We Need a Zelda MMORPG

February 22nd, 2006 by Benj Edwards

You may have noticed on other gaming blogs that yesterday (Feb 21st, 2006) was the 20th anniversary of the first release of The Legend of Zelda on the Famicom. I’ve been playing The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap this week by coincidence (an excellent game, by the way), and all this confluence of Zelda activity has gotten me thinking. Wouldn’t it be awesome to play a massively multi-player online role-playing game (MMORPG) set in the Zelda universe? Perhaps Nintendo could make a spiffy, slick 3D one with nice graphics for their upcoming Revolution console. If not, I’d be happy if some fans simply made a homebrew 2D, top-down MMORPG using A Link to the Past as a graphical framework. Either way, there would be some serious questions to address in such a game.

The most obvious question about a Zelda MMORPG is: who would you play as? Would the world have 1,000 Links running around? Or could you choose your race during character creation, kinda like World of Warcraft? You might choose to be Hylian, Kokiri, Goron, Zora, Deku, Rito, Minish, Fairy or even other races that have appeared in Zelda games. Each race would start out in their own zone with their own quests, etc., although they could obviously travel all over Hyrule. Another major question is: where would Link and Zelda be in all this? Would people just get frustrated (ala Star Wars Galaxies) if they couldn’t play as the main characters? Another issue is gameplay: I think since the Zelda games are action-adventure games, that the gameplay of a Zelda MMORPG should be action-role-playing. That is, you swing your sword and do actions in real time, but you could build up experience and raise your stats over time. Also you could learn new skills and techniques (unique to each race) that could let you access new areas, or just simply let you have new abilities. And like other MMORPGs, there would be an in-world economy (but based on rupees, of course). You’ll gain rupees based on killing monsters, and spend them by visiting shops and buying from other players. There are many possibilities in the universe of Zelda. I just wanted to write this article as a quick brainstorm to get started, but please feel free to continue and improve my train of thought on a new Zelda MMORPG. Good idea? Bad idea? Please discuss!

75 Responses to “We Need a Zelda MMORPG”

  1. nixon Says:

    I like the idea of this. I can see myself exploring Hyrule with my trusty Biggorn sword looking for a fight. Even a top down 2d version would be pretty sweet.

  2. MegaKitsune Says:

    Ehh, seems to me that since the Gamecube’s online crashed and burned like it had been hijacked by the Jihad, I don’t think they’ll try it again with the Revolution. And Nintendo has never developed a PC game.

    A Zelda MMORPG is not a bad idea though…

  3. brian Says:

    I would love to see this if it were executed gracefully. Personally, I wouldn’t want anybody to be Link/Zelda/Nabooru etc, and would prefer instead the choice between races and starting out as an “unknown”. After all, in the Zelda adventures Link isn’t famous before he starts (save Zelda II, where the instructions mention that Impa searches out a hero and looks for Link). I would love to be a Gerudo warrior or a Kokiri blacksmith.

  4. Dominik Says:

    I definitely would NOT play this game. It would spoil the whole story behind Zelda and Link.

    What I would play, though, is a MMORPG in the Zelda environment with less famous characters. So people would wander around in Hyrule and complete their tasks.

    But please, it definitely would ruin Zelda if there were running around thousands of Links and Zeldas!

  5. james Says:

    How about they get the next Zelda Game out first!

  6. bopbop Says:

    am I the only one that remembers graal online?
    a mmorpg that did a full spirte and tile set rip of SNES Zelda.
    It was pretty good for it’s time (late 1990s/early 2000) and may even still be around. So we know the idea would work, but I have serious doubts that nintendo would invest in the money.

  7. Stubby Says:

    i think it would be awesome! not that it neede d anything to do with the story of link and zelda…..

    it could just be the whole world from the first game up till wind waker…..you never see the same place twice, and it would be kinda cool if they made the whole world with labrynna, termina, the different hyrules, and the other realms, such as koholint island, subrosia, and the world from wind waker(don’t remember the name…)

    and if they made it like WoW, it would make kinda cool…. play as differnet races! explore the vast world of zelda……

    even though it would be made in 2d (which probably would be coolest……), i think there would be many, many gamers playing it! i don’t think it would be so great in 3d, it’s probably because zelda always was that cute little adventure game, with cuddly graphics, and the most of the zelda fans i know love the old style, not hating the new games of course….!

  8. CubeGuy Says:

    I’d play it as long as it wasn’t 2D. As much as I love the style, what Zelda needs right now is some serious 3D action.

