Interview Attempt: (Possible) World’s Largest Video Game Collection Owner

March 24th, 2006 by Benj Edwards

VGC CollectionI first ran across this man’s amazing collection a little over two weeks ago when looking at pictures of cool “game rooms” on Videogame What struck me as most unique about this collection was the sheer volume of games and the fact that they almost entirely covered all the walls and the floor of an entire room. After posting a note about the collection on my blog, word of this massive collection quickly spread around the Internet, unfortunately toppling the site under the heavy weight of intense visitor traffic shortly thereafter…from which it has still not yet recovered (oops!).

VGC CollectionFascinated by the collection, I managed to track down its owner (who wishes to be known publicly only as “videogamecollector”) and conduct an email interview with him. Well, I attempted to, anyway. He’s a bit reclusive (answering only 10 of 17 questions asked), and not exactly a master at typing the English language (I’ve had to clean up his answers quite a bit), but he was kind enough to provide a nice little window, however small, into his unique world. He also sent me some new pictures of his collection, which are displayed throughout the interview below. And for sheer completeness, I’m also providing some of the original collection pictures (from at the end of the interview. (Note: Be a pal and please link to this article, not directly to the images. Thanks!) And now, on with the show.

Update (03/30/2006): I just posted an interview with one of the collector’s best friends, which reads more like this original interview should have. He sheds a lot more light on the mystery collector. Check it out here.

VGC CollectionVintage Computing and Gaming: Thanks for agreeing to the interview. A lot of people have seen your impressive video game collection as linked from my blog recently and are eager to know more about it. First off, what do you do for a living?
Videogamecollector: Collect video games, for now.

VC&G: About how many games do you have in your collection? Have you ever counted all of them precisely?
VGC: I’m not sure if I really want to know.

VC&G: What has driven you to collect so many games?
VGC: It seems to be the rush of finding something I don’t have. Or you can call it my addiction.

VC&G: How many game systems (physical console units) do you have, including duplicates?
VCG: Again, I’m not sure — gotta get rid of those duplicates.

VGC CollectionVC&G: What parts of your collection are you most proud of? [i.e. complete SNES game library, all RPG games for Saturn, etc] Also, what are some of the rarest items in your collection?
VGC: Gotta think this one over for a few weeks.

VC&G: What are your collecting goals? For example, are you simply trying to collect every game ever made, or do you focus on label variations, all games for a particular system, game genres (RPGs, fighting games), etc.?
VGC: My goal is to get the games on my want list and sell all my variations and doubles.

VGC CollectionVC&G: Do you have a database or a list of all your games so you can keep track of them better? Or perhaps a system for storing them so you know where everything is?
VGC: I had a list of everything, and I’m now redoing my lists.

VC&G: Your collection seems to take up a lot of space. Where is the collection located? Is it in your basement? Have you ever had to physically move your entire collection?
VGC: Yes, everthing is in the basement. I’ve never had to move everything yet.

VGC CollectionVC&G: How long did it take you to amass your video game collection?
VGC: 16+ years.

VC&G: Do you know of anyone on Earth with a larger video game collection?
VGC: There are a few collectors online that have more, I think. Not sure though.

VGC CollectionVC&G: Is the young boy in your collection pictures your son? If so, what does he think of your collection and video games in general? Do you ever let him play any of your games?
VGC: Yes, my son plays games. He has a few hundred games in his room that he plays.

VC&G: Thanks so much for taking the time to talk to me.
VGC: Thanks.

VGC CollectionDo you have or know of a video game collection bigger than this one? If so, drop me an email!

And now, as promised, here are the original images [Note: Be a pal and please link to this article, not directly to the images. Thanks!]:








125 Responses to “Interview Attempt: (Possible) World’s Largest Video Game Collection Owner”

  1. [GEEKS ARE SEXY] Tech. News Says:

    And I thought I had lots of games.. this is pretty * unbeleivable! Just try to imagin yourself how much money the guy invested in there.. I’m not sure “invested” would be the good word to use though. 🙂

    Too bad he wasn’t very cooperative about answering your question…


    [Geeks Are Sexy] Tech. News

  2. m1t0s1s Says:

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    For more info, see

  3. Kai Says:

    Not much of a conversationalist. Methinks he needs to get out of the basement a little more.

