One Scan Per Week for Ten Years

February 1st, 2016 by Benj Edwards

Benj Edwards Vintage Computing Retro Scan of the Week Turns 10 Years Old - 10th Anniversary

On January 30th, 2006, I posted my first entry in the Retro Scan of the Week column: “When to Use Low Speed Modems.” Below that first scanned image, I wrote:

I found this amusing, so I thought I’d share it. More to come.

I was right about that last sentence. Since then, I’ve shared weekly scans on my blog 522 times — every Monday for 10 years.

Yep, Retro Scan of the Week just turned 10.

While it is not an achievement on-par with, say, building the pyramids, working at the same company for 50 years, or hosting a late-night talk show for decades, I am slightly overwhelmed when I try to consider the scope of this anniversary and what it actually means to me personally.

Get Somma That Tinney ActionWhat I think it means is that I have been dedicated to preserving computer and video game history for an officially long time now (this blog itself turned ten last year). And I have always wanted to share it with others. Retro Scan of the Week has been a regular and effective way to achieve both goals.

For years, I have used the column as an opportunity to provide more than just images. When I could, I have attached personal commentary about the scans I’m showcasing because I hope it will give valuable context to future historians (assuming copies of my blog survive that long). Also, reader comments have been equally important in capturing the firsthand reactions to products and events over time.

Without that extra something that gives RSOTW its unique quality, I probably would have quit posting them years ago. But NOPE. 10 years.

The End of an Era?

On the occasion of this colulmn’s fifth anniversary, I wrote a retrospective that is worth reading if you are interested in learning some historical background on my Retro Scan of the Week column. (There’s also more about RSOTW in this interview from last year.)

Retro Scan of the Week ScannerThat earlier anniversary — coming in a different era where blogs and scans were slightly more relevant — felt more meaningful somehow. At that point, I had done something for a long time (in blog years). Now I’ve done it twice as long. And honestly, not much has changed in five years, other than the fact that I finally upgraded to an 11″x17″ large format scanner last year — and that there are twice as many scans on this blog.

But now that I have reached this milestone, I think I might be winding down the column some time soon. While it wouldn’t be too hard to keep going for years on end, I think ten years is a nice emotional and philosophical cap to this project.

For now, I’ll mull it over. It’s a hard considering pulling the plug on something you’ve spent every Monday for ten years doing. But whatever happens, there will be a legacy left behind. At some point I plan to put all my high-res scans on the Internet Archive, for example. And RSOTW images still haunt Google Image Searches like nobody’s business. I keep running in to my own work when I’m trying to research something else.

Whatever happens, it has been a fun 10 years. Thanks for reading along with me as we have rediscovered the past together.


Retro Scan of the Week Anthology

Below you’ll find a list of links to every single Retro Scan of the Week column posted on VC&G up to this point (523 total). If I were feeling brave, I would turn this into a graphical gallery with thumbnails. Perhaps some day. Until then, enjoy links ahoy!


