A Better Interview, Starring the Massive Video Game Collection Owner’s Friend

March 30th, 2006 by Benj Edwards

VGC CollectionWho knew that you could have interviews about interviews? Well, when you are personally responsible for publishing the world’s least-interesting interview, you can! Oh the perks. For those of you who don’t know, the subject of that first interview (and the owner of the “Possible World’s Largest Video Game Collection“) was a bit vague about the details of, well…just about every question I asked. The decision of whether to actually publish the first interview was a hard one. I wanted to let people know more about the man behind the monster collection, but as it turned out, the collector’s answers were so unspecific that they essentially poured gas on the flames of Internet speculation. In other words, my initial mission was a total failure. Without the new pictures provided by the collector himself, and the other pictures I had to share, I would have shelved the whole thing.

But I didn’t shelve it; I published it and lots of people started getting interested in the collection — many more so than originally expected. Those same people, in the absence of any concrete information, soon began assuming all sorts of unflattering things about the nature of the man behind the collection (That’s the net for ya. Whoo!). Having no one but myself to blame for so much intense public scrutiny of this man’s personal life (trust me, he did not seek it himself), I thought I’d try to set the record…a little more straight…by interviewing his more outgoing friend and game shopping companion, who also happens to be the man who took most of the original pictures of the collection and persuaded the collector to put the pics online in the first place. And so I did, via email (The Official World’s Worst Interview Medium). In grand Internet naming tradition, he shall be referred to as “Nesvidiot.”

Yes, he likes Nintendo.

Vintage Computing and Gaming: How long have you known your friend? How did you meet?
Nesvidiot: We met at the flea market in about ’95.

VC&G: How old are you? How old is he?
NV: We are both mid-30s.

VC&G: Where is he from and what does he do for a living?
NV: Western Canada. He sells games at the flea market on weekends and eBays during the week.

VC&G: Some Internet commentors have suggested that he of has some sort of psychological condition, i.e. obsessive-compulsive disorder, problems with hoarding, etc. because of his incredibly large collection. How would you answer those people?
NV: People do whatever they want to do — it doesn’t matter if it is collecting video games, or hockey cards, or bottle caps. What ever makes you happy is all that matters. People that think he has a problem are usually envious and trying to hide their own problems by focusing on others. Hey, if it makes you happy…

VC&G: Other commentors like to make fun of the small monitor on a table near the SNES exercise bike in one of the pictures as if he played all his games there. Can you tell us what that monitor is for, and does he use it for gaming? Further, could you describe his real gaming setup (if he has one)? Is it upstairs?
NV:He plays games with the family upstairs on the 60″ TV. Downstairs is where he keeps everything and tests games on the little monitor.

VC&G: Why do you think he answered my original questions without much detail?
NV: He doesn’t like to boast, he is a really quiet, humble person.

VC&G: Do you have any idea how many games he has? Does he have a system for keeping track of them all?
NV: He has over 10,000 for sure. Yes he keeps lists, although it is hard to keep up with everything sometimes.

VC&G: Can you tell us about some of the highlights of his collection? Any cool and rare stuff worth mentioning?
NV: The SNES Life cycle with Mountainbike Rally/Speed Racer. The Panesian carts boxed, his new crystal DS’s, there is just too much cool stuff to mention.

VC&G: How much do you think he spends on video game collecting every month?
NV: Not a clue, probably every spare cent he has after bills.

VC&G: Where does he get most of his games?
NV: We go shopping every couple of weeks together — pawns, thrifts, game stores (EB, Microplay etc.).

VC&G: Does he have a wife or girlfriend? What does she think about his collection?
NV: Yes he has a wife of 17 years, and 2 children. This is what he does, obviously if she didn’t approve she wouldn’t have stayed with him this long. There are a happy family.

VC&G: Likewise with relatives. What do they think of his collection?
NV: He comes from a background of collecting and selling. They all understand and support him.

VC&G: How do you think his son feels about his father collecting so many video games?
NV: His son LOVES all the games and will inherit it one day I’m sure.