    Either that or he doesn’t want to reveal his means of collecting so many games. Last time I tried to collect games for a living I wasn’t very successful 😉

  4. RedWolf Says:

    Yeah, I’ll be the first to admit that it’s a pretty bad interview. 🙂 But at least the world knows that somebody tried to ask him about it, instead of being completely in the dark about who the mystery man behind the collection is (ok, so maybe not much more light has been shed on him). I told him I wouldn’t give out his real name, but I will tell you that he lives in Canada. I’ve also heard from one of his friends that he runs a video game booth at a local flea market on the weekends. So that explains a lot about this mess ‘o’ games.

  5. nibbles Says:

    If he sells games for a living, maybe these photo’s are of his stockroom: rather than just a collection…

  6. RedWolf Says:

    Indeed…indeed. I do know from his friend that he does actually collect games though, intending to make a set of at least one of every game for every system (or something similar). The collector himself didn’t say as much, but then again, he didn’t say much anyway. His friend called him “eccentric” and doubted that he would ever reply to my emails in the first place, so I guess it’s no big surprise. 🙂

  7. Xboxbydegrees Says:

    His wife must support the family or he got a good inheritance from someone.

  8. Brill Says:

    That “Canada” shirt… could he be Canadian? If so, that makes his collection more impressive, because when I went to Canada, I shit my pants when I saw how expensive games where! Aside from the exchange rate problem, tax is high as well. Animal Crossing: WW was like $50 CAD over there. It would also explain his English, is he’s of French descent.
    Also, I noticed there were more mom and pop stores and game traders, so if he runs one, that may explain how he’s amassed such a collection.
    What’s sad is, he’s probably played about 10%-20%… well, more than fifteen minutes. I’m a collector myself, and I can’t keep up every knew release; with work, family, and other responsibilities, it’s hard to find the time.

  9. Joe Says:

    I have just recently (2 years) been getting into collecting video games, but this is insane! I can’t even begin to imagine the amount of money in his basement. The fact he does this for s living(flea market) and the amount of duplicates leads me to also believe this is also a bit of a storage/stockroom (as mentioned by nibbles) for his sales booth. He best have a good insurance policy…a flood or fire would be devestating! A total replacement value would be sweet…maybe we should start a pool!

  10. scott Says:

    It seems a little wierd to me that all his consoles are just sitting on the shelf, not plugged in at all. Theres a xbox360 just sitting there. I wonder if he actually plays any of them at all?

  11. RedWolf Says:

    Yes, he’s from Canada, Brill. Great point about possibly primarily speaking French. That might very well explain his English indeed.

  12. joseph Says:

    well redwolf if you can give us his ip or paste the email headers u got a reply from(if u ever emailed with him) i can probably look into finding who the guy is/where he lives etc as i am from quebec too, and with a lot of resources.

  13. Cesar Says: es impresionante ese wey es narco o que pedo?
    notable como puede tener tantos titulos actuales como antiguos . E mueble de las consolas es impresionante.

  14. RW Says:

    @joseph – why would you want to know who he is and where he lives? You can keep your (probably illegal use of) ‘resources’. Twat.

  15. rogie Says:

    i wonder how much he would get if he sold it all.
    aligit is kool

  16. The Professor Says:

    @RW – He wants to know so he can break in and steal all that great stuff, of course! 😉

    Anyways, i think this guy should some kind of reward.
    Outstanding geekness or at least some kind of Nobelprice for the betterment of mankind.


  17. Says:

    Massive Video Game Collection

    Before the advent of the internet, we could take solace in only suspecting that people like this existed.
    This is not to say that I have any sort of problem with people with massive video game collections, I just think it’s a little disturbing to…

  18. RedWolf Says:

    Yeah, I’m not sure why you’d want to find where he lives either…I guess it’s people like joseph that make him want to keep his privacy.