  1. “When to Use Low Speed Modems”
  2. “Presenting The IBM of Personal Computers”
  3. “The Next Step in Nintendo Entertainment!”
  4. “Fun For the Entire Family”
  5. Apple Lisa 5 1/4″ “Twiggy” Floppy Diskette
  6. “Call Inmac for those hard-to-find drive filters!”
  7. “Play it Loud!” Super Game Boy Flier
  8. “Video Game Saver (Never Die) with Unlimited Fun”
  9. The Perfect Heathkit Robotic Family
  10. “Introducing the IBM 5110 Computing System”
  11. “Good Gobbling and Good Luck”
  12. Happy Pac-Man and Floating “Video Wafers”
  13. Little Timmy and the Arm-length Power Glove
  14. “10 Megabyte Hard Disk: $3,495”
  15. “Permanent Video Game Instructions”
  16. Epyx 500XJ Joystick
  17. “How to Make Your Computer Even More Boring”
  18. “Authentic Sega Gear”
  19. Bill Cosby Fondles a TI-99/4A
  20. “Soft Wear Versus Hard Wear”
  21. Atari’s (Obscure) Supporting Cast
  22. Not so fast, Apple Boy!
  23. “The Atari Club. Awesome!”
  24. The Apple IIe: Part of this Complete Breakfast
  25. Freaky Caterpillar Ships, 12 O’Clock!
  26. “Student’s Guide to Computer Language”
  27. Atari Force #1 In-Depth Extravaganza!
  28. Weller’s Psychedelic Apple II Painting
  29. Nintendo Power Cyborg Attack!
  30. Commodore 64 Expansion Accessories
  31. Apple II Caption Contest
  32. The Most Complicated Video Game Controller Ever Devised
  33. Tiger’s R-Zone — the Ultimate Eye Strain Device
  34. “Get Hardcore about Software with Microsoft.”
  35. Tons of Nintendo 64 Gear
  36. The Heavyweight Wrestler’s Computer
  37. Computer Nurse Caption Contest
  38. Super Breakout’s Rainbow-Smashing Astronaut
  39. Some Like it Hex
  40. Think You’re Frustrated with Computers?
  41. “So You Want to Be a Video Games Inventor”
  42. Multitasking Video Game Kid
  43. Some Wood For Your ‘Stick
  44. “Are Computers Bringing Familes Together, or Tearing Them Apart?”
  45. “52 Super Video Games in One Cartridge!”
  46. Your Atari Christmas List
  47. Christmas 1983 Challenge
  48. A Very TRS-80 Christmas


  1. “Omega Race Finally Comes Home!”
  2. Ohio Scientific Challenger 4P
  3. And Now…The Atari Calculator
  4. The Art of the Vectrex Overlay
  5. Atari Lynx, Only $99.95
  6. Pizza Kid Caption Contest
  7. Bentley Bear Touched My Bum!
  8. Baton TelePlay Modem for NES and Genesis
  9. GTE ActionStation XT300
  10. “Our Way of Saying Thanks”
  11. The Ultimate Pac-Man Room
  12. The First Microsoft Mouse
  13. Strategy Guide for the “Worst Game Ever”
  14. Isaac Asimov’s “Favorite Color Computer”
  15. Daddy’s Little Surgeon
  16. Wico Computer Command Joystick
  17. P1-14 Punch Card Terminal
  18. “At Last! Reality For the Masses!”
  19. Vintage Computer T-Shirts
  20. Humble Beginnings
  21. Dubious Joystick Enhancements
  22. Ouch
  23. Architecture Caption Contest
  24. Infocom Zombie Deprogramming
  25. War + Mech = “Kinda Cool”
  26. Mind-Blowing Software
  27. It’s Alive! — Floppy Disk Robots
  28. Ultima VII Immortality Contest
  29. Biofeedback Game Interface
  30. Absolute Amphibian Mastery
  31. Zelda: Ocarina of Time Merchandise
  32. The 3-Inch Compact Floppy Disk
  33. Game Boy Bubble Gum
  34. The HP-150 Touchscreen Computer
  35. TSR Computer Games
  36. A Prayer for Computers
  37. Eight Ways to Play Q*Bert
  38. Keith Courage in Alpha Zones Mini Comic
  39. 100 Megabytes: $45,700
  40. Vintage Hair Loss
  41. 46 Odyssey² Games
  42. Sharp Retro Scanner
  43. Halloween Caption Contest
  44. The $129 Dollar Numeric Keypad
  45. The Voice — Odyssey 2 Speech Synthesizer
  46. Fishing for Dolphins
  47. Donkey King
  48. Precursor to the Digital Camera
  49. Castle Wolfenstein: Bring an Allied Soldier Home for Christmas
  50. RB5X: Your Christmas Robot
  51. Hot CoCo (2) for Christmas
  52. Santa’s Big Secret
  53. Father Pac-Time Gobbles up the New Year