In addition to the interview, Nesvidiot added this comment at the bottom of the original interview page:

How many of you, if you had a collection of this size would advertise an open house viewing? Think about it, how many of you would even say anything about it, for fear of becoming a target.
No he is not French-
He has a 60″ bigscreen upstairs
the pics you see are of his collection- not his stockroom
he does collect a lot of import, including over 1300 Super Fam, a ton of Brazilian games, Pal variations, name it he’s had it at one time or another.
Most of you big collectors out there have bought games from him at one time or another- whether it be on the old newsgroups 10 years ago or on E-bay since it started.
This is what he does. I collect, videogames were even a business for me at one time, now only a hobby. But this is what he does- all he does. And it seems to work out pretty good for him.
He operates a booth at a flea market on Saturdays and Sundays, during the week he game hunts and ebays games.
Don’t be envious- it is hard work to accomplish what he has. Be happy that he is willing to share it with the world. There are other huge collections out there that will never see the press that this one has. It took me a long time to get him to post pics- a lot of the pics were taken by me. I still am in awe everytime I visit him- and he is one of my best friends.

That’s all for now. If I here from the collector himself again, I’ll update you on it. I’d like to thank Nesvidiot once again for the interview and shedding some light on his somewhat elusive friend!

42 Responses to “A Better Interview, Starring the Massive Video Game Collection Owner’s Friend”

  1. Joe Says:

    First, the title rulz!

    NV: People do whatever they want to do — it doesn’t matter if it is collecting video games, or hockey cards, or bottle caps. What ever makes you happy is all that matters. People that think he has a problem are usually envious and trying to hide their own problems by focusing on others. Hey, if it makes you happy…

    Best part of the whole interview. So true!

  2. Duke Says:

    ehhh, his answers are no better then the first. fact is that if this truly is a “personal collection” then there is something wrong with him. if this makes him happy that’s great, but to horde that many games is pure stupidity. An addiction? like smoking Crack? waste all your money and time buying games, no we are not envious, if I had that mess i’d sell every last thing in that basement.

    so maybe he does have an insatiable lust for hording games and that makes him happy…. SELL SOME GAMES, buy some cool cars, fix your broke down house, get your wife some shoes, throw out that old CRAPY tv you got sitting down there and get your self a BIG OL’ Flat screen, much much better for “testing” games. oh ya one part of collecting games is Knowing how what and how many you have.

    Other None sense that you don’t want to hear, but im bored. 🙂

    60″ tv yay… you can get one at Wal-Mart buddy boy, for 1200 bux, big woop
    Nesvidiot.. you seemed to answer questions that OTHER people already stated…


  3. NESVIDIOT Says:

    you know what, I was probably 4 when I saw “Bambi” for the first time, and you know the only line I really remember from it is when Thumper is told” If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”
    I find it odd that as “bored” as you are you still took the time to write a page full of everything that is wrong with someone you don’t even know. He would never critisize you, for what ever turns your crank. Maybe you need to find sometime more to do because you are so bored you have to respond negatively to something that doesn’t really interest you. Sorry you can’t find more positive things to do with your time.

  4. Lurker Says:

    All I have to say is if the Videogamecollector ever needs a security guard, I’m willing to relocate. 24/7 security, just let me LIVE in that basement. @_@

    And to the guy with the very negative attitude above? Grow up.

    Thanks for sharing some more info with us, NESvidiot. You and your friend both rock. 🙂

  5. Madman Says:

    Hey Nesvidiot, there will be always some jerks who seem to know better.
    But there are a lot of other game collectors out there, that understand your friend. Im one myself, i only have like half a dozend consoles, but if i had more money im sure i would have more of the crap.
    For what reason ? None. I just like to have it. Thats all. Probably something some people cant understand. Some people collect stamps, some invest all their money to pimp their ride, others spend their money to have the latest 7800 GTX in SLI mode, others save every penny for later.
    In conclusion, people spend their money on what they like.
    That duke dude up there would sell the entire collection, just to waste the money earned from it for other crap.
    In the end it makes no difference wether one is greedy for games or for money. I think Duke is just jealous, like the rest of us 🙂 Cheers.