  9. Adam Blinkinsop Says:

    MegaKitsune: they’re going online with the Rev. It was confirmed a while ago.

  10. Crispy Says:

    This is a no-brainer. Nintendo should do this. All the planning is already done! They could just take the Ocarina of Time game and make it multiplayer simultaneously with 400 people in there. No one could be Link or Ganon or any big character. Everyone would just be a race, like in WOW. The bird people could fly. The fish people would have a world underwater and could swim. The Gorons would be strong tanks and the higher their level the bigger they get. Level 60 would be giant badasses. You could even have the Minish being a race. They would have a tiny secret kingdom that you would have to shrink down to to enter. It is a great idea. You wouldn’t have to have war. People could just live like animal crossing and talk and go on quests together. They could enter the dungeons to fight together against deku scrubs and various monsters and it would rule. I’d buy it.
    It is almost a MMORPG now. If they just replace all the NPCs with people then it is done.

  11. shouryuuken Says:

    actually.. this is a great idea. the only time i have truly been interested in an mmorpg is if its based on something that previously had legacy (wow, pso)… since they generally dont have much story. what better than the land of hyrule… as long as it was 3d, i dont like the 2d idea. also, yeah the race and class thing (but zelda and link and such as npcs) would be sweet.. doubt nintendo would do this, but zelda on the rev as an mmo would be a good idea… have someone port it to pc.. charge a monthly fee.. i guarantee if executed correctly would be a smash. esp the realtime combat.. id be all over it. good idea bro.

  12. zwanz0r Says:

    Nope! Not a good idea!

    I see to much “Like in other MMORPG’s” in this article… I mean… zelda is zelda and its allway’s different from other games…

    No MMORPG simply because zelda is no RPG… it’s zelda

  13. joe Says:

    I’ve been thinking a lot lately about a 3D version of the original Zelda. I had so much fun playing it, and even went through the second world(?) after finishing it the first time… How could would it be to see a first person 3D version of this where you could actually SEE that mountain and cave you walk into to get your sword right there at the beginning? If I knew how to create it I would…

  14. LipeCau Says:

    Ok… how about it happens right after the creation of hyrule, all the races fighting for the triforce.
    And I was thinking of some kind of Ocarina of Time 2, but you play as zelda, training as sheik during the 7 years that ganondorf becomes the great king of evil

  15. MegaKitsune Says:

    Joe, there WAS a 3D remake of the original Zelda in the works, by a fan group at ZeldaHQ… I don’t know if it ever got off the ground though…

  16. fernando Says:

    I dont think the zelda universe would be the best choice within the Nintendo universe. maybe Fire Emblem, Mother or Ogre Battle would make better choices. even golden sun

  17. Nate Says:

    I have to say I agree with “zwanz0r” to a degree–as soon as the “who’s going to be the tank, who’s going to be the damage dealer” talk starts, I get a bit squeamish about the whole proposition. Not to belittle MMORPG’s, because I think they’re great–I actually played FFXI for a short time before, due to my sheer, all-encompassing love for it, I had to pull the plug. I just think the emphasis in Zelda has always been stripped down, minimalistic, good old fashioned ADVENTURE. I love the story of(Zelda creator) Miyamoto talking about his inspiration for the game–exploring caves and forests around Kyoto when he was a boy, and frankly, every Zelda game has been infused with this delicate charm, no matter how complex and conceptual (Majora’s Mask) they have gotten.
    But…would I play a Zelda MMORPG? Hell yeah. But I think I would definitely be on the 2-D side of the fence: emphasis on adventure, not mechanics and complexity.

  18. Spiritual_Chaos Says:

    How about a MMO set in Mushroom Kingdom with Mario and Bowser? ๐Ÿ™‚ If they bring a gameplay รƒยก THE SIMS or NINTENDOGS they could attract alot of females and it could be a smash hit ๐Ÿ™‚

  19. zanna Says:

    i’d definitely love to play as a gerudo, mabye as cool as ganondorf… it would be really cool a kind of never-ending story between good and evil where all races should cooperate (or interfere) and each character would accomplish different quest in order to keep the balance, maybe the environment itself could reflect the difference in the balance, somehow like difference between the dark world and the light world in a link to the past…

  20. RedWolf Says:

    After further thought, a MMORPG based on Zelda should definitely have to have nothing to do with the regular plot lines of the Zelda games. You would just be one of the races and do your own side quests, and “live” your life in the Zelda universe. You could get a peek into what all the supporting characters and races in the Zelda games do when Link’s not around.

