VC&G’s Halloween Video Game Costume Ideas (2009)

October 19th, 2009 by Benj Edwards

VC&G's Video Game Last-Minute Costume Ideas 2009Yep, it’s that time of year again: time for VC&G‘s famous Video Game Halloween Costume Ideas — 2009 edition.

This article series is almost an institution now, as we enter our fourth year of providing last-minute costume suggestions to desperate video game nerds everywhere. Each of these costumes is guaranteed to get you candy, or your money back. After you’re done reading, feel free to post your own costume suggestions in the comments below.

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Donkey Kong Fireball Costume - Flame Guy Costume

Donkey Kong’s Fireball remains one of history’s most under-appreciated video game characters. Some see him as Mario’s true antagonist in the classic barrel-dodging platform game, but in fact, Fireball is just an innocent, pie-loving flame caught in the crossfire of a much larger battle.

Fireball Costume Recipe:

  • Full-body flame retardant jumpsuit
  • Flammable stunt gel
  • Red, orange, and yellow crepe paper
  • Trash bag

In-Character Behavior: Travel to a construction site and deposit ten custard pies along various steel girders. Defend them from passing trick-or-treaters dressed as carpenters/plumbers, especially those who would undermine the structural integrity of the building.

Reggie Fils-Aimé

Reggie Fils-Aime Costume

It’s all about the chin, baby. And those eyes! But there’s more than looks here — Halloween candy-distributors respect Nintendo of America’s strongman for his charisma, intelligence, and distinct struggle to appear relaxed and informal in a business environment. He’s like a cool, tanned grandpa that sometimes makes you cringe.

Reggie Fils-Aime Costume Recipe:

  • Low-cut afro wig
  • Light grey business suit, blue shirt, no tie
  • Wallet (with tiny photo of Steve Jobs)

In-Character Behavior: At every door, give an enthusiastic but slightly awkward presentation about excruciatingly minimal and incremental improvements to the Wii and its games. If they ignore you, simply move along — your back pocket is already full of candy from previous Halloweens.

Zork Grue

Zork Costume - Grue Costume

You are likely to be eaten by one.

Zork Grue Costume Recipe:

  • Solid black bodysuit
  • Slavering fangs

In-Character Behavior: If someone forgets to bring a flashlight, pounce on them in the darkness and steal their candy. Alternately, devour them.


Double Dragon Abobo Costume

Double Dragon’s Abobo is sure to win you some sweet treats. With his rippling, muscular frame and freakishly large cranium, he’s not only the strongest bad mutha on the block, but also the smartest.

Abobo Costume Recipe:

  • Enormous papier-mâché head, neck muscles
  • Blue tights
  • Boots

In-Character Behavior: Strut around, headbutting punk vigilantes. Attempt to throw them off whatever ledges you might encounter (the sidewalk curb).


TI-99/4A Sewermania Costume - Sewerman Costume

Guardian of the sewers, champion of waste, Sewerman shovels sludge with honor and repels reptilian invaders from the E. coli underworld.

Sewermania for the TI-99/4A is one of those sleeper hits that nobody plays, ever. Regardless, you can proudly proclaim your TI-99/4A cred by dressing as the Fecal Avenger this Halloween.

Sewerman Costume Recipe:

  • Red Spandex jumpsuit
  • Red helmet, boots
  • Shovel
  • Laser Pistol

In-Character Behavior: Shout, “Quickly, to the Sewers!” and jump down a manhole — while being oblivious to the fact that you’re the guardian of a place designed to convey human urine and feces.


NES Adventures of Lolo Costume

Blue fuzz-ball Lolo remains one of history’s greatest puzzle-solving detectives. I found a Lolo the other day clogging up my bathtub; he forgot to hit Select.

Lolo Costume Recipe:

  • 500 balls of blue yarn
  • White clown shoes, gloves
  • 2-foot 19th century gold skeleton key
  • Squid eyeballs

In-Character Behavior: Wander the sidewalks in a grid-like fashion, pushing random objects into other people’s paths. Seek candy without getting stuck.

Bomberman (Act Zero)

Bomberman: Act Zero Costume

Bomberman? Is that you? I almost didn’t recognize you with those semi-realistic body proportions.

Bomberman (Act Zero) Costume Recipe:

  • Suit of rusty Iron Man armor

In-Character Behavior: Collect candy as usual. When others become inevitably mistaken about your identity, tell them you are not Iron Man. Repeatedly.

Werewolf (The Last Warrior)

NES Werewolf The Last Warrior Costume - Warwolf Costume

“I can’t scratch my nose!”

Werewolf: The Last Warrior presents a traditional costume with a twist: unlike normal werewolves, your hands have been replaced by two enormous sword-like blades. That’s enough to piss anyone off. It’s also enough to get lots of candy.

Werewolf (The Last Warrior) Costume Recipe:

  • Werewolf costume
  • Machetes (2)
  • Duct tape

In-Character Behavior: Look fierce; climb things; hack through thick brush. Try not to behead anyone unless absolutely necessary.

Peter Molyneux

Peter Molyneux Costume

Peter Molyneux — creator of titles such Populous, Black & White, and Fable — stands alone as the world’s greatest, sassiest video game designer of all time.

Peter Molyneux Costume Recipe:

  • Brown, closely trimmed hair
  • White or black mock turtleneck shirt
  • Leopard print underwear

In-Character Behavior: In exchange for candy, promise video game characters that can jump through your TV, marry you, keep pets, and understand your emotions. Next year.


Apogee Cosmo's Cosmic Adventure Costume

Cosmo would make the perfect mascot for a San Francisco plumbing service. Either way, whoever designed the titular character from Cosmo’s Cosmic Adventure had a serious suction fetish. If Werewolf’s sword hands are too much for you, give Cosmo a try.

Cosmo Costume Recipe:

  • Modified frog suit
  • Toilet plungers (2)
  • Red crew cut

In-Character Behavior: Jump around, avoid monster-costumed revelers. Collect only fruit or fruit-shaped candy. If necessary, offer to unclog toilets for treats.

Altered Beast

Altered Beast Costume

Of all the costumes listed here, the Altered Beast Centurion (as he is properly called) is by far the most versatile — it’s actually six costumes in one.

He’s an excellent choice any year, although you might have to explain to old ladies that “altered beast” does not actually mean you’ve been neutered.

Altered Beast Costume Recipe:

  • Wolf Mask
  • Bear Mask
  • Tiger Mask
  • Dragon Mask
  • Pneumatic muscle suit

In Character-Behavior: Inflate pneumatic suit upon receipt of your first piece of round candy. Upon receipt of your second piece of round candy, place an animal mask over your head. Rotate masks depending on the street and approximate difficulty of acquiring candy in that area (i.e. dragon mask for poorly-lit apartments).


Solstice Costume - Shadax Costume

Few people know that Solstice’s Shadax is the video game world’s most super-hunky wizard. His magical nipples can piece armor-plated vehicles; his luminous footwear can brighten the foggiest, darkest nights.

Shadax Costume Recipe:

  • Long gray wig, beard
  • Large staff with blue sphere inset
  • Cross necklace
  • Florence flask w/green liquid
  • Immense, magical boner (obscured)
  • Purple loincloth
  • Neon green pimp boots

In Character-Behavior: Stand and scream, “THIS…IS…SOLSTICE!” If someone snickers, knock them down a well.

Happy Halloween, everybody.

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