  6. NESVIDIOT Says:

    I collect too- just not so completist as “VideogameCollector” he collects everything he doesn’t have, I only collect what I like, which is mostly Nintendo, but I do have over 40 consoles that date back to the mid 70’s, and up to some of the newest, with over 1200 games, and Super Mario Bro’s Pinball, Galaga (full size cab) and Armor Attack(cocktail table by Rockola). I know with all the games I have that I will never play all of them, but you reach a certain point in collecting when you have to decide how far you are going to go- either you commit forever, or you walk away. It’s always fun finding the games that you want that you haven’t got yet- it keeps you searching- that becomes the “game”

    I just find it funny that people have to critisize- I love looking at others collections, it doesn’t make me jealous, I just appreciate what some are capable of.
    I will never have as many games as a lot of collectors out there, but I’m happy with what I’ve got. Too bad others can’t enjoy the pics for what they are. Not many will ever reach this size of collection, only a handful in the world.
    Try watching the TV show “Weird Homes” then you’ll really see some of the weird collections around the world-
    I don’t find anything wrong with collecting videogames, especially since they seem to be holding value 20 years later, and that 1200$ 60″ big screen that Duke can buy at Wal mart is already obsolete, and so is his 6000$ HD flat screen that he took out a loan to buy 6 months ago.

  7. Duke Says:

    Alright Second conclusion, NONE of you really know the “Videogamecollector”

    He has Tonz of money a nice house sweet cars and one day for fun he decided hey, I like games I guess I could have them all.

    🙂 yes I am a jerk thanks thou 😀

  8. DELGRAD Says:

    Hey Duke; does Jay Leno have a problem? You know, he has all those cars. Do coin collectors have a problem? Do antique collectors have a problem? Do I have a problem? I have well over 30,000 baseball cards.
    I have to agree with Lurker’s comment “Grow up”
    I think you have a problem Duke. Writing negative comments.

    Thanks for the interview NESVIDIOT. Definitly a huge collection. To have such a collection he must love doing it.

  9. Chris Thornett Says:

    I don’t understand all the negative reactions. The man’s efffectively cataloguing the history of videogames, which is an admirable thing to do. It’d be nice to think that he would become part of a museum one day, but regardless people will always collect things and I’m glad he chose games and not bottle caps.

  10. Aulbath Says:

    Found those pics in some german videogame-board the other day. It’s plain awesome!

    One thing I wonder is, does he have old DOS games and homecomputer stuff like C64 and Amiga too (hard to tell from the pics)?

    And what’s wrong with an old small TV for testing games? In fact, some games are better played on crappy old sets – NES games or old Commodore 64 have to be on a shitty set, otherwise it’s no fun.

    One last thing… though I don’t collect videogames in that scale, I do collect scans of boxes and covers (I love cover artwork) – did he ever consider scanning his collection in good quality? In fact, I would pay for a couple of DVDs with all those covers on (and I wouldn’t pay just a bunch of bucks either).

    Oh, and Nesvidiot – next time you are out with him buying new games, say Hi from Germany for me, will ya?

    ~ Aulbath, german admirer of the mystical canadian videogame collector(tm)

  11. NESVIDIOT Says:

    I’ll be sure to pass on the “Hi” from you Aulbath. And yes he has a HUGE amiga collection- DOS I’m not to sure about- I don’t believe he collects DOS.
    I’ll make sure he reads this thread, although I don’t think he has the time or facility to scan all his boxes and cases.
    Keep on doing what you enjoy!

  12. Aulbath Says:

    This is getting better by the minute (for some reason, most collectors always leave out Amiga and C64, eventhough, they have the exact same “console-spirit” like NES or Mega Drive – IMO of course.)

    But not my hero… he collects Amiga too 😀 Great!

