Vintage vs. Modern PC Prices

November 3rd, 2009 by Benj Edwards

Classic PCs vs. New PCs Technologizer

Amongst all the heady VC&G anniversary festivities (I’ve been to five parties this week alone*), I almost forgot to tell you about a new VC&G-related article that popped up last week on Technologizer. It’s by a guy named Benj Edwards, which probably explains why I’m writing about it here.

For my latest Technologizer article, Classic PCs vs. New PCs, I selected six vintage personal computers from yesteryear and figured out what you could buy today for the same price. And we’re not talking original retail price here; I took inflation into account.

For example, the Commodore 64 — once considered a low-cost home computer — originally sold for the equivalent of $1,331.62 in 2009 dollars. Today you can get quite a bit for that much money. How much? That’s what we’re going to find out.

* Five all-nude FORTRAN coding jamborees, invitational

3 Responses to “Vintage vs. Modern PC Prices”

  1. arlandi Says:

    Cool! now i can find out what would happen with my hard-earned money if i’m 10 years older!

  2. Mattel Aquarius Says:

    Great article!

    I’ll post this here, so you can delete it easily. There is a simple typo in the last sentence of the third paragraph of your Lessons summary.

    “But it’s easy to BY a steel-encrusted $350 bargain PC that’s just as powerful as a top of the line model a few years ago.”

    Your articles and slide shows are always “must view” material. Thank you.

  3. Benj Edwards Says:

    Thanks, Mattel. I fixed the typo. It’s easy to miss the “u” key when you’re excitedly thrashing away at the keyboard. 🙂

    By the way, thanks also for your kind comments on my work. When I hear feedback like that, it makes me excited to produce more articles in the future.


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