Behold: The Compact Mac Shelf

November 30th, 2005 by Benj Edwards

While I’m working on some more in-depth articles for VC&G, I thought I’d show you guys something you might find slightly amusing. The house I live in has a small shelf built into the wall, high up in a vaulted ceiling area. For years I’ve wanted to put some cool computer stuff up there, but my old roommate didn’t like the idea. Then the other day a friend of mine suggested it again, and I seized the opportunity. I lined up most of my compact Macs up on the shelf, so now they’re proudly on display — if you tilt your neck up, anyway (Click on the picture above for a bigger image of the shelf). This also freed up a bit of shelf space which I can now devote to new computer acquisitions.

Pictured on the shelf (from left to right) are a Mac Classic II, a Mac Classic, a Mac SE, a Mac SE/30, a Mac SE FDHD, and four Mac Pluses. Two of the Macs have tape over the disk drive slots because I had them in the attic and didn’t want fiberglass dust to get in there. Not pictured: a Mac Color Classic that wouldn’t quite fit, and a Mac SE, a 128k, and a few more Pluses that are in off-site storage. Luckily, I have lots of room on the shelf to add more.

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  1. Jay Battle Says:

    Gahhh.. Mac’s like those.. they remind me of 3rd grade.. first introduction to the Mac’s… playing Oregon Trail on this was the shit compared to the other versions.. FPS deer hunting.

  2. RedWolf Says:

    I loved Oregon Trail! I played it on Apple IIs though, in elementary school. I found an old full color (!) version recently for the Mac and played it for old time’s sake. That game was the best. Maybe I should do a review of it. 🙂

    By the way, I’ve got my new BBS up again at, port 23. I’ll probably post some entry about it soon. I’m still working on getting my old WWIV BBS (the one I ran back in the day) to work through Telnet.

  3. Jeff Snyder Says:

    Hello RedWolf,

    I happened upon your site while doing a web search for some old, hard-to-find, Macintosh-based BBS software. My collection is still lacking a few programs, and I was wondering if you might possibly be of assistance. What I am still looking for are the following…all Mac versions, of course:

    Macunderground BBS
    Mansion BBS
    Novalink Pro Server
    Red Ryder BBS
    Second Sight BBS

    If you have any of these, or know where I can download any of them, can you please email me at this same address?

    Thanks a lot,


  4. Jeff Snyder Says:


    Almost forgot, I also saw that, at least as of last November, you were putting up your Mac BBS again. Did you ever do it? I just tried to telnet there at, but was not successful.

    I am seriously considering putting up our old BBS again. It would be telnet only. I used to run a Hermes II, and then Public Address, BBS back during the first half of the 90’s. I was also a part of FidoNet.

    What do you think of starting a strictly Macintosh BBS webring? It would be very interesting to see how many Mac users are still running BBSes.

    Also, besides the Hermes II support BBS, and the Mezzanine BBS, do you know of any other active Mac BBSes that are accessible by telnet? Please let me know.



  5. Mac128 Says:

    The Color Classic leans back just a little too far to accommodate the color CRT. If it were my shelf, I would cut out a slight cubby-hole in the wall to just accommodate the rear so that it will line up with the rest. Then you need to run power to all of them. If they are all left on, a single power strip would allow them to start up. A nifty screen saver on all of them would make a cool display, or even something like SuperClock and set each Mac to a different time zone.

  6. Roger Aarons Says:

    I have a sealed box of Second Sight 3.0 and came across this web page while searching for info about it. I also have lots of other vintage Mac software but I don’t have time to list it right now. If interested, please send me email at (vintage AT

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