BX-110 Super NES Joystick Order Page

BX Foundry BX-110 Super NES Stick by Benj Edwards

What’s special about the BX-110 for Super NES?

  • Designed and built by video game historian Benj Edwards
  • Arcade-quality Sanwa joystick and button switches (great feel)
  • Durable, compact design
  • Weighted base with screwed rubber feet (stays put)
  • Custom electronics equivalent to original SNES controller (no lag)
  • So accurate, it brings unexpected new life to games


Pre-Order Your BX-110 Now via PayPal

BX Foundry BX-110 Super NES Stick with Super C

Base Price is $100 + $10 shipping to US
US Orders Only (at the moment)

Platform Options
Button Colors

Orders Placed Now Deliver in February-March 2019


Ordering/Shipping Details

BX Foundry BX-110 Super Famicom Button Option

Three Platform Options:

  • SNES: Basic BX-110 with SNES console connector support
  • Classic Adapter: Add a SNES Classic Adapter (made by Hyperkin) for $10 extra. Still supports regular SNES.
  • USB: Or I can convert the BX-110 to USB output only (no SNES support) for $10 extra

Button Color Options:

  • American-Style Super NES colors with Purple/Lavender/Gray buttons
  • European/Japanese Style Super Famicom colors with Red/Blue/Yellow/Green/Gray buttons

Shipping Info:

  • Shipping to the United States is $10 per stick
  • They will be shipped via USPS Priority Mail
  • US Orders Only (at the moment)


  • Final design colors may vary slightly from photo
  • Expect delivery of your stick(s) in February 2019
  • If your order cannot be fulfilled for any reason, I will give you a 100% refund


About BX Foundry Handcrafted Joysticks

Hi, I’m Benj Edwards, a tech journalist and historian. Since August 1st, 2018, I’ve been hand-building joysticks and selling them through Twitter (@benjedwards).

(For more on that story, check out this post.)

People love them.

So far I’ve built and shipped over 100 joysticks around the world for platforms such as Atari/Commodore, NES, Genesis. Right now I’m focusing on my new Super NES stick, the BX-110.

When hand-building the BX-110, I usually sell it for $150. They are complex to wire and prepare. I have hand-built four BX-110s so far (example), and they are wonderful for almost any type of Super NES game — even platformers.

This run of BX-110s is going to be slightly different from my other creations, because I am getting pre-orders so I can afford to buy larger quantities of parts, which will keep the costs lower.

Each BX-110 will come with a custom-designed circuit board that is electronically equivalent to a SNES pad. No lag.

Over 60 BX-110s sold so far! Come join the BX Foundry revolution.


BX-110 Specs

BX Foundry BX-110 Custom Circuit Board

Platform: Super Nintendo
Electronics: Custom, 100% Super NES pad compatible
Number of Buttons: 8 (6 primary, 2 secondary)
Cable Length: 5 ft. 8 in.
Approx. Dimensions (L x W x H): 7.5″ X 4.6″ x 5″
Approx. Weight: 1 lb. 10 oz.


What People Are Saying about BX Foundry Joysticks

Here are a few select tweets about my joysticks. People seem to like them:


BX-110 Production Milestones

09/27/2018: v0 Prototype through-hole SNES circuit board designed (JM)
10/02/2018: v1 BX-110 Prototype created (black case, one built)
10/12/2018: v2 BX-110 Prototype with SNES-like colors created (three total built)
10/17/2018: Beta version of BX110 SMT circuit board designed (JM)
10/17/2018: BX-110 pre-orders first announced on Twitter (seeking sales of 50 units)
10/20/2018: v2 BX-110 case dimensions drawn for fabrication (later superseded) (JM)
10/21/2018: BX-110 SMT custom circuit board (v2) design finalized (JM)
10/24/2018: SFC Colored-buttons tested in BX-110 v2 prototype
10/24/2018: Custom BX-110 circuit boards ordered
10/29/2018: Custom SNES data cables ordered
10/31/2018: Custom button and joystick connection cables ordered
11/02/2018: v3 BX-110 case dimensions drawn for fabrication (final) (JM)
11/05/2018: v3 BX-110 Prototype created, improved case design, final parts used (one built)
11/09/2018: Custom BX-110 circuit boards arrived
11/09/2018: Custom button and joystick connection cables arrived
11/23/2018: Custom SNES data cables arrived
11/27/2018: Custom-colored plastic buttons ordered
12/03/2018: Custom-colored plastic button samples approved
12/04/2018: Joystick assemblies ordered from Japan
12/04/2018: Custom plastic boxes ordered (Beginning 8+ week production process)