street Kid

Wall Street Kid Costume

What’s in the Top Secret case, Kid? For $100,000, he’ll show you: how to make your own $100,000 by selling the secret to others.

Wall Street Kid Costume Recipe:

  • Gray business suit
  • Pair of green aviator sunglasses
  • Large bags of play money
  • Suitcase labeled “Top Secret”
  • Fawning female companion
  • Disproportionately large head

In-Character Behavior: Smooth talking is the key. Attempt to sell junk bonds and bizarre Inverse Apex portfolios at every door. If people question your motives or efficacy, pull out a Motorola DynaTAC and start jabbering. At all other times, generally burn money.

Ken Levine Statue

Ken Levine Statue Costume

Ken Levine, the creative mastermind behind the BioShock series, pretty much always looks like this — even when he’s walking. His eyes convey a complex message: he wants to beat you up and make love to you at the same time.

Ken Levine Statue Costume Recipe:

  • Chiseled Jaw
  • Steely, sunken Eyes
  • Short, spiky hair
  • Ten o’clock shadow
  • Polo shirt

In-Character Behavior: Regardless of context, emotion, or action, always retain the same expression and angle toward the viewer as you see above. If people ask you about BioShock, gaze at them even harder.

Ninja Golfer

Ninja Golf Ninja Golfer Costume

Driven by a lifelong passion for both golf and ninjutsu, the somewhat confused Ninja Golfer isn’t quite sure whether to slice you in half or to putt you gently into a tiny hole. It’s that confusion which fuels his angst, and it’s that angst which fuels his mission: to get candy.

Ninja Golfer Costume Recipe:

  • Black ninja outfit
  • Oxtail sabre*
  • Nunchaku
  • Full set of golf clubs and umbrella
  • Small hip flask filled with whiskey

In-Character Behavior: Pick a target. After hitting a golf ball toward it, run to the ball while attacking intervening Halloween revelers. Repeat until you finally get the ball to the target. Then lean back, relax, and smoke a cigar.

Kickle Cubicle

NES Kickle Cubicle Costume

Like many disgruntled Scandinavians, Kickle Cubicle is fed up with the stereotype that all members of his regional ethnic identity toil tirelessly in cubicles made of frozen water. He’s out for revenge.

Kickle Cubicle Costume Recipe:

  • Red and blue Spandex bodysuit
  • Blond wig
  • Ear muffs
  • Blocks of ice (two dozen)

In-Character Behavior: Fill random potholes in the street with blocks of ice. When other trick-or-treaters approach (especially those dressed as snowmen or chickens), kick ice at them until they drop their candy.

Phalanx Banjo Hillbilly

SNES Phalanx Banjo Hillbilly Costume

When he’s not whittling his 900th soup ladle, the Phalanx Banjo Hillbilly likes to pass the time playing his favorite instrument while rocking on the bodies of crashed extraterrestrials.

Phalanx Banjo Hillbilly Costume Recipe:

  • 5-string Banjo
  • Brown fedora
  • Red plaid shirt
  • Blue jean overalls
  • Enormous white beard

In-Character Behavior: Excitedly chirp, “I’m from space!” as trick-or-treaters approach your porch. When asked for candy, generously ladle out moonshine from an old steel can.

Angry Bird

Angry Bird Costume

It appears as if someone just pooped a pile of bird.
…No, wait: it’s alive!

Angry Bird Costume Recipe:

  • Red beanbag chair
  • Eagle beak
  • Enormous sling shot

In-Character Behavior: Upon seeing a house containing either (a) pigs, (b) people dressed as pigs, or (c) pigs dressed as people, hurl yourself forcefully at the foundation of the home in an attempt to undermine its structure. Do not stop until the pigs fall down!

Atari Bowler

Atari 2600 Bowling - Atari Bowler Costume

The Atari Bowler is one of the most candy-lucrative costumes ever described on VC&G. The trick is to get the supporting “invisible” wires just right so it looks like you’re a human whirlwind of bowling exuberance, thus confusing your prey.

Atari Bowler Costume Recipe:

  • 1970s Bowling outfit
  • Fake mustache
  • Prosthetic arms (6)
  • Bowling balls (5)
  • Bowling pins (10)
  • Piano wire

In Character-Behavior: Windmill your eight arms around really fast, hitting people in the face until they fall over. Take their candy and repeat. If jailed, do the same to your fellow prisoners. Attempt not to die.

Happy Halloween, everybody!

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  1. JackSoar Says:

    I always look forward to this feature. I actually think the Ninja Golf costume wouldn’t be half-bad. Some rare individuals might actually get the reference.

  2. lilimist Says:

    Oh, these are great. I read all the archives, too. Damn, now I really wish I lived in a country that celebrated halloween (damn southern hemisphere and its flipped seasons.) Though I think I’d go as one of the “Kill me,” chicks from Duke Nukem 3D, or possibly “Joe” from Pogo Joe. 😉 Thanks for the lolz.

  3. Aqa Says:


    I didn’t heard about Ninja Golfer and it’s Fucking awesome!!!!!!!!!!

    Probably not a good halloween costume, but I need to play this thing!!!!!

    Thank you

  4. s1500 Says:

    I love this yearly feature, guaranteed obscure reference costume ideas! And this is someone going out as the “vault dweller” from Fallout 3 again this year. 8 people got the reference.

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