  1. Bill Gates, Tandy Celebrity Spokesman
  2. Paranormal Pole Position
  3. “What’s Wrong With Copying Software?”
  4. Father/Son Caption Contest
  5. TAC-2: Totally Accurate Controller
  6. SNES Save State Device
  7. Atari Beach Puzzle
  8. NCSU Computer Punch Card
  9. The Super Gorilla Advantage
  10. Hairy Man-Thigh Computing
  11. Atari 2600 Computer Attachment
  12. Child as Executioner
  13. Man’s New Best Friend?
  14. Choose Your Own Adventure
  15. Fly in the Face of Reality
  16. Too Little, Too Late?
  17. Online Dating, Circa 1985
  18. Online Gaming, 1992 Style
  19. Censored by Electronic Games Magazine
  20. Peer Inside the Robot Brain
  21. Holy Video Games, Batman!
  22. The Transistor
  23. Hand-to-Handheld Combat
  24. Stunning IBM PC Paper Art
  25. Virtual Reality, Real Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
  26. Where’s the Bits?
  27. Blaster Master 2
  28. Floppy Girl Doesn’t Remember
  29. Robots + Golf = Brilliant!
  30. Hemingway’s Computer?
  31. Better Than Being God
  32. EPYX Summer Games
  33. Finally — The TI-99/4
  34. Prepare for Street Combat
  35. TV is Now Here
  36. Boil Over with Mr. Cool
  37. James Bond on CompuServe
  38. Game Boy Punishment?
  39. Trapped in a Terminal Maze
  40. Sexual Cotton
  41. Interact Home Computer
  42. Flippin’ Enjoystick
  43. Satanic Printing Rites
  44. The Sega Mating Game
  45. The TRS-80 Model 12
  46. Ocarina of Time, Ten Years Later
  47. NEC PC-8401A Lap-Top
  48. Kraft Premium Joystick
  49. TrackMan Marble FX
  50. Atari 2600 Newspaper Ad
  51. A Peachtree Christmas
  52. Forget the CD — Here’s the Optical Card


  1. Not Quite Photoshop
  2. Double Dragon: The Movie
  3. Atari Basketball Catalog
  4. Hand Cramp Keyboard
  5. Ultima V
  6. Software Piracy
  7. L.A. Crackdown
  8. Double Dungeons
  9. CompuServe Borg Cube
  10. Rub the Game Genie
  11. BASIC in your Pocket
  12. From My Pocket to You
  13. Meet Spikemaster
  14. Alien Brigade (Atari 7800)
  15. Apple II Newspaper Ad
  16. Game Boy is Twenty
  17. Zenith Laptops of Olde
  18. Crystalis
  19. Computer Insurance
  20. Wasteland
  21. Kensington Expert Mouse
  22. TurboGrafx-16 Logo
  23. A Scientific Apple II
  24. Ikari Warriors (Atari 7800)
  25. Sony Digital Mavica FD-7
  26. Konami Arcade Assault
  27. Excelerator Plus
  28. Multi-Platform Mania
  29. Half-Naked Astroman
  30. Shugart Floppy Sandwich
  31. A Little Too Real
  32. Compucolor II
  33. Dungeons and Demons — The Infraceptor Watch
  34. The $99 Floppy Drive
  35. Super Mario World 2
  36. TRS-80 Word Processing
  37. The Thrill of Capcom
  38. The Macintosh Portable
  39. Nintendo 64 Launch
  40. TRS-80 Propaganda For Kids
  41. Ultima VI
  42. Sharp 286 VGA Notebook
  43. Splatterhouse 3
  44. 30 Years of VisiCalc
  45. Wall Street Kid (NES)
  46. Corvus Apple II Hard Drive
  47. The NES Action Set Family
  48. Terminal Innuendo
  49. Milton-Bradley Microvision
  50. Give The Gift of TRS
  51. Kickle Cubicle Blows In
  52. Sony 3.5″ Floppy Disk


