Clive Sinclair (1940-2021)

September 16th, 2021 by Benj Edwards

Clive SinclairIn Memoriam: Clive Marles Sinclair (1940-2021)
British inventor, Founder of Sinclair Research, Creator of Sinclair computers

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2 Responses to “Clive Sinclair (1940-2021)”

  1. Kevin G Says:

    Its amazing to think about these original pioneers. My first computer was a commodore 64 and my first gaming computer was when I was in the Army it was an Amiga 1000. Thought both were amazing and superfast when I got them. Now our cell phones make them look like a stone tablet, but still great memories. His contributions to what he have today cannot be forgotten.

  2. Sam Iamo Says:

    Until very recently, I owned a Timex-branded machine that was a licensed clone of the Sinclair 1000. I was only three years into my IT (called Data Processing, at the time) career when IBM released the PC in 1981, and working professionally on IBM midrange equipment (Systems /3; 32; 34). I desperately wanted a PC, but was supporting a young family and couldn’t afford one, so I settled for a Timex/Sinclair with the 16k RAM module. It had its quirks: had to prop up the RAM module because of the shaky connector; the cassette tape recorded programs (particularly the Forth language interpreter that I was trying to use) would frequently show different checksums every time they were loaded, but it got me started into personal computer devices, and that proved to be very important to sustaining my career for 38 years.

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