    I figured he wouldn’t have time and possibilities to scan his Boxes and stuff, but sometimes it’s such a pain to get a clear, good scan of a box or manual – and almost all the time you have some annoying website-name plastered all over it 🙁

    But he sure could help out in some place like Mobygames or TheLegacy.

    Anyway, thanks for passing on the “Hi” – that’s pretty cool!

  13. Daniel Says:

    WOW! This gentleman puts me to shame. I feel both envious and grateful for his passion. If anybody wants to purchase my collection (all in excellent condition with original manuals/caes), you can email me at flubber0504@hotmail.com.


  14. DELGRAD Says:

    I do have one question.
    Does he use a sytem to organize the games?

  15. Reaper Says:

    First off, That is an impressive collection, I’ve seen slightly bigger but it is still impressive none the less, “duke” obvoiusly didn’t take the time to read the entire interview because it CLEARLY states that he DOES sell some of his games to make money.

    I’m aware this is old news and probably no one will read this but I am posting it anyway.

  16. Canadian Bear Hugger Says:

    Is the game collecter gay, I wanna f*** him in the ass!

  17. Hikari Says:

    Stumbled over here from the gamer_girls community on LJ.

    This is absolutely fantastic! This man is my new hero. My collection is very small (15+ games), but I’ve only been collecting and gaming since about seventh grade (I’m currently a senior in high school), and until last year, it was just another vague, pass-the-time sort of hobby for me. However, I don’t like spending excess money on duplicate copies of my games or on old systems like the PSone whose games can be played on the backwards-compatable PS2. I am, afterall, a cheapskate. =P

    Anyways, NESVIDIOT, I have a couple of questions. Does he have multiple copies of games (I have a friend who collects his favorite titles, and he has every version of FFIV released in Japanese and English, although not PAL–including shrink-wrapped copies)? Also, does he get all versions of multi-platform games?

  18. Cook66 Says:

    Truly amazing.
    I would love to visit you and see this with my own eyes, this collection is a greater accomplishment than most people will ever achieve.

  19. Xatranaz Says:

    Was browsing the web to look at how other game collector’s displayed their collection, then had a look at this outstanding achievment. Videogamecollector has got what i have always dreamt of having and beyond, a library of all (or most) video games in history.

    To the guy who suggests to him on selling his games to buy Cars, fix his house and buy his wife shoes etc, if he does that then he simply won’t be unique anymore.
    What would you say is more impressive especially to people that grew up with video games? Brand spanking new cars that people always see in a magazine or occasionally in the street then goes out of fashion within 2-3 years, or going into a room where you would never have imagined to see so many games in the same room never before seen anything like it?

  20. Daniel Says:

    Holy cow. i love your friends collection. ever since i started an nes collection back in 2000 i wanted to have it all. now i see people that have way more than me and all i can say is that its a good motivation for myself. after around the year 2004 i finished my nes collection and wondered, if i can go this far i wonder how far i can go in the next 60 or so years. so one day i hope to attain the same collection or better and the only way to do that is pursue my dreams of being a owning my own business and making movies like i have been wanting. one of my many goals is to play every single game ever made whether its horrible or the most glorified and or expensive game out there. i know you might say that’s impossible but thats what i want.

    anyways sorry to make you read all this and tell your great friend i envy him and look up to him VERY much.

    until next we meet, PEACE.

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  22. anonymous Says:

    hi I would just like to say only one thing,

    I WISH I WAS THIS GUY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Angus Says:

    Heya ! Hello from cloudy Belgium.

    That’s an impressive collection, all right. I pretty much understand the guy as I collect lp’s myself (though not quite as intensely as he seems to do with games). I collect a few video games too but but not that seriously.

    I couldn’t agree more with you, Nesvidiot, whan you advise to do what we like. Your here pal must be one of the world’s happiest person alive !

    Greetings to you both.


  24. Diana Says:

    I wonder what’s the valuation of his collection. I was just reading an article published in Japan about a Japanese video game collector. He spent about 500,000 USD on his collection. I am sure this collection surpasses that amount. This is probably one of the most expensive video game collection there is!

