Five Years of VC&G

November 2nd, 2010 by Benj Edwards

Vintage Computing and Gaming LogoFive years ago today, I published my first post on Vintage Computing and Gaming.

The funny thing is that when I started this blog in 2005, I had no idea I would still be doing it five years later — or that it would become the nucleus of a career in writing. No idea.

It’s amazing how life can guide you in new and unexpected directions.

So what this anniversary really means that my career as a professional writer is now five years old. I’ve written for a dozen or so web and print publications over the last five years, and I still enjoy every minute of it.

Since the world is so list-based these days, I thought I’d share five of my favorite VC&G-related moments. These are just off the top of my head, so the list is by no means definitive:

Man, those were some good times. I don’t see any reason why I won’t still be doing this in five years, so we’ll just have to wait and see what happens. All the retrogazing I did last year still applies.

And now for some statistics. There are currently 588 posts and 6252 comments on VC&G. That’s an average of about 3.42 comments a day since November 2nd, 2005, and a whopping 10.63 per post. Not too shabby. Keep it up!

Discussion Topic of the Year: If I published a book of VC&G blog material, would you buy it? If not, what would it have to include for you to buy it?

13 Responses to “Five Years of VC&G

  1. Geoff V. Says:

    Benj, Ben, RedWolf, Ulaf,
    Thanks for another great year!

  2. Zoyous Says:

    Ulaf’s done a great job with this blog, and it’s nice that he lets you post here sometimes, too, Benj.

    Just kidding! Congrats, and keep up the good work!

  3. gnome Says:

    Thanks for keeping this fantastic blog alive for five whole years. It’s excellent, it is. Oh, and yes, I’d buy the VC&G book.

  4. dfbills Says:

    I think I book would be fantastic. Just make sure there are plenty of large, color photos of all the retro goodness!

  5. Justin Says:

    Thanks Benj for the site. I visit on a weekly basis. Keep it up!

    Still a Coleco ADAM user,
    Justin S.

  6. jan Says:

    i only started visiting here last year, but it’s a great blog, thanks!

  7. EdNixxon Says:


  8. Cozfer Says:

    Congrats on 5 years! This is probably the first blog that I started checking regularly. Thanks for all the articles, just wish there were more!

  9. Zoyous Says:

    I’d be interested if you did a book of classic console teardowns, with definitive specs of each one, cross-referencing the similarities and differences (for example, the Colecovision and 8-bit Sega systems share a lot of hardware). Comparisons of the different versions from different regions, like the Famicom and the NES. Teardowns of the entire systems and revised systems, and their peripherals… Also side information on classic processors, like the Zilog Z-80. Interviews with designers and developers when possible. It would be a great gift book for classic console collectors!

  10. Jason Says:

    I would definitely buy it. The only request I would have is to feature more old school game stuff. And it would have to come autographed. 🙂

  11. Tandyman100 Says:

    Fantastic! Here’s to twenty more fantastic years of vintage-computer goodness!

  12. Casey Castille Says:

    Congratulations, Benj! May this, and all your endeavors, be met with even more opportunity and prosperity!

    For my vote, a large-ish, coffee table-format book with lots of glossy photos and retro ads would definitely persuade me to parting with my hard-earned bread. Your blog is an absolute pleasure; if I could possess it in hardcover, I would, without question. Do eeet! 🙂

  13. qbert Says:

    Congratulations for your Great work !
    Ready for another year of retro computing !

    Will buy the book for sure if it is large with full pages reprint of vintage ads !

    qbert from Paris, France.

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