Paul G. Allen (1953-2018)

October 16th, 2018 by Benj Edwards

Paul G. AllenIn Memoriam: Paul G. Allen (1953-2018)
co-founder Microsoft, prominent philanthropist

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  1. Don Holmberg Says:

    It’s a shame, he always seemed like the guy I would get along with best out of the trio (I’m including Balmer, who I don’t think I would have enjoyed at all!).

    I would have loved to ask him what he remembered from programming the Altair. Its easy to forget that he used to be quite the machine language programmer! I also wonder when (or if!) he gave up programming.

    Godspeed, good man.

  2. SirFatty Says:

    Side note… the RSS feed is not updating.

  3. Benj Edwards Says:

    Thanks for letting me know, SirFatty. I am not sure what is going on with Feedburner. Here is the raw RSS Feed address:

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