Epic Atari History Book Released

November 29th, 2012 by Benj Edwards

Atari History Book

Just a few days ago, renowned video game historians Marty Goldberg (formerly of ClassicGaming.com) and Curt Vendel (Atari collector extraordinaire) published their epic Atari history book, Atari Inc.: Business is Fun.

And by epic, I mean 800-pages epic. Its launch coincides with the 40th anniversary of the legendary video game company, which happens to be this year. (In fact, the 40th anniversary of Pong’s public debut happens to be today.)

I haven’t gotten my hands on a copy of this massive work yet, but I thought I’d let you guys know about it because it promises to be an interesting read.

6 Responses to “Epic Atari History Book Released”

  1. Jindo Fox Says:

    Whoa. Sure wish they’d do this as an ebook. 800 pages is a lot of paper!

  2. Thomas Says:

    800 pages is exactly why I want it on paper. It’s hard work to read that much on a screen. And if you’re referring to the environmental impact I’d say that books usually are made to last long and be used over and over again. Those 800 pages won’t be in a use-it-once-then-throw-away product.

  3. arlandi Says:

    awesome! and have to 800 pages!!

  4. Ken Harbit Says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for posting this, I’m going to order it for a Christmas gift to myself. I still have a 400,800, 1200 and some odd and end parts…I think I have a cassette drive and a few other things. I haven’t used them for a long time. … The book will probably prompt me to get everything out of the attic. … I found it on Amazon if anyone is interested it is $39.99 (just follow the link provided)

    Again Thank You for the post!

  5. Bazza Says:

    How about a kindle version. I live in Australia and ebook is by far easiest option.

  6. Bronson Says:

    Just bought it from Amazon. Received it today. And it’s awesome.

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