  19. RedWolf Says:

    FYI – Here are the questions I asked that the collector didn’t answer:

    1. Where are you from?

    5. How many of your games are unique and not duplicates?

    12. About how much money do you think you’ve spent on your video game collection?

    14. Some people might think your collection is a little excessive. How would you respond to that?

    15. Do you have a wife or girlfriend, and if so, what does she think of your collection? What do your friends and relatives think?

    17. Pictures of your collection have spread around the net pretty quickly since I linked to your game room page on Is there anything else you’d like to mention to our readers or have them keep in mind while viewing your collection?

  20. Fred Says:

    Good article. The light grey text on a black background is very difficult to read (so I almost didn’t). I’m not sure what the point of the color selection is but for most people, if they can’t read it, they won’t.

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  22. RedWolf Says:

    Well Fred, that isn’t my color selection. The site is currently being inundated with many thousands of people attemping to view the pictures at the same time, so the page loading is slow. What happened for you is that the background image for the text area (which is mostly white, by the way), failed to load because of a slow response from the server. I have since changed the default non-image background color with white (from transparent) so people should no longer have that problem. Thanks for your comment.

  23. Matt Says:

    If you do a follow-up interview be sure to ask how much he insured his collection for.

  24. Mike Says:

    Perhaps the man is in fact the kid in disguise..

  25. Woody Says:

    I am encouraged by the fact that he also owns a stationary bike.

  26. SamDAMan Says:

    WOW! crazy collection!

    P.S. me so horny

  27. JCC Says:

    First of all, how do we know that this guy doesn’t operate a video/game rental business? He might be keeping some inventory at home.

    The other thing I find quite strange is that he has spent probably $750,000 – $1,000,000 on games but he can’t afford a nice TV? Look at that crap that he still uses in that basement…

    The other thing is that do we actually know that all of those cases contain games? You know there are wack jobs out there that might only collect the boxes/cases…..

  28. Brett Says:

    That’s a great looking collection! The question I’d like answered is whether he has a normal single-format addiction (like only NTSC) or if the habit’s gone full blown rock star and he’s got full sets in PAL, SECAM, etc as well? Bravo!

  29. wingo Says:

    re: comment on sh*tty tv. well i have a old tv but won’t switch unless it breaks.

    also new tv’s have 100mhz which most old 8but systems doesn’t like.

  30. Cory Says:

    I think it’s cool that he will not tell any more about himself. I know if i suddenly became popular because of something like that and i could keep who i was a secret i would. I don’t want a bunch of people to come knocking on my door wanting to see my game collection. BTW i think it’s an uber cool collection of games, keep it up unknown man with the collection in the basement!

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  32. duketogo Says:

    The guy didn’t have much to say.

  33. Joe Says:

    Mines bigger.


  34. Heather Says:

    Man! That’s sick…there’s other things that are fun.

  35. Graphicartist 2k5 Says:

    amazing collection, but why in the blue hell does this guy have a crappy ass TV? seriously, if I had all that gaming stuff, I would HAVE to have a kickass TV or even three to play them on, and that’s no joke.

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  38. Ryan Says:

    HA, and my mom says that I have too many games… 😛

  39. Galaxies Apart » I don’t know what to play. Says:

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    […] Quite a few places (digg,, etc.) have mentioned this, a HUGE Video Game Collection in someone’s basement. Apparently, it’s taken on the order of 16 years to produce. […]

  41. JPSNagi Says:

    Hmmmm …

    I am a small time collector myself. However, I fail to understand why would someone have 2 copies of Men of Valor, 2 copies of Tony Hawk’s Undergroung, 2 copies of some sports (like MLB etc) 2003; specially if these did not come in the different covers.

    You may not be able to read the titles, but you can see the patterns and realize that he has more than 1 copies of some games.

