Retro Scan of the Week: “Fun For the Entire Family”

February 20th, 2006 by Benj Edwards
Radio Shack TV Scoreboard Model 60-3056 Manual Cover

Here’s the cover of the Radio Shack “TV Scoreboard” Model 60-3056 instruction manual (Circa mid-late 1970s, USA). This machine was one of the many billions of Atari Pong home machine clones that flooded the market after General Instruments released it’s “pong-on-a-chip” IC. Oooh, detachable controllers — what luxury! I don’t actually have the unit itself, but I have the manual for some reason. If anyone wants to see the rest of it, let me know.

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  1. Tyler Whelen Says:

    Pretty interesting game. I picked something up like that this past weekend at a garage sale. So far this is has been the only to match the system I have, but the box shown here is different from mine. The one I have, I am guessing, must be a Canadian version because it does have french on it! And yes, I am from Canada!

    Thanks, Tyler

  2. thirtysomethingguy Says:

    Wow. I had this exact console! You hooked it up to the TV, but the sound came from the unit itself, not the TV speaker. It played a whopping FOUR variations on “Pong”.

    Good times… (And yes, it WAS fun for the whole family. My how times have changed…)

  3. James Kubecki Says:

    We had one of these. The four variations mentioned above are:
    Tennis (Pong)
    Practice (one-player Pong, hitting against a wall)
    Handball (two players hitting against the wall, but you had to alternate hits)
    Hockey (two players, and I believe two “paddles” on screen, the goal being to get past your players paddles with the “puck”)

  4. RcktMan Says:

    We had one of these when I was a kid, too. We played it for hours and hours. I remember the instruction manual, too. I THINK — don’t quote me here — the console is still somewhere in my parents’ basement. Honesly, we never threw ANYTHING away.

    We replaced it with the Atari 2600. Good times!!!!

  5. Zeit Says:

    I just came across exactly the same model, buried in the basement of a friend’s house. He told me that it belong to it’s parent’s, and wanted to sell it, so i bought it for a reasonable price.
    I would like to see the rest of the manual, if you have it scanned; since i don’t know whic type of power adapter will fit it. Running it on batteries it’s money consuming…

    Thank you!

  6. Jeff Says:

    I lost the machine years ago but I have the original instruction manual pictured on this website if anyone wants it.

  7. Retro Man Says:

    Wwwwaaaaaaaooooohhhhhh… I only thought Radio Shack made Tandy.
    That is Far Out bro.

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