Six Reasons Why Game Boy Ruled The World

April 21st, 2009 by Benj Edwards

Original Game Boy

Yep, here’s one more Game Boy 20th Anniversary article from yours truly, this time on Ars Technica. It covers six strong reasons why the Game Boy was so successful during its long run. Judging by your RSOTW discussion answers yesterday, many of you already agree with me, so odds are that you might enjoy reading the piece.

But don’t worry, folks. The torrent of Game Boy coverage will soon be over.

11 Responses to “Six Reasons Why Game Boy Ruled The World”

  1. JackSoar Says:

    That was indeed a good read. The Game Boy will always have a place in my heart due to being the first console I owned.

    I say this despite the fact that I sold my SP and GBA games a few months ago because I hadn’t played it in months before that and was bored with the titles I had. I’m more into home consoles than portables right now. Someday I’ll build up a GB collection again, though.

  2. mnky9800n Says:

    Don’t stop the torrent! I have loved it so far. It takes me back to the countless hours I spent in front of it playing every game I could get my hands on. (We’re Back: The Video Game was actually pretty good!)

  3. Fessic Says:

    Great write up Benj.

  4. Aaron Says:

    Ya know, I wanted a Gameboy…. I had my money and I went to the mall to buy a Gameboy….. But then at the mall, I saw a GameGear on display at Target….. and I forgot all about the Gameboy and it’s ugly, tiny, monocolor, puke-green screen, and I took home a GameGear with a beautiful, back-lit, color screen instead. Battery life didn’t matter — the GameGear was just awesome. But I’m derailing a discussion of the GameBoy…. And I never owned one of those. But I remember a competition in Sega Visions magazine (I still have those magazines, actually) where you had to draw a cartoon about what to do with your old Gameboy rather than throw it away, since it sucked so much….. The winner was the “butt-scrubber” use for the Gameboy. Gotta love Sega…..

  5. JayP Says:

    Aaron- I was tempted by the Lynx. I’d bought a Gameboy and went to the shop to buy a few games. The salesguy (who was good!) sold me a Lynx and Zarlor Mercenary.

    I took the Gameboy back. I still have the Lynx though.

    I may get a Gameboy now…

  6. Martin Says:

    Loved the gameboy – what a great handheld it was. Tetris on the gameboy is still the best. Anyone remember Gameboy golf? How good was that eh?
    Great stuff!

  7. Bakla si Mark Ryan Ruiz Says:

    I was once addicted to the Wario Games in the old GB.

  8. DevilChild911 Says:

    I’m going to get this at a videogame store that just open, and this gameboy is up for $10.00 brand new. 0_0

  9. James Heart Says:

    Got my first one for 50 cents at a yard sale from an elderly couple. I have the feeling they confiscated it from their grandkid or something. Poor kid.

  10. max Says:

    to rite the gameboy as always been in my heart since the first day i got it. it was my first ever console to own and has always been the best so has saga with the megadrive i remeber the good old days with super mario 2 and 3 and playin sonic the hedgehog on the 8bit console….. NINTENDO RULZ 😉

  11. Jack Witherell Says:

    I bought a gameboy on ebay right after reading this.

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