PC World’s “25 Greatest PCs of All Time”

August 11th, 2006 by Benj Edwards

25 Greatest PCs of All TimeYou guys have probably figured out by now that I try to avoid “link dumps” and the like here on VC&G. But every once and a while something cool comes along that I have to share with you. In this case, it’s PC World’s list of the “25 Greatest PCs of All Time.”

The reason for the sneezin’ is the 25th anniversary of the release of the original IBM PC in 1981. However, PC World’s list is extra special because it covers all personal computers from every manufacturer and every era. It’s nice to read something in the mainstream computer press about old computers that isn’t full of misunderstandings, mistakes, and misinformation. PC World actually knows what they’re talking about in this case. And while the list (like any “Top # List”) is far from definitive, it’s still a fun read. So mosey on over to their site and check it out. After that, feel free to comment on what would be in your “top 25” list.

Alas…I possess only ten exact models of the top twenty-five personal computers of all time. I better get crackin’.

4 Responses to “PC World’s “25 Greatest PCs of All Time””

  1. Jurgi/Tristesse/Atari8.Info Says:

    Wow, Atari 800 is 14th. 🙂 Amiga 1000 – designed by the same guy – is 7th. Nice. I do not have any of the winners… I have only several Ataris XL and XE and completely ordinary PC with AMD. 🙂

  2. RedWolf Says:

    Gotta love the Atari 8-bits. 🙂 I think they’re my favorite line of classic computers.

    I think the PC World list is sorely missing the original iMac. Also, the fact that they put the “Sony VAIO 505GX (1998)” in front of the Altair is pretty ridiculous. Oh well.. still a fun read, like I said.

  3. MegaKitsune Says:

    I like the Amiga and the original iMac, and the Apple 2 GS. That’s my list. 😉

  4. chas r. sly Says:

    no coment

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