    I agree with a number of people when they say that the majesty and wonder of Zelda games comes from the epicness of being essentially a small child alone in an incredible quest. If you had 20 other tiny wannabe Hylians running around beside you, it would definitely ruin the feeling. So it would just have to be a completely different game (like the one I suggested above). Either way, Nintendo will likely never make such a thing, so we can only fantasize.

  21. GaryCXJk Says:

    I would have to agree too, an MMORPG would ruin the whole mood. However, I also have other reasons to say it would ruin the whole mood.

    On a console, you either won’t have the ability to chat, or Nintendo would provide a keyboard, allowing us to make these conversations:

    LinkLVR12412: OMG LINK IS MAH MAHN!!!
    LinkLVR14231: NO NUB LINK IS MAH MAHN!!!
    Ganondorflolz001: RUPEE PLZ!!!
    RayPoe666: ASL?

    Seriously eff’d up shiaz. Something we don’t want.

    Okay, no conversations then. Okay, so what do we do next? Would we want to talk to NPCs? I don’t think so. Especially when you are waiting in line just to get Malon’s milk.

    I don’t effin’ think so.

    And then you’ll have the treasure hoggers.

    Let’s say you worked off your butt just to kill a certain boss. You have finally beaten him, and right behind him you can see a treasure chest. Somewhere up above. Okay, you try to climb the walls, but you are still not there. Then, you’ll notice that you will need a grapling hook. So, you take your grapling hook.

    Meanwhile, some n00b uses some sort of flying tool he just swiped from another random loser. BOOYAH! I’VE GOT YOUR AMAZING… screwdriver?

    Yeah, after you have all the treasures, you will surely need more treasures, and what other than some useless items like screwdrivers or pork chops or whatever?

    And then you’ll be fighting for a horse.

    “Let’s play Epona’s song! Yay! Epona’s here! OH NOES! Skullkid stole my horse!”

    Oh, and how about the oh so original names? Asides from the ones already called (LinkLVR, Ganondorflolz and RayPoe), you might see:


    All with their respective numbers. The only one you will see as a loner would be Tingle. Everybody hates Tingle.

    Oh, but what about those scary mazes, or dungeons.


    That is what you would exclaim if you were alone. However:

    “Oh my freaking god a stalfos…”

    That is what you will sigh when you see somebody slay a Stalfos. Definately ruins the mood.

    And last but not least, how about the “Legend” part. Where’s the legend in an MMORPG? Where is the ultimate evil you must annihilate in order to finish the game? There wouldn’t be one, wouldn’t there? If there were, why even make it an MMORPG? Just to never play it again once somebody finished the game. Well, you must be very unpopular after that then.

    “Nice work in finishing the game, a**h**e.”

  22. sure Says:

    make a petition and mabey it will come true!!

  23. Tim Says:

    I think it’s awesome, I am familair with WoW, but don’t play it. It whould be awesome to cruise hyrule field on horses with you and your clan, or to travel through the mountains as a goron. Or what I whould favor, swimming with other zora’s (Like in majora’s mask). Nintendo, please make one!

  24. Crap Says:

    Crappy idea..

  25. stan Says:

    if that game exist (in the future), i think it will be a success.

  26. Some guy Says:

    Is anyone thinking of the Imprisoning Wars for this one? I mean, what would be the best backdrop for thousands of characters in the Zelda universe squaring off. And the Imprisoning Wars are definately talked about in the manual for ALttP. I don’t know of anything more suited… not within existing Zelda lore anyways.

  27. Friend Says:

    Um… just fyi there is an mmorpg link style 2D game out..


    Of course they changed the graphics from their origional zelda models but I think you can still play the origional link style game. I might even have the limited release lvl maker they made to create your own link adventures.

  28. Adonicus Says:

    NOTE: I have not played WoW, but i have researched it.

    I believe that the problems of adapting the Zelda universe into an MMORPG could be solved by styling it after World of Warcraft.

    In WoW, dungeons are explored as “instances”; that is, multiple parties go through the same dungeon at the same time, but they do so independently of each other (different channels/servers?). WoW is not like most MMORPGs; rather than “OMFG YOU F***ING STOLE MY CLOUDSONG!!!111”, parties must work together to make it through dungeons. It’d be much like traditional Zelda games, only with a teamwork focus (see also: Four Swords Adventures). The “instances” system could maybe also be used in, for example, a fairy fountain, so you dont see 40 people around you receiving a blessing simultaneously.

    For experience, etc.: rupees and exp. could be evenly divided among the party (balanced by level) when enemies are slain, so that menial tasks such as healing and buffing do not go unrewarded.