  1. InterAct Sharkwire Online
  2. The Cambridge Z88
  3. The Savage Empire
  4. Borge Specifies Verbatim
  5. Mega Man Battle & Chase
  6. Barbie and Hot Wheels PCs
  7. Target: Renegade
  8. The Atari 1200XL
  9. SNK Neo Geo Pocket Color
  10. The DEC Rainbow 100
  11. Lawfully Wedded Tomato
  12. Flying Disks of Formaster
  13. Hyper Lode Runner
  14. The Too-Personal Computer
  15. Harvest Moon 64
  16. IBM ScrollPoint Mouse
  17. Magical Nipples of Solstice
  18. The IBM PC Kid
  19. Screaming for Games
  20. The BBC Microcomputer
  21. Werewolf: The Last Warrior
  22. Orange+Two Apple II Clone
  23. Nintendo Scratch-Off Cards
  24. AT&T VideoPhone 2500
  25. Tiger
  26. Paul Revere’s Midnight Modem
  27. Rampant Inflation
  28. IBM Taught Me How to Read
  29. Road Rash 64
  30. The Whole Dam Thing
  31. ASG Video Jukebox
  32. All Hail Bob, Destroyer of Worlds
  33. Quake II Meat Market
  34. Grolier’s Encyclopedia on CompuServe
  35. Times of Lore
  36. Apple IIc Flat Panel Display
  37. Radio Shack Slot Machine
  38. Procomm Plus for Windows
  39. Sargon III
  40. Computer/Phone/Terminal
  41. “The First-Ever Dragon Combat Simulator!”
  42. Model No. NES-001
  43. Witchaven
  44. Now It’s a Tough Choice
  45. Early Online Game Service
  46. Philips CD-RW Drive
  47. An Apple //c Thanksgiving
  48. Dungeon Master II
  49. Duke Nukem Boy
  50. Give Your Apple Vision for Christmas
  51. Nintendo vs. Sega: Christmas 1987 Shootout
  52. Datalife Holiday Pack


  1. Star Wars Demolition
  2. ICD Atari ST Hard Drive
  3. Sega Genesis Extras
  4. Hosted by Mark Hamill
  5. Ominous Zelda Portents
  6. Cybiko Sexy Chat
  7. 1980s Lovers…or Strangers?
  8. Legend of Zelda at 25
  9. Percom Atari Drives
  10. Scott Adams’ Adventure International
  11. Datasafe Tape Drive
  12. Spawn: The Video Game
  13. Rexall Typewriter Paper
  14. Pool 1.5 – Atari 8-bit
  15. Snappy Video Snapshot
  16. Rear Guard
  17. Apple II Digitizer Tablet
  18. Nuby Game Light
  19. AOL Titanium 5.0 CD
  20. The Video Rack
  21. Big Trak Keypad
  22. A Packard Bell
  23. PlayStation 2 at Target
  24. The Hint Book No One Wanted
  25. TRS-80 Model III Office
  26. Gear Up for Metal Gear
  27. Thomas Jefferson’s Apple III
  28. Broken Tetrisphere Teeth
  29. Tandy Laptop Trio
  30. Family Atari 810 Receipt
  31. Dragon Power
  32. My Own IBM Computer
  33. Number 300
  34. Super NES Turns 20
  35. Bleeding Apple
  36. Flight Simulator 9/11
  37. My Robot Watch
  38. Tecmo Leads The Way
  39. Asimov’s Pocket Computer
  40. Creative Labs 3DO Blaster
  41. Black Tie Optional
  42. Gwendolyn
  43. The Daisy Wheel
  44. Dungeon Master Duo
  45. Father and Son at the Atari
  46. Beyond Zork
  47. Family Computing
  48. Super NES on Ice
  49. Sharp Pocket Locker
  50. Merry Christmas From Nintendo, 1988
  51. An Analog Christmas
  52. Sid Meier’s Pirates!