    I think it is just an online store or a small used gaming store, tryin to get famous in cyberspace.

    – JP

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  45. HoUzeR Says:

    the only thing i’ve ever collected was empty batteries hehehe…

    u think this guy is looking for attention?

  46. Tranzeh Says:

    I wonder if he’d sell this anytime, or just hair it to his son, but he would problably sell them all.

    But you havent seen the size of my Pokemon collection….

    problably more energy cards than every single game he has.

  47. Doc Ezra Says:

    JPSNagi: If he’s collecting via eBay auctions, then odds are good he’s bought large lots of games, though he only needed a handful of the titles in the lot. Would lead to a lot of dupes if he hasn’t had time to go back and resell those (though he indicated he wanted to rid himself of duplicates.

  48. BiggyDonk Says:



  49. Anonymous Says:

    World’s Largest Video Game Collection

    The title says it all. The photos are unreal.

  50. RedWolf Says:

    To all those who are insulting his TV — his real entertainment system is probably upstairs. You’re simply seeing his basement, which is where he stores everything.

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  52. fernando Says:

    i think he spent all his brain playing games, he forgot how to talk

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  54. Jade Says:

    Forget the TV, god, he likely plays upstairs. I know I sure as hell wouldn’t want to be enclosed in that basement. He’s got games on the floor! Running out of room as it is, how would he fit in an entertainment center?!

  55. jbfromcanada Says:

    the ‘junk” tv people are referring to looks like a broadcast monitor in fact …

    can be quite expensive — though it still looks like an older model ..

  56. Richi Says:

    At least he uses the bike when not playing games…

  57. freakshow Says:

    WOW that huge midget has alot of games!

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  59. HoUzeR Says:

    what is a broadcast monitor?

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  62. pingsound Says:

    waw perfect archive.

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  64. NESVIDIOT Says:

    How many of you, if you had a collection of this size would advertise an open house viewing? Think about it, how many of you would even say anything about it, for fear of becoming a target.
    No he is not French-
    He has a 60″ bigscreen upstairs
    the pics you see are of his collection- not his stockroom
    he does collect a lot of import, including over 1300 Super Fam, a ton of Brazilian games, Pal variations, name it he’s had it at one time or another.
    Most of you big collectors out there have bought games from him at one time or another- whether it be on the old newsgroups 10 years ago or on E-bay since it started.
    This is what he does. I collect, videogames were even a business for me at one time, now only a hobby. But this is what he does- all he does. And it seems to work out pretty good for him.
    He operates a booth at a flea market on Saturdays and Sundays, during the week he game hunts and ebays games.
    Don’t be envious- it is hard work to accomplish what he has. Be happy that he is willing to share it with the world. There are other huge collections out there that will never see the press that this one has. It took me a long time to get him to post pics- a lot of the pics were taken by me. I still am in awe everytime I visit him- and he is one of my best friends.


  65. Joe Says:

    Nesvidiot, great post!

    Hopefully it will clear up many questions people have.

    Thanks for posting!

  66. Justdave Says:

    Good call, jb, I was just about to post along those lines. Having done some work with broadcast video, that does indeed look like a studio monitor, Between the shabby appearance, the barely-visible badging on the side, cheesy single speaker and the plexi cover over the tube it does look that way.

    HoUzEr, basically, they’re tv sets with greater line resolution that standard televisions, and high quality control, basically the equivalent of high-end displats that print designers use that can be color-calibrated, etc. The picture may wind up looking like crap on someone’s Rad-Shack squeakbox, but it’s not leaving the studio looking like that, dammit.

    The other feature that they have is the ability to accomodate odd video formats, for example, 24p in modern ones, and quite a few of them can take both NTSC and PAL, which is why I could see him having one. That one looks a bit out of date, but it would likely have to be; a new 19-inch studio monitor can easily run you $2000-$5000, depending on features. And that was prior to HDTV. Used ones go for much less. And they all look like total trash, except for the TV picture.

