[ Retro Scan of the Week ] New World Computing Stationery

September 9th, 2013 by Benj Edwards

New World Computing notepad stationery page - circa 1992Earth kebab

What you see here is a page from a New World Computing notepad that shipped with either Might and Magic III or Planet’s Edge, both of which my brother bought back in the day.

NWC made some great games, and I always thought they had the best logo of any game developer at the time. Of all their titles, Might and Magic II got the most love in our household.

(I’ve enhanced the contrast of this image a bit so you can see the logo detail, which is quite subtle otherwise. It also brings out vintage stains and a stray pencil mark.)

This notepad served as a nice sorta-“feelie” pack-in, one that my brother actually used quite often for notes.

[ From New World Computing notepad, circa 1991-1992 ]

Discussion Topic of the Week: What’s your favorite New World Computing game?

7 Responses to “[ Retro Scan of the Week ] New World Computing Stationery”

  1. Dave Says:

    Definitely Heroes of Might & Magic III… One of my all-time favorite games, so much so that when Mac OS X lost the capability to run OS 9 apps, I bought a G4 Cube specifically to run OS 9 for HoMM III.

  2. Tom Says:


    Love this column, though it’s all newer than the computers of my youth!

  3. Jim Says:

    Might and Magic II for the Genesis.

  4. Benj Edwards Says:

    Thanks for the typo check, Tom. In my defense, this notepaper is indeed still in the same place I left it last week.

  5. Tom Says:

    Thanks for the correction, Benj. I figured as a professional writer you’d like it pointed out. You can tell I’m an old geezer because spelling mistakes drive me nuts (especially my own) and I called your blog a “column.”

  6. Frank Wales Says:

    Mirror Universe Uhura better not find out they’ve used her Empire’s logo, or there will be hell to pay; that woman is wicked.


  7. ChasBeau Says:

    My fave NWC game from (gag) “back in the day” is
    Nuclear War!

    It’s a goofily snazzy-cool (digital) redux of the Nuclear War card game, “a fast-paced comical card game for 2-6 players.”

    It depicts “Ronnie Raygun” and much of the rest of the early 80’s geopolitical crew bent on world destruction.

    Gameplay, sequence of play mirrors the card game nicely and it allows a solitaire player like myself to go at it alone.

    Originally I had it on a (5 1/4″) disc for C64 and subsequently a copy for my Amiga 500. I recently (4 years ago) found a freeware DOS copy that runs in DOSbox.


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