  1. Welcome to eWorld
  2. Reactor
  3. Aim High: Air Force
  4. Nintendo Vending Machine
  5. The CD-ROM Caddy
  6. F-15 Strike Eagle
  7. Atari Personal Computers
  8. The Six Flavors of Game Boy
  9. The Lowly Disk Box
  10. Get Pocket Power!
  11. The iPad of the 1980s
  12. Keystick: Keyboard Joystick
  13. Internet Module
  14. TRS-80 Model 100 Video
  15. Grand Prix Hair
  16. When EA Wasn’t Evil
  17. Surfin’ The Net!
  18. Visual 102 Terminal
  19. Game Genie Update Flyer
  20. The Magnavox Odyssey 2
  21. Apple II Mountain Music
  22. The Odyssey Manual
  23. Nintendo 64 E3 Debut
  24. Polaroid Data Recovery
  25. Sex and Violence
  26. The Osborne 1
  27. Crystalis Tips
  28. The Official IBM PC Desk
  29. Virtual Boy Vortex
  30. The Canon AS-100
  31. Electronics Boutique Flyer
  32. King Kong’s Super Game Boy
  33. The Age of Data Entry
  34. This Scrape’s For You
  35. TRS-80 Color Computer 2
  36. Mario Paint Player’s Guide
  37. AtariWriter
  38. RCA Studio II Tennis/Squash
  39. Gun.Smoke
  40. TRS-80 Dino Wars
  41. That Sanyo Feeling
  42. Iggy’s Reckin’ Balls
  43. Baked Apple II
  44. Dr. Chaos
  45. A 1985 Solid State Drive
  46. Nintendo Power Pad
  47. Finally…a 1200 Baud Modem
  48. The Cave BBS Turns 20
  49. Quickshot Joysticks
  50. Quick, Illegal, and Wrong
  51. A High-Powered Christmas
  52. Atari ST Christmas Catalog
  53. Altos Computer Systems


  1. Tiny Pocket Ultima
  2. MacCharlie’s FrankenMac
  3. Apple Lisa and Apple IIe
  4. Final Fantasy Tactics is 15
  5. African American Apple Fans
  6. Dr. Mario Valentine
  7. The Atari 520ST
  8. Lucasfilm’s 1985 FPS
  9. At Home in High Heels
  10. Lord of the Rings
  11. Buying from Epic Games in 1996
  12. Apple II Box for C64
  13. Final Four ’97
  14. Star Dot Matrix Printer
  15. Six Game Boy Tongues
  16. Fixing My ColecoVision Expansion Module #1
  17. Hacker
  18. A Trunk For Your Disks
  19. Side Pocket for Game Boy
  20. 32X Through the Keyhole
  21. USB Instructions
  22. Hand-Drawn Golf Reference
  23. Rayman and Frustration
  24. Running with Computers
  25. Tiger Barcodzz Handheld
  26. Amdek Color-I Monitor
  27. Nintendo Triple Play
  28. Bill Cosby Loves the TI CC-40
  29. Tengen Game Gear Games
  30. Supra 28.8 Kbps Modem
  31. The Halley Project
  32. Osborne’s Ticket to Heaven
  33. Capcom’s First PC CD-ROM
  34. The Poppy Computer
  35. Sega Channel
  36. New World Computing Stationery
  37. Slay the Nereis
  38. Remembering My Dad
  39. The Mac in Dad’s Office
  40. TurboGrafx-16, Fully-Loaded
  41. Sharp Pocket Computer
  42. The Lure of Game Graphics
  43. Heretic
  44. Simple IBM Instructions
  45. Jaguar on Clearance (Atari Jaguar Turns 20)
  46. Choose Your Own Zork Adventure
  47. Gather ‘Round the Videotex
  48. ClayFighter Launch Ad
  49. Doom is 20
  50. Benj’s 1989 Christmas List
  51. Printer Paper Christmas
  52. SNK Neo-Geo CD


