[ Retro Scan of the Week ] Gun.Smoke

September 24th, 2012 by Benj Edwards

Gun.Smoke Gunsmoke Ad Nintendo Fun Club News - 1988Guns don’t kill people. My grimy hands do.

[ From Nintendo Fun Club News, April-May 1988, p.13 ]

Discussion Topic of the Week: Have you ever fired a gun in real life? Do any video games successfully replicate that experience?

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  1. Geoff V. Says:

    I’m an avid shooter, and also enjoy traditional “shooter” games. There are arcade games that replicate the feel of shooting, but they fudge accuracy by a huge factor.

    The first time I take them shooting, my friends are always suprised how hard it is to hit a paper plate at 15 yards.

  2. technotreegrass Says:

    I never had a chance to shoot a gun, but I held an unloaded one and hated the experience. I didn’t feel comfortable holding death, but I’ve been happily playing any genre of gaming with guns my whole life and I don’t intend to quit anytime soon.

  3. Matt Says:

    I like shooting a lot and do it pretty frequently, but the only game i ever felt like captured the hand-eye coordination well was ESWAT (and even that only in parts) in the arcade.

  4. Kevin Says:

    I love shooting. No, there’s is no accurate simulator for shooting sports in the video game world. The closest I feel any game got was Operation Wolf in the arcade. The gun they used gets the feel and heft of a firearm pretty accurately. The hardest thing to reproduce though is the recoil of a firearm. Using compressed air could do it (that’s all a firearm uses actually, it just compresses it with a fast chemical reaction), but the sound would be too much for an arcade. The other way would be mechanical I guess, but that would be really complicated and have a lot of moving parts. Maybe someone could come up with a magentic recoil simulation or something?

  5. HenryJK Says:

    Have you tried Receiver? It’s probably as close as a computer program can get right now.


  6. Benj Edwards Says:


    I have played a relatively recent arcade game (forgot the name — it may have had to do with zombies or dinosaurs) that simulated recoil in rifles by moving a mass inside the stock. Of course, they packed nowhere near the punch of a real firearm — if they did, no one would want to play. 🙂 I bet the US military has some pretty convincing firearms simulations for training.

  7. Alexander Says:

    Both in video games and in real life, I enjoy turning gunpowder and lead into enjoyment. Apart from turning the sound up on a game to hear the gunfire louder, that’s the only part of firing a real gun that I’m fond of including in my video game experience.

    Namely because in real life, I’m focusing on safety above all else when target shooting. The kick of the gun, the smell of the sulfur, the echo, the spent brass, the occasional miss-fire/jam — duplicating all of that would be kind of missing the point. No, I prefer firing a gun in-game without having to think about all that stuff.

  8. Matt Says:

    Slightly off topic, but I got to fire a TOW missile when I was in the Navy and the simulator you do first is really videogame-ish. You can see a landscape in your scope and guide the missile to the target (it only can be corrected inflight so much, because it uses tiny explosions in its tail to aim its nose). The game was awesome, and shooting the real one later is still the loudest thing I have ever heard when it hit floating garbage and went off maybe 90 yards away.

  9. Judith Says:

    Has anyone here tried the Novint Falcon? I missed it at Pax Prime, but might get another chance at one soon. I wonder if its haptic feedback is up to this.

  10. Benj Edwards Says:

    I tried the Novint Falcon back at GDC 2008, and it was pretty neat. The game I played with the pistol grip had a little kick every time you fired a shot, but it was nothing like the recoil of a real pistol.

  11. TandyMan100 Says:

    As an avid and occasionally competitive shooter, I have yet to find an entertainment-oriented video game that accurately simulates shooting. The closest I’ve found is an installation at the local Gander Mountain sportsman outfitters, which have an indoor “bulletless” shooting simulator, which consists of a nearly-180-degree array of projectors, combined with a handheld gun (based off either a Glock or Barretta) that consists of a CO2 blowback system and infrared laser pointer. The recoil is slightly more than a .22, so not nearly as much as the simulated weapon, but a lot closer than anything else I’ve seen.

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