    Of course, it could just be some Sampo-brand Canuck TV from the 80’s, too. But it could also have cost more than your new 1080i HDTV.

  67. RedWolf Says:

    Just a note — I just published an interview with the collector’s friend (Nesvidiot above) here:

    Check it out. It is more like the original interview should have been.

  68. The Truth Says:

    Way to many games. Kind of creepy to be honest. I wonder how many he’s actually played through. The cash spent on all those games could have been used alot more effectivley I think.

  69. Axon Says:

    Sweet jesus… mother of god. That is incredibly impressive!

  70. coolme Says:

    WOW!! that a HUGE collection man!!

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    wanna know whats really sad?…

    i have more unopened hotwheels cars than that.

  73. DevilDan 6666 Says:


  74. Joe Says:

    Anybody know when will be back up and running? It’s been down since this “interview” was posted…:(

  75. fahdy Says:

    i wonder does he have property insurance in case of an disaster?

  76. Dreadwing Says:

    I would never leave The room! this is unbeliveable wow

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  81. blah Says:

    Is it RetroJim?

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  84. Varaty Says:

    Instead of wasting all that money, give it to the children in africa or some organization…

  85. Bob Says:

    One of the guys from ScrewAttack has a pretty cool collection.

  86. Sam Says:

    But does he have a copy of Kizuna Encounter Euro version for the Neo Geo?

  87. Yazure Says:

    Gimmie :O

  88. Per Says:

    Is his father Bill Gates? Beacuse he has so much money that he can buy all this games :O

  89. Enrique Says:

    Do you have Roberts, SuperColor Volley X? If not, would you like to buy it? It’s 30 years old and in perfect condition…

  90. JOE Says:

    Lol… Hardly any Canadians are French…

    Stuff costs more here but we get paid alot more.

    He dosen’t need insurance… There are no disasters here (sarcasim)

  91. Ryan "Overdrive" Inman Says:

    Just to let you guys know, not all Canadians speak French. I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada and I speak very little French – and I only learned what I know is because I was required to in school. Once I was able to choose courses in high school, I never took the subject again.

    In Quebec though, you’re more likely to encounter pure French-speakers. But again, not everyone in Canada speaks French. It’s just because we’re a bilingual country.

    As well, not all games are expensive – yeah it’s a higher cost to us because of the exchange rate, but in reality, it’s still the same price – just different currency. And remember, our dollar was recently better than yours.

  92. qmop Says:


  93. don Says:

    i have a sega genesis nomad with some games and would like to find a home for it

  94. Despe Says:

    I’m pretty sure I know who this is. I’ve been there before to do some work. It’s been a few years though so I’m not 100% sure. If it is who I think it is, he’s from Quebec.

  95. Julio Says:

    Good job on the interview. When i first heard about it i thought someone just took a few picture inside a store, store room or something and called it a video game collection but that’s really impresive there.

  96. Fradam Says:

    That is one.. amazing… collection! I wonder if the son will continue his father’s legacy.

  97. Another Collector Says:


    Very nice collection. Good for you NESVIDIOT. People really just don`t appreciate what some people can`t get their hands on. I have large collection myself, maybe about 3 of his shelves full, been collecting for 7 years now.

    Also one more thing. I assume you guys still hunt those games.? If so here`s a wicked site I got alot off here at one point. or I am in canada myself, not to far from you guys. I would like to shake both of youre hands for doing such a fine collectiong job.

    “I applaud that collection & youre friend for filling us in on a little info”

  98. Another Collector Says:

    Can get their ****

  99. blackmind Says:

    Its cool have $$$$$money$$$$, its make possible things like that…. the kid alread have a nerd face

  100. GamezChamp Says:

    hey, i am a big fan of the microsoft and sony platforms along with the wii and i have a collection of about 2000 if you add all of the platforms together but them photos make mine look so small and such a little amount it is unbelievable, he must have about 10000 games lol 😀

  101. ZeruDen64 Says:

    The kid in the picktures is in the middle of a room with “The Largest Videogame Collection Ever In This And Any Other Worlds”.. AND HE PLAYS WITH TOY CARS!?!?!?!?