  1. Low-End Virtual Reality
  2. Virtual Boy Wasteland
  3. Internet in a Box
  4. Stickybear Games
  5. Epyx Winter Games
  6. Super Mario Mac & Cheese
  7. Sharp Wizard 9600
  8. Pro 200 Super Electronic Handheld Gaming System
  9. Visual 1050 PC
  10. Nintendo World Championships 1990
  11. Sega IR 7000
  12. Canon Personal Computer
  13. Benj’s Early Computer Art
  14. Super Game Boy Commander
  15. AppleLine: One of Apple’s Two Rarest Products
  16. Crystal Quest for Game Boy
  17. IBM Smart Desk
  18. Eye of the Beholder
  19. Mad: Computer Virus Edition
  20. The Commodore 64
  21. Super Mario Kart Photo
  22. Performa: The Depressing Macintosh
  23. Sega Saturn Manual Cover
  24. My CompuServe Password
  25. Oculus / Koronis Rift
  26. AnthroCart
  27. Quasar Hand-Held Computer
  28. The New Prodigy
  29. The $99 Virtual Boy
  30. Apple Gets Biblical
  31. The Many Faces of Popeye
  32. The Micron Millennia
  33. The Joust Guy
  34. Aplus 3000 Apple II Clone
  35. Space Bucks
  36. iMac G4 Memories
  37. The Nintendo Smartwatch
  38. Computer Shopper Debut
  39. Risk Bodily Harm with STD
  40. The Epson QX-10
  41. Donkey Kong Puzzle
  42. Disk Box Modern Art
  43. Meaty Evil Legend
  44. Memotech ZX81 Modules
  45. Fighters MegaMix
  46. Fujitsu Micro 16s
  47. Family Quizagon Night
  48. Google in a Box
  49. Playing With Portable Power
  50. Santa’s TRS-80 CoCo
  51. A PreComputer Christmas
  52. Connectix VideoPhone
  53. 2015:

  1. The NES Zapper Diagram
  2. The Secrets of Obitus
  3. HP’s First Handheld Computer
  4. Turbo Touch 360
  5. Kodak Photo CD
  6. TRS-80 Model 4
  7. Mega Man 8
  8. Axiom Printer Card
  9. Playing the Atari 800
  10. Tandy Memorex VIS
  11. Artecon Lynx Storage
  12. HI-RES ADVENTURE #4: Ulysses and the Golden Fleece
  13. Apple II SwyftCard
  14. MicroProse Gunship
  15. Microsoft Multiplan
  16. Blip: Marvel’s Video Game Magazine
  17. Datachem Sexu-Cation
  18. Game Boy Lemmings
  19. Get Your Start in Color Computing with the TRS-80 MC-10
  20. Zork
  21. Star Trek KB and Mouse
  22. Sega Interactive Comics
  23. The Toaster
  24. Sierra Battle Bugs
  25. George Foreman’s KO Boxing
  26. IBM’s Bizarro Alt-Reality PC
  27. Paladin
  28. APF Imagination Machine
  29. Retro Re-Releases
  30. Vector Graphic Vector 1
  31. Air Zonk
  32. SWTPC 6800
  33. Wordtris
  34. Windows 95 Gaming
  35. Solid-State Disk in 1983
  36. PlayStation Sampler CD
  37. IBM PS/1 Imagination System
  38. Pac-Attack
  39. Advent of the Mouse Wheel
  40. Genesis Does Contractions
  41. Metadata and The Well-Loved Floppy Disk
  42. The Gray Zapper
  43. Dad’s Halloween Card
  45. Ceiling Fan Robot
  46. Ultima VII For SNES
  47. The Laser 128 Family
  48. Tiger $10 Rebate
  49. Thoughware JingleDisk
  50. WorldsAway
  51. Dad’s Christmas Art
  52. Crusader: No Remorse


  1. AOL Game Disk
  2. Super High Impact
  3. – My First ISP
  4. 1995 Promo
  5. Benj’s Apple II Notes

14 Responses to “One Scan Per Week for Ten Years”

  1. Eric G Says:

    I just wanted to drop a line and say ‘thank you’. I had the pleasure of bumping into this blog (probably via a Google Image Search) about a year ago. I quickly added it to my Feedly reader and have been enjoying the posts weekly.

