[ Retro Scan of the Week ] Sierra Battle Bugs

June 15th, 2015 by Benj Edwards

Sierra Battle Bugs advertisement Wired - November 1994“This is it, boys. Over the anthill.”

[ From Wired, November 1994, p.33]

Discussion Topic of the Week: How many insect-themed computer or video games can you name off the top of your head?

13 Responses to “[ Retro Scan of the Week ] Sierra Battle Bugs”

  1. TBFL Says:

    SIM Ant…

  2. Moondog Says:

    I recall playing a C64 game where you played an ant eater, and navigated your tongue through a maze of ant tunnels. You could eat the ants with the tip of the tongue, however if an ant came in contact with the side of the tongue, you’d have to restart the level.

  3. Stan Says:

    Yes, Ant Eater was originally an arcade game. There was Lady Bug, or course; Bubbles by Williams had some ants in it; in Atari Black Widow you are a spider.

  4. TNLongFellow Says:

    Centipede and of course Millipede.

  5. Rowan Lipkovits Says:

    Ant Eater must have been what Sierra cloned when they made Oil’s Well (twice!)

    Was this the last game ever made by Epyx?

    Oh yes, insect games… Superfly was a fun MS-DOS fly swatter game, not unlike the game baked in to Mario Paint. Ant Kill was an interesting reskinning of Bob’s Dragon Hunt. Gottlieb’s Exterminator is a peculiar one!

  6. Multimedia Mike Says:

    The simple “Bug!” title (and its sequel “Bug Too!”) immediately crossed my mind.

  7. V Says:

    I don’t know how strict this list is, and I’m aware that spiders aren’t insects, but since someone did open the door with centipede and millipede, I’ll toss Crackpots for the 2600 out there. Then there was Frogs and Flies, also for the 2600.

  8. Space Harrier Says:

    Ant Attack, Bugaboo the Flea, and Horace and the Spiders on the ZX Spectrum.

  9. Jay Says:

    Does the flyswatter minigame in Mario Paint count?

  10. Benj Edwards Says:

    Of course it counts, Jay. Rowan mentioned that as well.

    Man, there are more bug themed games than I remembered. Pretty cool.

    Don’t forget Dung Beetles for the Apple II. 🙂

  11. Ant Says:

    Microid’s Empire of the Ants. http://zimage.com/~ant/antfarm/read/read.html has a list of ant games I found.

  12. Mattel Aquarius Says:

    Spider Fighter, Bug Hunt, Sim Ant

    Pushover on my Amiga is probably my favorite. I loved that music!

  13. Alexander Says:

    Bugdom, Yar’s Revenge, Bugs (by Data Age for Atari 2600), Frogs and Flies (the whole point is to eat flies).

    While it technically is just a secret campaign, the “It Came From Red Alert!” missions in RA1 were alot of fun. Blasting giant ants with tanks and whatnot? Awesome.

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