  25. 3L1T3 Says:

    To: Duke

    You need to get a life outside of this little internet world you live on. Obviously you are one of the many asslicks on the internet spewing hatred and nonsense. I swear if the internet was rid of scum like yourself the forums and comment sections would be readable. All your pathetic ramblings do is prove your total lack of maturity! Grow up and quit bad mouthing people you will never see! That is called being a coward! Yeah I said coward, only a coward would sit behind a keyboard and spew negativity out into a comment box. I sure hope you get a life soon and get yourself a shrink to look into your head! BTW there isn’t anything wrong with collecting, ffs people been collecting since mankind. Grow up and get real!

  26. Matt Says:

    Man, this guy and his collection absolutely rulz. Its the start of something big, like The World Video Game Foundation or something. Full Respect to the VideoGameCollector. In the past i have owned mostly nintendo consoles and games but unfortunatley sold them all off when i needed money. Now the bug has bit back hard i’ve started collecting all manner of game stuff. Bought my first Game & Watch today. Its cool. I guess i re-discovered the collector inside. Peace Dudes.

  27. Javier Says:

    Makes me wish I would have kept all my games. Unfortunatly in my earlier years I was really into trading games. Now I keep every game I buy. My collection grows no where nere his but maybe one day.

  28. Cale Says:

    I was just wondering if your friend collects dev kits. I know it’s illegal to sell dev kits, and developers are supposed to return them back to the licenser, and supposedly the SNES dev kit has never been leaked, etc. But you never know, someone might be lucky enough to stumble across some.

  29. Tim Says:

    This is the tidiest collection and most extensive collection I have ever seen. Congratulations for taking the time and patience in organising a collection like this. Hopefully one day mine will be close to this!!
    From sunny downunder!!

  30. david bandel Says:

    I don’t understand why everyone is being so hostile to this guy.

    I like to collect used condoms. Sometimes I spread them all over my bed and roll in them for hours. Sometimes I’ll put them in the pot while I cook my stew to add flavor. (removing them afterwards of course. I wouldn’t want to eat rubber)

    This doesn’t make me less of a person.

    And I think collecting video games is a lot cooler than collecting used condoms.

  31. Benjamin Says:

    I like to hear that people like to go to Microplay. And i am a bit envious but I like to think that I did a good with what i have. I like to take to other people about games. I just don’t have to many friends to talk to or play with. I have to say that you “the Video game Collector” have a nice collection. At one time i could have said that i played ever game that i own but not anymore partly do to the fact that i just don’t get around to it or the game is bad and i am stuck with it. I can say that i only sold three games in my live 2 copies of Super Mario world and a copy of Buck Rogers for the Genesis. Yes to me that game is that bad. I my self is a bit of a game hoarder my self so dose that mean that i have a problem. I like to play. People who have a problem would do nothing but collect. Spend all his or her money and not care about anything else a true problem. He has 2 kids and a wive so i don’t think that he has a problem. If he go a divorce lost his house, kids and all his belongings because he must buy nothing but games then he has a problem. A lot like drug addiction. I like to look other peoples collection and i would also like to talk to others about games I just don’t have many people take to. I don’t have a job, much of a life, and right now I have a lot of time on my hands.

    BenjamVG Aim

  32. alex banks Says:

    i am inspired i will do all i can to get to that standard if possible i will buy them off you i think i have enough money what do u say

  33. SonicTheHedgehog Says:

    Wow, an interview from 2006 with people still posting? Yeah, I am keeping this alive. I actually found out about this from digital press (digitpress.com) and some of the information about this is very true.

    I mean, really, I am 26 and have been collecting for awhile and have about 1200 games. I see people from high school and refuse to tell them where I live. I keep all my games in the basement and pretty much anybody that comes to my house knows that the basement is off limits, my roommates know that nobody goes into the basement.

    Yes, it would be nice to show people the collection and be proud, but lets face it, getting robbed is not exactly something any collector wants to happen. Nobody wants to get cleaned dry from one shotty sale or accidently saying too much to somebody during an interview.

