[ Retro Scan of the Week ] Quake II Meat Market

August 16th, 2010 by Benj Edwards

Quake II Meat Market Ad Playstation N64 - 1999“Hand-cranked and chock full of juicy new tidbits.
All stuffed into authentic id Software casing.”

Quake II will be 13 years old this December — has it been that long already? Seen here is a 1999 advertisement from EGM promoting the PlayStation and Nintendo 64 ports of the classic PC shooter. The designers of the ad chose a clever theme that parodies a grocery store circular (commonly inserted into newspapers here in the US), complete with a fake coupon and flashy pricing. Very clever, and very effective.

[ From Electronic Gaming Monthly, September 1999, p.73 ]

Discussion Topic of the Week: Let’s talk Quake. Best game console version of Quake? How about Quake II?

6 Responses to “[ Retro Scan of the Week ] Quake II Meat Market”

  1. gnome Says:

    Also, most honest.

  2. BDD Says:

    My Pismo Powerbook with a 500 Mhz PPC processor and Mac OS 9 runs GLQuake and Quake II beautifully. My Cube runs both, plus Quake III Arena, almost flawlessly. I prefer the PC/Mac ports to the console versions anyway; they usually have different maps and are pretty grainy.

  3. Moondog Says:

    Used to play this on the PC, and I loved all the little mods that existed for it. Killer Quake, Painkeep, Cujo bot, new skins, etc.

  4. SirPaul Says:

    Wait… It’s going to be 13 years old this December? I thought just this year we celebrated Quake’s 14-year anniversary. I didn’t think they were that close together in age…

    Anyways, I think the best console version of Quake was the N64 version. While not the best, it was quite good. As for Quake 2, I never played any console versions, so I can’t answer that one…

  5. jlanagan Says:

    I also never played a console q2. But I have both the OSX ports installed still today! As for q1 best console version, I don’t know if the Dreamcast version counts, as it was homebrew, but that was the most true to the original I ever played.

  6. Cody Says:

    Woah, something is wrong. Why is their Quake 2 in colour?

    Quake 2 was a huge game for me. I never got into Quake 1 because of the (at the time) steep hardware requirements, but Quake 2 came out during the Xmas holiday period right when I’d gotten my first job (building and selling PCs) and had built my own PC at work and had my first money to spend.

    I bought it for myself as an Xmas present. I remember taking the train home and reading through the booklet that came with it, and listening to the audio tracks on the CD with my Discman (remember those, and their anti-skip ESP technology!)

    I’d also bought a bunch of presents for the rest my family, everyone in fact, and it was the first time I’d ever been able to do it.

    It was also one of the last times I ever tried, because despite getting something perfect and expensive for everyone, they didn’t seem to really care about it. The nice warming and vibrating scented oil foot bath for my mum, for example, sat in the laundry unused for the rest of its life.

    She preferred her old bucket. True story.

    I can’t remember what I got everyone else. But yeah, Quake 2! It was great, the story was GREAT and there was a lot to do in it, the soundtrack was pumping, and it was very BROWN. Which is why this advertisement has caught my eye because it looks like they tried to colour things up for the console versions. Big mistake!

    Ahhh, Quake 2. I remember the opening sequence of dropping down on the planet, and one of the missions where you have to disable this huge freakin’ gun. Those were the days.

    I think that was one of the few Xmas’s down under that was actually cold too, we might have had a living Xmas tree (the only one ever, it dropped bugs and sap and leaves everywhere), and watched Gremlins as a re-run on TV. Maybe I’m mixing my the best part of every Xmas I’ve ever had by accident.

    But yeah, Quake 2, I’ll remember you forever.

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