[ Retro Scan ] Mindscape NES Games

August 25th, 2016 by Benj Edwards

Mindscape NES Games Flier scan - 1990ULAF SAY, “MIND SCRAPE”

I believe this Mindscape flier came packed with Days of Thunder for the NES. I am not a huge fan of the games depicted here aside from 720 and Gauntlet II, both of which are pretty good Atari Games arcade ports.

And while M.U.L.E. is a favorite of mine on the Atari 800, I am not a big fan of the NES version. It’s nice that it uses the Four Score / Satellite four player adapter though (Gauntlet II does as well).

[ From Mindscape Flier MIN-NES-US, 1990 ]

Discussion Topic: What’s the best four-player game for the NES?

7 Responses to “[ Retro Scan ] Mindscape NES Games”

  1. tortimer Says:

    You know… come think of it, I don’t recall any four-player games on NES. Does anyone have a list?

    Oh wait. Was RC Pro Am 4-player?

  2. jistuce Says:

    Super Off-Road is the only one I recall playing. But I’ve literally never played an NES game with more than two players at once, so it is a moot point, really.

  3. Benj Edwards Says:


    Yep, there’s a list of them on Wikipedia: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/NES_Four_Score

    Looks like 24 US-released 4-player games plus some homebrews. Japanese 4-player games are in a different list.

    I have tried perhaps 5-6 of them with 4-players (it’s rare when there are that many people around who want to play NES at the same time — at least since 1992), and I enjoyed Gauntlet II and Nintendo World Cup the best.

  4. tortimer Says:

    Oh I am now fairly positive that I never did play any of those, in which case I’ll go ahead and mention great two-player experiences in the form of Hockey and Double Dribble. Anyone remember how great it was getting that slam dunk splash screen against your opponent?

  5. Ant Says:

    I remember buying Gauntlet 1 for my Apple //c. 😛

  6. V Says:

    Paperboy was pretty good.

  7. Jim U. Says:

    Surprisingly enough, Mindscape went defunct just in 2011. I would have thought they were gone a long time ago. I always thought that the original Gauntlet was a better game than Gauntlet II on the NES. The original Gauntlet was only two players, but it had an actual ending unlike Gauntlet II which would go on forever.

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