[ Retro Scan of the Week ] Artecon Lynx Storage

March 16th, 2015 by Benj Edwards

Artecon Lynx Hard Drive Storage advertisement Internet World February 1996“Web storage needs getting a little out of hand?”

[ From Internet World, February 1996, p.41 ]

Discussion Topic of the Week: Total up all your personal computer storage you have in use, right now, in gigabytes (local site only, not cloud). How much data storage do you currently use at home?

8 Responses to “[ Retro Scan of the Week ] Artecon Lynx Storage”

  1. Zoyous Says:

    I think I am using about 4750 GB. Honestly I’d feel more comfortable with a lot more… I have to keep a lot of older projects backed up in case clients want to continue them or do variants of them, and I never really feel totally secure about that sort of thing. I worked on one project several years ago for which I had four backups. I thought that was overkill… but sure enough, on one part of it, three of the backups got corrupted somehow and it was the fourth one that saved me.

  2. Mattel Aquarius Says:

    9 TB.

    4 of that is for recording live TV via a headless PC in the basement using Windows Media Center. 2 is on NAS. The rest is spread around 4 computers for each member of the family.

  3. Alexander Says:

    Available? About 2.75 TB total, spread out over 5 HDDs. Only 2 of those drives actively do anything, totally about 1TB.

    I’ve got a handful more really old HDDs sitting around, but I don’t they they’re worth tallying up.

  4. LongFellow Says:

    Somewhere in the neighborhood of about 15TB. I have a mirrored network drive with two 2TB drives in it, a couple external drives with 2TB drives and several PCs with at least 2 1TB drives. Personally I don’t think you can ever have too much storage space. After all, you never know what you may to download or play. So since drives have gotten so cheap now a days why not? I can remember always having to remove files from my 120MG hard drive when I got new games and things. I never want to have to do that again.

  5. Bill S Says:

    I have 11tb on this current system. 8 of that is external USB-3 drives that just scream!

  6. Ted Says:

    About 3TB, though i don’t really need that much storage, since i mostly use pc to watch funny animal videos on youtube.

  7. Moondog Says:

    When I entered the IT field in late ’97, the trend towards external scsi drives at the user’s workstations seemed to be going away. I was on a desktop replacement project, and the warehouse we were storing the pc’s we replaced also contained boxes full of external scsi drives. There were quite a few external tape drives also being scrapped. During that time many of the sites I worked at were upgrading their networks, and increasing their network-based storage and backup capacity. We were constantly reminding people to move important stuff to the network shares so it can be backed up on a regular basis. Some users insisted to keep their own backups, and purchased CD writers. Sad thing was some of the early CD media would de-laminate over time, becoming unusable. My supervisor enjoyed telling these users “I told you so,” considering he had warned them earlier.

  8. Mike R Says:

    Just under 25tb of active (spinning) media, 18tb in RAID6. All backed up monthly to LTO tape. 🙂

    SSDs for boot drives in laptops and desktops, iSCSI in the desktops for storage volumes.

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