    There’s one text MMO i played a long time ago (maybe an Iron Realms game?) wherein your user name can be whatever you want, but it forces your character’s name to be medieval-styled, complete with a name generator if you get uncreative. Perhaps that could be a good way to eliminate “T1NG|_3H4X1337”?

    I think it might be cool if game moderators, etc. played characters such a Link with exclusive equipment and show up for special events.

    Note that PvP (for newbs, player versus player) is 100% optional in WoW. You can even make characters for a PvP-exclusive world that start out at a high level. Methinks this could be a nifty way to accomidate the “Imprisoning Wars”.

    Finally, I think it would be cool if you simply created different characters for different worlds (Hyrule, Holodrum, etc.) to encourage branching out and prevent the game from getting TOO huge.

    As previously mentioned, these ideas will probably not come to fruition, but it sure is fun to dream.

  29. Kenamh Says:

    Frankly, i would play this game if it were to come out, and just pray it didnt flop like SWG or Final Fantasy XI. Ive played both of these and realy enjoyed them, but they got boring very fast.

    I have also played WoW (for a week because i hated it and it wasnt my kind of style) and Dark Age of Camelot.

    In my oppinion DAoC is a great model for an MMORPG such as this if we were to have a PvP system at all. The game made a great execution of a firm PvE game, and a very well executed PvP, or in this games case RvR, of it. A three way battle in the frontiers fighting for control of relics and and RP’s.

    For a Zelda MMORPG i think that it would be great, as mentioned above. if we either had the races fighting for control over the triforce, or special relics that belong to that race, and there was some point where you would be relatively safe from attack. Or if it were to, as mentioned above again, if it were to be Good vs Evil, or you could choose to kind of freelance or change sides. Although my oppinion on a simple 1 side vs the other 1 side isnt very good, because that represents SWG with its neutrality or just two sides, or WoW which is only two sides. Why not mix it up and make it a multiple way war where there is more to look out for than just evil guys or the good guys, just one side to worry about. Throughout the games i have played DAoC executed a 3 way war amazingly, i think that is what this game would need, a multiple way war, or no war, 1 side vs the other can get boring, one side will get stronger on each server and dominate untill they quit.

    Just my 2 cents here

  30. seth Says:

    if you guys find me a free 3d game software ill totally make a zelda mmorpg in 3d i got my own server and everything and im good at scripting

  31. Link Says:

    I want a Legend of Zelda Massive Multi Online Role Playing Game!! Koriki’s and Gorons are great! But the question is: how do we make a LoZ MMORPG?

  32. Link Says:

    (i cant vind the deku scrub)

  33. Link Says:

    oh, never mind
    and i though link is a koriki

  34. Will Says:

    No, he’s Hylian. Simple mistake, you learn after Forest temple.

    Hell, I’d play this game runnin around as a freakin’ Subrosian, since Subrosians are ownage.

  35. Derek Meece Says:

    Actually,I’m using an MMORPG Maker to create a game like that right now!
    You’ll be able to play as the races in Ocarina of Time and Majora’s Mask,each with their own strengths and weaknesses.Any suggestions for a name?

  36. RedWolf Says:

    That’s cool Derek. You should create some new plot to explain what’s happening in your MMORPG and name it after that. Please keep us updated with your progress!

  37. Catie Says:

    if there should b a zelda mmorpg, it should b like runescape. not some bull that we have to download, or some crap that we dont understand

  38. Jamster Says:

    i agree with catie, it MUST be made in the same way as runescape, no people playing as big important people, just leveling up, killing monsters, owning people in a wilderness style place and it must be FREE or you can pay to be a member, more races to play as. e.g. Hylian, Minish, Gerudo etc. etc.
    and a fame points thing, for a scoreboard, most fame, top of the board.
    Would i play? Yes, it would be pretty cool. i would hope

  39. kid that wants a zelda mmorpg Says:

    YEA with skins 2, that would be good. anyone here no where to get a link skin? anyway i saw one on Nintendo TD

  40. Riku Says:

    Yea that would be cool. Kill thousands of people, by vaporizing them with Light Arrows. Or, burning them with Fire Arrows, then slice off their limbs ONE BY ONE….. lol just kidding, but it would be cool ๐Ÿ™‚

  41. joe Says:

    im working on a 3D zelda mmo, its not ready enough to upload a beta tho

  42. my names a mystery 2 you Says:

    yea i think that you should b able to create your own character, like b hylian, zora, goron, ect… and choose clothes hairstyles and like what wepeon you can start out with thta would b awesome!! and pick a name and should b free. and 3D sortta like the twilight princess graphics (they rock) so plz nintendo create this game!!!