    This is strange.. This collection was posted on, with the owner’s comment and everything, but since these images were posted anywhere in the Net, his collection was removed from the site.. Weird.. Anyway, I have just 2 words to say:

    EN – VY!!!!

  102. zachakazach Says:

    I dont know if yall noticed but look at the cieling and floor looks like a store to me/stockroom idk im not from canada but what do you think??

  103. Tobias Says:

    Well… 🙁 I feel im-nerdiated and thought that was not even possible…

  104. James Says:

    WOW!!! lol I have like 3 or 4 shelves of games but u got like a bazillion lol great work

  105. Wood Chippers Says:

    What a game collection! I could not even fathom having played that many games before.

  106. will Says:

    all i can say is DAMN you got a collection that will beat mines ass bad left for dead in a gutter all i have is about 60 and thats ps1 ps2 xbox xbox360 Nintendo regular 64 and super so hats off to you
    also i got leisure suit Larry that game was hard to find and you got it most likely you do really then really congrats

  107. trance music Says:

    Well… 🙁 I feel im-nerdiated and thought that was not even possible…

  108. Danny Saigon Says:

    Wow….this guy is my idol….this is fantastic

    There goes my dream of having the largest collection of video games…

    I’m buying lottery tickets..if I win, i will make sure that I will out perform him on his collection…haha!

  109. Mike Says:

    Wanted to share our new page with everyone. It has been setup as a hub for Classic PC game collectors to swap ideas, games and anything else vintage.!/pages/Classic-Game-Collectors/157988624244629

  110. nate Says:

    I would have asked how he even gets around in the first picture of his room.

  111. ToAks Says:

    i have seen theese pictures before but i forgot where (i thought it was on exotica where my collection is).

    it’s simply amazing and i really understand why he is so reluctant to give out more info as just see this thread for a minor reason 🙁 .

    Anyway i am considering selling my Collection (or a larger part of it) even though i really don’t want to but i have no room anymore and my family is growing.

    respect , that collection there has to be one of the biggest ever (i know there is one in australia (or was it NZ?) that is insane too (mainly Amiga and c64 stuff).

  112. Darla Says:

    WOW! My husband and I have a HUGE collection, but this one beats our hands down! I am amazed and humbled! What an inspiration! Our collection covers the original pong to present, We have literally thousands of games and hundreds of systems and we have the complete N64 set….but this? Is just mind blowing! Thanks for the pics, they are awesome!

  113. Rocky45 Gamer Says:

    WWWWWOOOOOOOOWWWWW how much he spent money to collect and buy these games.. I think millions or more+++$$$

  114. Craig Says:

    Last gamers collection blows this away

    his on yourtube

  115. Oppisitioner Says:

    Wow. Very impressive. Whats really impressive though, is this collection has been going on for 16 years. He has never had to move it. So this guy must be doing good and own his house. Either that or still living with Ma. There’s really no point in owning games you don’t like to play, or never play. What is so cool in owning sooo many games, if someone was to ask “What is that game about?” “I don’t know, but I own it.” Yea thats coo.

  116. Kyle Says:

    Please Mr Unknown man get insurance to back you up. You can look on the internet for reviews of good insurance and ask around.

    I’d be VERY sad if your collection was lost due to fire/flood.etc and you should be too if you didn’t have any way to compensate for the lost.

    In fact your photos could be used to help prove you collect them if you ever have that kind of problem so you are already half-way to being compensated! 🙂

  117. Kyle Says:

    Now that I think of it you should also invest in a security camera for when your not around that can be linked to the police and let the police know of your large collection.

    Then upon request the police will drive by your house more often on patrol special since they know you have expensive stuff that’s not easily replaced if at all.

