HP 95LX Games From CompuServe in the 1990s

July 27th, 2021 by Benj Edwards


In the mid-1990s, my dad gave me a Hewlett Packard HP 95LX he bought from a friend and never used. The HP 95LX (1991) is a really cool handheld PC that runs DOS from ROM.

While looking for 95LX software around 1997 (according to the file dates, although it’s very possible I grabbed them earlier), I went on CompuServe and downloaded a passel of shareware games, amusements, and utilities that were designed specifically for the HP 95LX. Many of them were programmed by David K. Goodman, and they mostly date from 1991 and 1992.

I just ran across these files recently, and I thought I’d share them so they don’t get lost. A couple files are text files (like WHY.LX and HP95.HW) that have info on the 95LX. CIS.NP is a list of CompuServe phone numbers. I’ve zipped them all up in one file, and you’ll find the download link below. Here’s a file list of what’s included:

  • 95-GAM.ZIP
  • AG.ZIP
  • BJ95.ZIP
  • CIS.NP – A vintage list of CompuServe access numbers.
  • DUNGEO.ZIP – Dungeon! v 0.9 by Kurt M Giesselman
  • HANGMN.ZIP – Hangman
  • HP95.HW – Text file info on the 95LX hardware.
  • HPNEKO.ZIP – A cat that follows you around on-screen.
  • HPTRIS.ZIP – Tetris
  • KERM2.ZIP – The Kermit Transfer Utility
  • KLON95.ZIP
  • LAY1.ZIP
  • LIFE95.ZIP
  • LKRS95.ZIP
  • LO95.ZIP
  • LONC95.ZIP
  • TALKER.EXE – Speaks what you type through your PC speaker.
  • TT95.ZIP
  • WHY.LX – Text file info on the “LX” name meaning.

Download the HP 95 LX Shareware Games Here

I’ll probably go back and flesh out this list with game titles and info later. But for now, here it is. Hope you enjoy them! The 95LX is a fun little machine.

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3 Responses to “HP 95LX Games From CompuServe in the 1990s”

  1. John W Blaylock Says:

    This was very nice. I always wanted one of those palm sized DOS computers back in the ’80’s in High School (I cannot remember the model he had)

    Thank you,

  2. David Scheets Says:

    I spent many hours playing Rogue on my HP 95LX, it was perfect for the device.

  3. Bill Race Says:

    Hey Benji,
    Not to be outdone, but I have a 95LX as well, being a former HP guy.
    More curiouslly is my association with Apple, and the logo. There was a bedding company in Santa Clara in the early ’70s, by the name of Apple, and the Apple guys very cleverly bought it, when they the bedding company, went belly up.
    I was manufacturing rough furniture in San Jose at the time, Piscean Waterbeds.
    Will be happy to chat if you like. On the Island of Hawaii now: 209.327.6727.

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