    I fondly remember looking though old computer magazine catalogs, reading Nintendo Power Magazine, and typing BASIC programs on a TRS-80. Thank you for posting this index, as I now will spend hours perusing the content I missed for the past 9+ years. There’s something quite nostalgic and, believe it or not, relaxing about seeing these old ads and articles. It brings me back to a simpler time in life that I really enjoyed.

    Thanks for the memories. If this is the end of the road . . . what a trip! If not, I look forward to see what’s ahead! In any event, thank you for all the hard work scanning and posting! It is very appreciated!

  2. Multimedia Mike Says:

    Thanks for the memories! I’ve been following for nearly the entire 10 years. I remember which post brought me to this blog in 2006 and I’m sure I put it in my RSS reader immediately.

  3. Chris Says:

    You’ve brought out the memories man! I wouldn’t have found this website if I didn’t search for the ‘It’s Alive! — Floppy Disk Robots’ image.

    I had to find it, because I wanted to see the robots again(in 2010) decades after I’d seen the ad in a mid 80’s Car&Driver mag.

    Change happens over time, and as a result, good things come to a pass. Thank you for your diligent work and making me come back day after day for new updates during my lunch.

  4. V Says:

    Nooooo, please keep scanning, some of this stuff may never see the light of the internet otherwise. Once something’s on the internet, it’s likely preserved forever, otherwise it might end up lost to the ages. On the other hand, given how much you’ve contributed to preserving computer history, you’ve more than earned the moral imperative to end this column on whatever terms you like. I’ve enjoyed it immensely!

  5. Geoff V. Says:

    One more chime in the chorus of thanks and well-wishes for it to continue.

    RSOTW is one of the highlights of my online week and I regularly share it with like-minded friends.

    Either way, thanks for the memories!

  6. tortimer Says:

    Retro Scan of the Week. A great resource in its own right, made all the better for opening up the Discussion Topic of the Week. Always fun to share and listen to others’ memories. Thanks for all the hard work Benj.

  7. Jonesy Says:

    Please don’t quit! I love this blog and what it represents. You have done a fantastic job of posting marvelous things from the not so distant past, and I hope you keep doing it for many more years. “50” is a nice number, not “10”.

    If this is indeed the end, best wishes & THANK YOU!

    Age 50

  8. luke kurtis Says:

    I’ve been a visitor to your site for probably almost the full 10 years. I have always particularly enjoyed the Retro Scan posts. Would be sad to see them stop… but I definitely understand how sometimes one has to bring such projects to a close. Thanks for everything you’ve done and for whatever you decide to do in the future!

  9. Lorfarius Says:

    Don’t give up! This blog has been a joy to go through each week and I’ve been visiting without fail for years. Won’t be the same.

  10. Justin Says:

    Ok, see ya.

  11. Moondog Says:

    There’s much more out there worth scanning. Keep scanning away!

  12. Mat Says:

    I’d personally love to see the feature continue but understand if you bring it to a close, of course.

    Thanks for all the effort you’ve put in over the last 10 years, Benj. It’s greatly appreciated.

  13. Danforth Vista Says:

    You know Benj, I’m a fan of anything retro. I tend to read almost all books that my mother used when she was in High School; I’m fond of everything retro, so I can say that this is my kind of place.

    I feel happy reading, or even having a glimpse of the techs I never had a chance to use. I started using a computer in 2003, when I was in High School as well.

    Just don’t close this one yet. Feel free to scan whenever you want. It feels so nice looking back in the past, where everything is waaayyy cooler.

  14. Benj Edwards Says:

    Thanks for all the feedback, guys. I really appreciate it.

    I’ve decided to keep posting scans every once and a while when the mood strikes me. From now on, the column will simply be called “Retro Scan.”

    Here is the full announcement:

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