  43. andrew Says:

    hey there is a zelda mmorpg its called: zeldaonline
    its got 2d over head graphuics and a few races/characters: green,red, blue, purple link, old man, and somthibn else

  44. senor Says:

    I think that the leveling system would work well if it was like the one on Phantasy Star Online (each monster gives a certain amount of exp), and in PvP, killing higher level players gets you more exp than killing noobs. When you level up, you can use better weapons/armor, you have (slighty) more health, and you eventualy gained more class unique abilities. Also, if the combat system was 3D and OOT style, the outcome of a battle wouldn’t be completely determined by stats.

  45. MMoRPG player Says:

    If this were to happen, how would nintendo make money off of it?
    What about hackers?
    I have a feeling this will never happen… ๐Ÿ™

  46. Chris Casavant Says:

    guys this needs to happen. im 14 and ever since i’ve been alive i have been playing LofZ. its one of the best game titles out there. okay hell it is the best. anyway it would have to be 3d. i think the mmorpg should keep the N64 style grafix if its going to be made for pc. if for Wii they better step it up a knotch like in TP(twlight Princess) i think you guys should only incorperate the 3d games like OofT and Majora. different servers would be cool but how about for ever server a different map or have all the maps from every game meshed together and created into one.you all seem to have forgotten, but i remember from zelda that music was a big thing. so for the game to suit me personally then little kokiris better have there ocarinas, the sand people better be playing some middle eastern instrument, those gorons better be beating on there drums, and the zora’s better whip out that guitar and shred like hell. i think that maybe some of the songs from each of the games would definatly need to be in the game. unlike my idea on the enviroment of the game quest would have to come from all of the zelda titles. all of the bosses from the rpg’s should be in it. useing the same graphics as the original N64 games. Guys i really want this to happen and i have way more ideas. Please if you know how to make a video game and have the patience to give me a little insight i would be more than grateful to help. its been one of my many dreams to make video games especially help on one that would probably get us all sued but would sweep the world in an epic adventure of heart warming legends, and magical tales. i agree with a lot of the other topics like the Wow party system and the tallyed up exp splits counting on lvl and buffs and what not. anyway please once again if you know how to make video games and would like some help, or would like to teach me in anyway you can, please email me at beyondamyth@gmail.com once again thanks for this awesome website i hope this thing really takes off!

  47. Jimmy C Says:

    i thought of that along time ago and highly agree that they should.

  48. The Gear Says:

    Hey, maybe we ought to find some game developers.

  49. Roxie Says:

    I don’t really think that this would be successful. Why do I think this? Because people are used to playing their respective games in their respective traditional forms. If you changed any details like NOT playing only as Link or making status changes, it only takes away from what Zelda has been in the past. You may not realize it, but some things are better left the way they’ve always been. Don’t try it, please, because it would only make the games worth lessen. Sorry if my comment sounded harsh or anything but, please take this into consideration. Thanxs,

  50. Tayfun Says:

    I like the idea of this. only what for things can we do? fishing? Stuff like that. I m not a runescape fan but you can do quite a lot of things. maby if we put that in the game. And those classes but you cant be zelda or link but maby the same race of zelda and link. (question: what race belongs to zelda and link are they humans? or elfs? Well… if someone makes the game im the first on to buy it i promes! XD

  51. Logicman Says:

    A Legend of Zelda MMO is a must have, real time combat is the true selling point. Every other MMO is just click a button and hope “MISS!” doesn’t pop up, what gets more boring than sitting around waiting for a square/circle to fill up just to preform a move? 2d doesn’t appeal to todays gamers,what’s fun about being stuck at one camera angle? even zelda fans admit loving OoT’s look and feel. This MMO should be considered and made by Nintendo for the Wii. It would truely revolutionize online gaming.

  52. Logicman Says:

    And if you ask how Zelda, Link, and Ganon would fit. Link would be a trainer/quest giver for warrior classes. Zelda would be a Mage/Healer trainer. Ganon of course being the main villain. How would an experience system work? Well it would sort of be like gaining heart peices, once you get a full heart warriors would get a new item, and mages/healers would get a new spell. Why on the Wii? Targeting system with the Wiimote so you won’t be stuck on one guy while a group of guys are attacking you. Can I get a ahmen?

  53. DaMunky89 Says:

    Oh c’mon guys, a Zelda MMO would be so easy to make awesome.