  118. Iain Says:

    Amazing collection. Funny interview, reads like a typical Prince interview, i.e. near monosyllable responses 🙂

  119. Ramenos Says:

    OMG ! This collection is so huge. I would like to know : how long does it take to have this kind of collection ? It’s just amazing… You cannot even move in your room 😀

  120. adam Says:

    You guys are RIDICULOUS…like, honestly…why is it so hard to believe that someone has an outrageous massive video collection like this….someone that clearly states, he deals in flea markets on weekends and is probably the guy with the ‘nice’ video gaming booth. And then, spends mon-fri ebay-ing and hunting rare games he wants online…he probably finds good deals and buys rare games in bulk, then sells the extra copies of them for a higher price and that’s one of many ways he probably makes decent cash. EXAMPLE—He probably gets a ton of dumb drug addict kids who want a quick buck for drugs, like they probly bring him o idk,,, lets say mega man x3. and dont know wat its worth…and he probly goes, o heres 10 bones for it! and the kids good with it like SCORE haha peace old man! lol and doesnt realize he just lost over a hundred dollars… i SAID, this guy does this everyday of the week for 16years, this has probably happened veryy many times and is why he is more than able to do this, and probly is rich. and not to mention….VIDEO GAME COLLECTING has only recently got real big and 16 years ago when this guy was going crazy, everyone else was throwing out they’re old systems and games seeing no fiscal value at the time,continuing the process of buying then throwing out or selling for next to nothing about 5 generations of consoles….(he probly was buying all that off people for next to nothing) and now that collecting has gotten big, guess what? this guy is experience and 16 years ahead of all the slackers. hes beyond the entire premise of video game collecting itself…..and that is the truth. its sad that so many of you look for the o yeah right, this is a warehouse….do warehouses have copies of every video game made with kids running around? no yah dar dars…dont be stupid. i worked in a warehouse and games are always just in bins and all over the place. and only the new games are stocked and then sent out, and you never see them again. no my friends, this is a collection. and if your too dumb to tell it is, you can go suck on some camel toe bro.

    btw- lol this is the coolest collection ever and all anyone talks about is the shitty old tv in the corner…like dumbass, its his basement. he admitted that…. hmmm i wonder, do you have anything old in your basement? HAHA. YEAH EXACTLY! this guys basement is crisp catigorized and more clean then any basement ever seen. compare it to yours….and it has one old actually reely cool retro tv, and thats all yall notice. grow a brain rats.

    peace out-
    kid544who will have pics like this in 16 yrs.:)

  121. Ssssss Says:

    I hope nothing bad will happen to all hisssssss video gamessssss

  122. Monroe White III Says:

    How do you sell a huge video game collection like this? My collection includes 1000’s of games for Genesis, Sega CD, 32X, SNES, Saturn, Playstation, 3DO, Jaguar, Jaguar CD, Dreamcast, Game Gear, Virtual Boy, Game Boy Advance, and lots of imports as well. I bought everything new back in the day, and it’s all in pristine condition with manuals. All the CD’s are in jewel cases without the original inserts, and all the carts are loose except for Genesis & 32X. I’m sure lots of people would love to buy it all from me, but who could actually afford to? They’d have to come get it too, I’m not shipping all that stuff! I have all the systems, controllers, accessories, etc., and only my Jaguar CD & Game Gear are non functional. Tons of extreme rarities in my collection, most of it is all rare now. It all just sits in cardboard boxes gathering dust and taking up space. Make me an offer?

  123. Buffmclargehuge Says:

    More power to him if he enjoys it.. But, something that I’ve never really understood about massive video game collections like this is: maybe, MAYBE, 1/10th of the games he has are actually worth playing.

    I’m more interested in playing/collecting games that are, you know, good, as opposed to just accumulating an inordinate cache of games.

  124. Moon Dew Says:

    WOW!!! …WOW!!! SWEET MOTHER OF MERCY!!! It scares me to even think of how much money he spent on that. His son is the luckiest boy on Earth, without a doubt!

  125. reconditionoldbatterylife Says:

    I really love this game collection and I feel it is wonderful.

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