VC&G: Still Here After Four Years

November 2nd, 2009 by Benj Edwards

Vintage Computing and Gaming LogoFour years ago today, I posted my first (somewhat awkward) entry on this blog. I was new to blogging then. Heck, blogging was new to blogging then. Or at least it feels that way to me now.

I was by no means an early adopter of blogging in general, but quite a bit has changed in the “blogosphere” (I die a little every time I say that term) over the last four years — years that have seen a choice few video game and gadget blogs consolidate power with very influential voices in their respective communities. They’ve gone from sloppy wannabe video game/gadget press to actually absorbing, replacing, and becoming the video game/gadget press in some respects as traditional print magazines continue to fall by the wayside.

Where’s VC&G in all this? Heh, I don’t know. We’re no powerhouse, but we (I say “we” in the most singular sense of the word) have an impressive Google footprint in the video game and computer history realm. It’s a bizarre feeling when I’m researching my freelance articles and I come across multiple links to VC&G posts or images from Retro Scan of the Week on every Google results page. I have to avoid quoting myself.

Vintage Computing and Gaming SiteAt the end of the day, Vintage Computing and Gaming is still an enthusiast blog that’s not updated very frequently (since 2007 or so). But at least we’re still here after four years. That’s a long time to consistently maintain any blog, and I’m proud of that much.

I like the stability and consistency that VC&G provides in my writing life, and my regular readers (that’s you) feel like old buddies to me now. Thanks for continuing to humor me in moments both odd and insightful.

On another note, I honestly never thought I’d keep the same theme and site design for this long. Back in 2005, I used to plan site redesigns for my websites every few years, but this layout served the blog so well that I just said, “What the heck. If it works, keep it.”

And now, some statistics. There are currently 491 posts and 5,165 comments on VC&G. That’s an average of 3.5 comments a day since November 2nd, 2005, and a whopping 10.5 per post. Not too shabby. Keep it up!

Discussion Topic of the Year: Share your favorite VC&G moments. If you had no nominate a post or two for a hypothetical “Best of VC&G,” what would they be?

14 Responses to “VC&G: Still Here After Four Years”

  1. Jurgi Says:

    Nice. Keep it up!

  2. SirPaul Says:

    It’s been a great four years. Here’s to another four, hopefully more!

  3. PWP Says:

    Great job, Benj; a nice blog!! You are making a valuable contribution to the world’s knowledge base. I look forward to more!

  4. Dylan Says:

    One of my favorite moments was when Benj took apart the hotel gaming system for our entertainment. The halloween costumes are always fun. (I want to be an XJ500 joystick next year) VC&G never ceases to entertain. This is my favorite blog by far. Great job!

  5. Player1 Says:

    Happy Birthday! I really love reading this place. And thanks for the article on computer batteries. You probably saved my beloved Mac II in the basement, which i still use to… play Dark Castle! Greetings from Zurich

  6. Geoff V. Says:

    I started reading in mid-2006 and have been hooked since.
    ‘Name Those Pixels’ & your interviews are my favorite categories.

  7. brendan Says:

    Congratulations! Your high standards have made VC&G one of the most quality blogs around. Always enjoy the list and history posts from around the web, and of course, the powerhouse Mario Adventure rom tribute.

  8. Lorfarius Says:

    I’v ebeen reading for close to 2 years and I think it was the Famicom article that first drew me in. Keep up the good work 🙂

  9. Fessic Says:

    Enjoy this blog greatly Benj. It seems to fill a niche no one else does, or with the same style. Can’t think of a favorite post off hand, but it’s always a great read. Three Cheers for Vintage Computing and Gaming!

  10. Russell Says:

    I have visited this website quite often over the past two years – Benj, you have done a great job capturing the gadgets and tools we all grew up with. Thanks! Great stuff!

  11. jlanagan Says:

    Congrats Ben– RedWolf!

  12. pinball22 Says:

    Congrats! Keep it up… you’re a voice the blogosphere needs.

  13. Zoyous Says:

    I think my favorite article has been the description of the Colecovision controllers pictured above. Kept me laughing for a good 20 minutes!

  14. Chuckles Says:

    I’ve really enjoyed this blog for the year or so that I’ve been reading it. My favourite moment was the first time I commented – I innocently added my portfolio link to the “website” field. I had forgotten that my phone number was listed there, and as a result I received some odd calls that night. Too bad none of them were job offers!

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