    As many people have said, it can be set in the Great War. There will be plenty of races to work with, and good/evil factions should go without saying.

    Combat would be in real time, as I believe any good MMO should be, because point-click-waitformonstertodie games are boring. Actual individual attacks could be handled client side, and sent to the server after, thus avoiding most lag. (They’d need good hack protection though..)

    Answer to trading problems; Key items are stuck to you, ‘monster spoils’ type items aren’t. In the vein of killing/collection quests, I think these should be very limited, and only there to supplement REAL questing such as a vast multitude of proper dungeons. Also, I liked Four Swords plenty, and it would be cool to see instanced dungeon crawls in that format. You’d just have certain item requirements (as opposed to level requirements) before you can enter.

    Characters could be customizable, and I’d love to see a deep system for this akin to CoX. Canonical characters wouldn’t be any problem either, they can appear as bots in certain main story quests, and just have admins play them for events time to time.

    Paid online service is garbage. They can go the way of Battle.net with ad supported, and just make the loading screens chock full of commercials. Who cares, really? We aren’t doing anything during that time anyway. This need only make enough to cover server overhead, as they’ll be making their real money off software sales.

    A Zelda MMO would be a beautiful thing, because it can replace all the senseless grinding with puzzles and action and *gasp* actual gameplay!

    The only problem I see here is Ninty’s acute PARANOIA with letting anybody talk to anybody, but that’s easily enough solved by limiting players to a (hopefully vast) selection of emotes and premade messages. If those are all race/class appropriate, too, it’d help immersion by forcing newbs who normally ‘t4lk liek dis’ to stay in character.

  54. Sigh Says:

    Guys, Listen up! i have a game that Me and my team have created with lots of hard work and time… It is only in Alpha testing and the website is not yet created.


    Could it be? Finally an MMORPG based around The Legend of Zelda!? Yes! It can be! And it is called Zelda: The Last Hero!
    You, as one of the survivors of Hyrule’s unfortunate takedown by the evil Ganondwarf, must find The Last Hero and save Princess Zelda from his evil clutches. Are you up to it? Can you search the entire world from which Link (The once famous warrior) has journeyed through many a time before you?? It’s up to you. Find the last hero, or die trying.

    [End of Advertisement]

    This 2d tile-based MMORPG will hit off in Beta testing on April the 30th or sooner! No Website currently as we are mainly concerned about the game development rather than Websites. If you wish to try out this game, come back here often and look for a link to the Zelda: The Last hero MMORPG website.

    More information and screenshots can be found on this LoZ Fan site…


    —Battle Area—

    —Forest Area—

  55. Stigma Says:

    Lol. I actually have been working on a game that centers around a MMORPG set in the Legend of Zelda world. I have it pretty well thought out right now. And being as i have played tons of MMORPGs, i know what people want and what Zelda would be able to do. The only thing that has worked against me and somewhat towards me is that with the exception of Link, the history and races and pretty much everything is shrouded in mist. It gives a lot of room to make things up. Anywho, if you guys want to help me or ask what i’ve got just e-mail me -> lordharken@hotmail.com

    Also, From what i’ve got already i’ve worked out 6 classes, 8 races, 2 factions, and 10+ Professions. I alreayd have ideas on expansions, made a keyboard layout of the button configuration, worked out how the fighting is going to be and am currently working on a map. If anyone has a map that i could use i would really appreciate it. thanks for reading this ya’ll.

  56. Specever Says:

    Brilliant! I think there should be 1000 people or more to each server! Maybe even 10,000 if you can control the LAG. RACES: Hylian, Korkiri, Goron, Zora, Fairy, Moblin and enemys, and (5 per server) Evil overlords.

    HYLIAN: Born in Hyrule, these people are born adventurous.
    KORKIRI: Born in Korkiri Forest, the Korkiri all have fairys (Player or computer) and are always looking for something to do!
    GORON: Some can be lazy, others can be Goron Legends. They LOVE hot spring water, and a great gift would be a bottle of it! (Heals all health and a defense bonus for 1 hour) They breathe through that hole on the top of their head!
    ZORA: Guardians of the Water Temple, will do ANYTHING for it. Zoras love water! They can breathe water and air! Their favourite weapons are pikes and spears.
    FAIRY: Assigned to Korkiri boys and girls, fairys advice their owner and watch over them. Fairys are light balls with small people inside them.
    MOBLIN AND ENEMYS: Ruthless, and raid Hyrule a whole lot, they are armed and merciless.
    THE FIVE OVERLORDS…: Even more ruthless than Moblins, they COMMAND them. Guarded by 10 very strong moblins, they are almost impossible to beat. Thats right, almost.