    My collection is not near as big as his, but with some of the stuff I have, I could easily sell all my games off and use that money to pay for my new car I bought and college, but I would rather play games.

    Nes also mentioned something that many people do not realize, and that is that once you hit a certain point, sure you play games, but you will never play all of your games. I have a small collection of 1200 games and there is no possible way I can play them all.

    I don’t blame the guy for being quiet about his collectiom, I would be quiet about mine too, which I am. All it takes is one random person finding out where he lives, and that is that.

  34. MesonW Says:

    @Aulbath – from my experience, I didn’t collect Amiga or C64 games because I considered them computer games; I started with SNES and expanded to include all console formats. I know it’s partly semantics, but at least it puts some sort of limit on my ambitions.
    Though I did recently buckle and buy an Amiga and some games! Hey, it’s a good machine! 🙂

    One thought: if all games went digital download only, there’d finally be a finite number of games for collectors to collect. Wonder what that number will end up being 🙂

  35. scott Says:

    For real folks, you only live once. If the guy’s dream is to own every video game in the world let the dude do his thing. He has a wife, a kid, lives a normal life like most of the people making fun of him probably don’t. As for the collection that is simply amazing. I just kind of started collecting video games to bring back some nostalgia from what I played when I was younger and what I missed out on that was before my time. And by the way to all the haters, I’ve seen video game collections less than 1/4th that size sell for like five thousand dollars. I honestly can’t even imagine what a collection like that would sell for, but it’s a hella lot son.

  36. 1984_to_2010 Says:

    That’s the biggest collection I’ve ever seen. Amazing work.

    I collect consoles and games myself. With consoles, I try to acquire them all, basically, but I’m not willing to spend huge amounts of money. With games, I mostly get what I like or find interesting. I have a quite low game-to-console ratio… but that’s the way I like it. I don’t need NHL ’97 to make my collection complete, I much rather look at a shelf full of stuff I really like.

    Still, this guy has an awesome, awesome collection.

  37. KCasey Says:

    Do we know which flea market this hero works at? i might have bought some stuff from him. Also I’d like to congratulate him next time I visit the flea market.

  38. Nhoj Raalegov Says:

    Just by putting information that I have read about him at various places on the web I can say with relative certainty that I know which flea market he works at. I would prefer to respect his privacy as he is an acquaintance, and doubt he would like everybody to know, but lets just say it is a rather large flea market in Edmonton, Ab Canada. I have worked at Nexwave videogames(we focus on older games and rarities) and have dealt with him a couple times.

  39. ToAks Says:

    @John Vogelaar (post right above this)

    now, why on earth did you do that?. FFS.

    anyway, look up my website if anyone is interested in buying an extensive Amiga Collection (somewhere between 1400-1800 titles).

    I really don’t wanna sell it but no room really and the collection gets old “faster” when i move. (hopefully i’ll do the last house change this year).

  40. Laurent Says:

    Respect to the “man” Rly. ive could only dream for a game room like that!

  41. Brady Says:

    omfg O.O congratz on the collection rofl THAT IS PROBALY THE MOST BADASS THING I HAVE EVER SEEN ( dont tell my girlfriend i said that ) lol 😛

  42. GirlGamer55 Says:

    I finally found the original source of those pictures! After seeing them pop up on 9gag again and again I desided to track them down. Glad I did.

    As to what NESVIDIOT said above: “Don’t be envious- it is hard work to accomplish what he has.” That might be true but we will always be envious because we won’t or can’t have a collection like this. I’v been collecting for the past year and it’s really hard.

    I live near a pretty big city so I thought that it might help me out to get more games but it’s actually working against me. We have one, count it, one flea market near us. Besides that the games are over priced because of the state I live in. I went down to Iowa for a family thing and saw how cheap the prices of games are there! I of course bought some of those games while I was down there but sadly didn’t have enough to really get that many.

    Anyways the point is, I’ll always be envious of these huge collections because I will never see that many games in my life.

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