Yikes. $9000 Video Game Collection

November 9th, 2007 by Benj Edwards

If one guy can get $9000 for this on eBay…

$9000 Video Game Collection

…what do you think I could get for this? Not to mention the bajillions of games, controllers, and accessories not on that list. I just want to know what to put on my insurance claim form if my house burns down.

[Special thanks to Chris for sending this my way.]

5 Responses to “Yikes. $9000 Video Game Collection”

  1. WookieLuv Says:

    Just take pix of your collections and email it to your
    insurance company. Also give them a written estimate of
    it’s current market value. I have Magic the Gathering Cards
    and Comic Books insured– usually do 5k-25k (depending on your collection)
    blocks of insurance. Usually only adds 5-8.00 a month.

  2. Mike Says:

    He has a pretty extensive collection missing a key thing though I think to have an ultimate gaming machine collection ( It would probably be too hard/expensive to get a hold of) a Bandai/Apple pippin.

  3. Mike Says:

    And now that I think about it, turbografix 16 is missing and atari 5200. He does have not 1 but 2 copies of tengen tetris, that’s pretty awesome. It would be certainly be a good start for someone but I’m not sure about $9000.

  4. Dennis P Says:

    Thanks to you, I have the perfect answer next time my dear wife asks, “Why do you keep all of this useless junk?”

  5. Benj Edwards Says:

    Hehe… I was thinking the same thing, Dennis. “Maybe this stuff has some value after all?”

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