  57. Guest Says:

    Thats an awesome idea, i’ve been looking for one for a while but haven’t found any. it would be very fun.

  58. camden Says:

    awesome idea ive found one website up and running right now that has a 3d zelda game it cool

  59. Twilightelf Says:

    You know… I’ve been thinking about that alot throughout my Zelda life! When I am sucessful in going into the carrer I want (Video Game Design), this would be a perfect display. In my opinion, 3D play is better than 2D. I have been writing stories and doing tons and tons of research about the mystic Princess of Hyrule, Zelda. But I would recommend a PvP play! If the online game is too one-sided, it won’t be as sucessful. Every online game is expected by war. Hylians, Kokiri, Zoras, Gorons, and the Minish would have one side and Graedos, Deku, Twili, Dondagos, and the Goblins would be on another. There will be exp, skills, professions, quests, and the most lovable rare piece of equipment: the Heart Container! I’d say the health of the player would contain what level they are. Think this through and I hope you would agree with me.

  60. Twilightelf Says:

    I would like to add that in the information at the top of this page that YES! There will be 1,000 Links running around! They would use the other races as their alts at a very low level and would barely play with them as well. But a fairy as a character? How about as a pet? That way, Navi would fly by and just die by the online players because of how annoying her voice really is! That was the only bad thing about OoT! If you highly disagree with that, then fine! There is chat in the game and there will be spamming “HEY!” for hours and hours! Think about that! Navi would spam the whole game so much that it would have to go into a shut down!

    “NAVI MADE US PUSH THE BIG RED BUTTON BECAUSE SHE WOULDN’T STFU!” Gamers will get pissed at spamming, including myself! And Tatl? What’s with the dinging and the ringing? You sound like my doorbell for crying out loud! Teal is actually better than both of them combined! Teal actually doesn’t know what he is doing or what he is talking about! He leaves out details, which is actually cool for the Zelda series since it is full of puzzles, riddles, and getting lost in a habitat where you need an item to get out! And guess what Teal does? HE SHUTS UP! We need more fairies like that!

    Not to be mean, but I think I proved my point!

    *NOTE* Fairies are pets, not players! *NOTE*

  61. some girl Says:

    sounds totally awesome. ๐Ÿ™‚ they would have to be very careful if they did do something like this to keep the feel of the actual games. but the problem is the guy who made the series i dont think he likes deviating much at all from playing link, the hero, to save princess zelda and defeat ganondorf once again.

  62. some girl Says:

    oh yeah, i also agree with some other person who mentioned how you should be able to choose any name you want to name your character as instead of getting random names with a bunch of numbers behind it; i hate that. >_

  63. fork in the eye Says:

    Someone should definitely make a facebook group, and send a letter to Nintendo. That always seem to work, lol. I think if someone made a facebook group and got tons of ppl to join, nintendo would see how many ppl who wants this, and maybe consider it.

  64. Kikolochna babayorovne Says:

    I think that they should make the MMORPG so that players can play as any race (I especially look forward to playing as a Zora or a Twili) because if nintendo keeps forcing the player to play as the same character it will feel redundant and dull, if they allow players to play as any race they will attract new players and add more variety to their games

  65. Kikolochna babayorovne Says:

    P.S. (Yes that is my actual name ( many people pronounce it horribly wrong) KEE KO LO CH (as in Ditch) NAH BA BA YOH ROV NAY)

  66. Stormgald Says:

    I think they should make a Zelda MMORPG, BUT, like someone said before me, it has to be just the races, no major characters, like the the Zelda background character lore, no major important characters such as, Link, Zelda, Navi, Ganon/Ganondorf, Durami, etc… But yeah I would play it, I’m a fan of WoW, and other MMOs so I would play it most definently!

  67. Benjamin Anderson Says:

    There shhould be a Zelda Wind Waker MMORPG of 3d

  68. ETK Says:

    The three ideas that keep coming back to me about this are:
    1) maplestory – well balanced real time fighting as well as platforming and group questing. Just take out the forced character build, and make it more like…
    2) runescape – quite literally, the only limitation to doing something is your own skill level, but you can train any skill any time.
    3) diablo – can’t believe this didn’t come up alongside WoW, but w/e. The way the “acts” are set up is awesome for a story driven game.

    Now take all that and add it to the “Zelda framework” (completing dungeons to collect items that collectively allow access to ganon’s tower.)

