10 Unreleased Video Game Consoles

May 14th, 2011 by Benj Edwards

10 Unreleased Video Game Consoles on PCMag.com

Up now on PCMag is a slideshow I made showcasing 10 unreleased video game consoles. I hope you enjoy it.

Do you know of any cool unreleased game systems that I didn’t mention? Tell us about them in the comments below.

9 Responses to “10 Unreleased Video Game Consoles”

  1. Jurgi Says:

    Hm, I get error, “We’re sorry, but the page you requested cannot be found.”

  2. Benj Edwards Says:

    Jurgi: It’s working fine for me. I hope they aren’t blocking non-US IPs or something. What link are you clicking on to get that error?

  3. Divinebovine Says:

    Im in canada, and its working fine here. Great article benj!

  4. Jurgi Says:

    Now it work, perhaps it was just temporary, random problem. Thanks.

  5. Jurgi Says:

    …too early. I started to read and in the half again error occurs. Even with the slieds I’ve already watched.

  6. mercatfat Says:


    i was sad that this did not make the list. 🙁

  7. SirPaul Says:

    That’s actually a pretty good list. Very informative and detailed.

    Is this your first article done on PC Magazine? If so, then congratulations are in order.

  8. Benj Edwards Says:

    “Actually” pretty good, eh? Sounds like you started with the assumption that it wouldn’t be. 😉 I’m glad you enjoyed it.

    Believe it or not, this was my 20th slideshow for PCMag.com. Most of them haven’t been VC&G-related, so I’ve only posted a handful on the blog over the last year.

    You can see a list of all of my PCMag slideshows here:


  9. Eagles409 Says:

    Great article, I really enjoyed it.

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