    My final verdict is that the game should not “technically” be an MMO, but more like oblivion (The Elder Scrolls IV) where there is a hugely epic storyline, but players can choose to follow or ignore it at their own leisure.

  69. red966 Says:

    i think that it should have things that make u small so you can see the minish, and quests so you can go dive to the zora people…. you should also be abel to choose your race,,, and be costomize-able, like if u were a subrosian u could change your cloak’s color… also it wouldbe reat if you could choose good or bad by a test of actions at the begining, like some one drops a pot- do u dive and save it (good) say “oh em gee thats sad”(neutral) or sit and laugh (evil)….. u should get jobs… quests for otems depending on your race… a story, but rpg style so it never has to end, maybe even a wife or husband, maybe growing age. idk, i think it would b fun… P.S. it would be impossible to skrew up if its a zelda game!!!

  70. red966 Says:

    p.s. i totally argee with ETK, great idea..(sorry about all the spelling mistakes)

  71. Worst idea ever. Says:

    Worst idea ever.

  72. Draconian Says:

    the 2d version of zelda has been done. its called graal online and still around. was once a simple adventure game like zelda for the snes and was actuially called zeldaonline before it had to change the world and sprites to thier own. i played it back when it was free and it was awsome, but now they have added so much complexe engines and ideas that it is nothing like zelda anymore. used to be able to pk people just for the heck of it. now they have races genders exp and way too many guilds and what not. its also not free anymore and i think it absolutly blows. as for a 3d mmo for zelda the only way you could pull it off without it getting shut down by nintendo is to ask and hope to god they would agree to let you make it and give them probably all money earned from it to them and them alone and to not stray from the original story or put your own ideas in. it would strictly have to be zelda content from other games only. also as far as the race thing going sounds nice for different races but when you get too complicated it gets retarded fast. i think there should be different races but they should all have the same abilities and strengths. such as gorons and zoras using armor and weapons and the basic slash combos and item usages. there shouldnt be any items pretaining to links hero destiny such as dins fire cause that was for link and link alone. if anything there should be 1 special skill per race such as unlimited swimming for zoras and fire protection for gorons, and if you do it correctly then this game will be nothing like other mmos. trying to sit there and say add this from wow and that from fable isnt going to work. zelda is its own gameplay and to change that at all would not make it a zelda mmo it would make it wow or fable with nintendo characters. altho one thing i really thjink could work is when you make a race they shoulkd all start out as neutral seeing how some games have certain races being good then bad in others and vice versa. it should be completly new and have original content to not step on nintendos feet. such as oot maps having new npcs to not give out quests but interact with to do tasks for rewards. as for getting stronger you should have to earn your hearts with hero/villian status points. hp is for mmorpgs this is an advbenture game. based on how well you perform in an adventure you should get status points with your home town and when your hero status goes up you can return to your town to train at a place kind of like in wind waker when you trained at your island. as far as i know nintendo will never let this happen. the only thing i think they would do with the wii is make a 3d zelda game trhats like the 4 sowrds where you do a random matchup with people doing the same area as you. as far as mmo i believe that it will never happen and if it does happen it would need to be done so the right way and not just have things thrown in from other games. as for dungeons and such and what the storylkine would be it couldnt possibly be the same storyline that link has. he already saved the world. maybe it could be purging the world of the evil that was left by ganons army after link defeated him. and going into dungeons would find overgrown versions fo the enemies that dwell there. helping people rebuild after the scasre of ganon conquering them and as far as evil races go being playabe it sounds fun biut i just dsont see there being any content for it. what you go to kokiri and slay them? there is no way to incorporate an evil class into the game seeing how the game only has things for good characters to do. so that makes my pooint earlier of starting off nuetral being unreachable. just do us all a favor and quit whining about it because there is more to it then just pasting zelda characters on another game or throwing all the worlds together to let people run around aimlessly. give it up and if it happens it will benintendo that makes it

  73. r0flc0pt3r Says:

    i think it would be a great success!!! but you have to be careful with the game though… if it didnt work nintendo would have lost a lot of money for nothing, but if it did i would play it as a minish

  74. Ur Mom Says:

    I wantz to hav one of those birds from skyward sword. And it should be like you choose good or evil at the start of the game (Link and Zelda being the good leaders, and for evil…. Ganon and Vaati?)

  75. Fra Says:

    But…Isn’t against the copyright using the name and sprites of the game? I wish to make a MMO about this, in its very pure form(no exp/levels, that’s bad for LoZ .-.)… If i could use sprites and sounds without legality issues,i could try..

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